Unusual design of a children's room by yestudio

It would seem that there is nothing easier than designing a children's room for games. But when it comes to a small room with slider panels, everything seems much more difficult.

Unusual design of the children's room

Unusual design of a children's room by Yestudio

However, Yestudio studio specialists found a way out and presented a really unusual design of the children's room, transforming an empty room that does not attract attention to a game room with interesting and original elements.

Playroom in a light tree

Design of a game room

This small room for two girls, but they often come to their friends to play together. Designers have taken into account this and created a place for games for the whole company of little pranksters.

Games for children

Children's playroom

The most memorable elements of the room are a children's slide and a small room behind the panels-sliders. Attention is also drawn to the book shelves built into the staircase and modular, retractable rectangular pedestals.

Transformable furniture in the nursery

Modular wardrobe in the nursery

Bookcase under the stairs

Built-in staircase bookcase

Wooden children slide

Children's slide in the playroom

Panels-sliders в дизайне детской


At will, even an adult can relax and have fun in this unusual room. Just use your imagination and find time to return to childhood!