Interior design of a small bedroom: several interesting

The furnishings of a small bedroom

In a small room it is quite difficult to put all the necessary furniture. The classic formula for furnishing a bedroom is a bed with two bedside tables and a wardrobe. But, of course, this is not enough.

To improve the appearance of the boudoir and do not overload the room, approach the question creatively. We offer several ideas.

The main problem of a small room is a double bed, which occupies too much space. Sacrificing comfort and buying a single piece of furniture is not worth it. It is better to find an alternative solution.

You can, for example, replace the classic bedside tables with high pencil cases. Thus, you will no longer need a closet.

If the space under the bed is also used to store things and shoes, then the area optimization will increase noticeably.

Is there a TV in your bedroom? If so, instead of a useless decorative tripod, you can use a chest of drawers, which is also suitable for the role of storage.

When the room is very small, instead of cabinets and bedside tables, it is reasonable to use a metal frame on which the hangers with the clothes are hung easily and simply. The advantage of such an accessory is that it can easily be moved to any place in the house.

Suspended pieces of furniture - just a great option in this case. On the shelves it is convenient to store books, cosmetics, documents and any decorative things.

And the last thing: do not under any circumstances overlook the space under the bed. There you can hide boxes, baskets, boxes with a lot of things inside.

The furnishings of a small bedroom The furnishings of a small bedroom The furnishings of a small bedroom The furnishings of a small bedroom The furnishings of a small bedroom