Interior of a bedroom in a wooden house

What could be better than resting in a wooden country house? Only a dream in his cozy and warm bedroom. Creating a bedroom interior in a wooden house, it is necessary to be guided exclusively by their tastes and needs. You can choose the style absolutely any one, as well as the color scheme, additional accessories and accessories, the main thing is to create an atmosphere of warmth and an opportunity for maximum relaxation. The design of a bedroom is not an easy matter and requires a responsible attitude to all the details.

  • We plan the location of the bedroom
  • Style Selection
  • Decoration and design of the bedroom
  • Create a cosiness

Interior design of a bedroom in a wooden house with a fireplace

We plan the location of the bedroom

About, where and how the bedroom will be located, are still considered when planning the whole house. Depending on its size, purpose and number of family members, the bedroom can be one, and maybe more rooms will be needed. For example, a hospitable family with children will need more than three bedrooms: parental, nursery and for guests, there may even be several. The size of the rooms is determined individually: if it is a guest rest room, then its area can be minimal, if the main one, where a closet, dressing table and other furniture elements are needed, then the room should be big enough.

In a single-storey house, the most suitable location for a bedroom is considered remote from the living room and hallway. In multi-storey buildings - this is the upper floors, and especially cozy and colorful place for the bedroom is the attic - room under the roof itself.

Bedroom interior in the attic

In accordance with personal preferences, those who like to wake up early, equip the bedroom with rooms whose windows face east, and for those who prefer to luxuriate in bed longer - on the west or north side.

Style Selection

Style for registration can be chosen whatever, but the most common and suitable for the interior of a wooden house are:

  • Scandinavian style. Massive furniture, exceptionally light shades and colors of the life and life of the Vikings;
  • country. The interior in the country style is characterized by natural naturalness, cute textiles with various additions in the form of ruches, embroidery and other things;
  • chalet. A style that resembles a hunter's house with animal skins, stuffed animals and other trophies;
  • modern looks less colorful than the above styles, but attracts its simplicity: bright interiors with a large amount of glass, forged products and textiles with floral and floral motifs.

Style chalets in the interior of the bedroom

Decoration and design of the bedroom

The most frequent option of finishing a bedroom in a wooden house is the preservation of natural resources, that is, simply covering the wooden beams with varnish, both on the walls and on the ceiling. The floor is also made out by wood, parquet is laid, less often laminate is used. If desired, the ceiling can be leveled and painted with white paint, and the walls are covered with wallpaper, but the atmosphere of warmth of the house from the beams will be lost a little. Excellent looks in the decoration of the stone, you can use natural, and you can and imitation. With this design, the interior looks more confident and durable.

The color scheme is chosen according to individual preferences, but it is not necessary to forget about the basic rules: in small rooms do not use dark shades that visually further reduce the size of the room, bright saturated colors contribute to overexcitation, which will lead to excessive activity, and this is not acceptable for the bedroom .

Bedroom with fireplace

An important point is the design of artificial lighting, which should be as soft and slightly muted. Well, in addition to the chandelier, install several lamps with lampshades.

Regarding furniture, you can say that there is a certain set of items that are needed regardless of style, size and taste preferences. This bed, bedside tables and a closet for things and bed linen. And also minor things: chests of drawers, dressing tables, armchairs and so on. Interesting and effective in the bedroom of a wooden frame looks a fireplace. It can be both real and electrical, it's not particularly important.

Bedroom in the attic, in a wooden house

For small rooms, especially for attics, you can use furniture with the possibilities of transformation. For example, a bed with drawers, where you can store bed linens and other things.

In case there is a need to connect two functional places in the bedroom, for example, a place for rest and an office, a library or a workshop, then zoning methods should be used. The bedroom is still a place to relax, do not expose it for show and combine with work.

Create a cosiness

Many who are engaged in the design of their homes, are thinking about how to create coziness in the bedroom. It would seem that it's quite simple, just putting things in there that you need and like, but in reality it's not at all like that. This is a long, responsible, involving experiments and various tricks of an interesting process. The main difficulty is that all accessories and decor fit each other in style, functionality and purpose. However, having spent time and energy, you can be proud of the result, spend time in the bedroom of your dreams and invite to look at the result of your friends.

Warm and cozy bedroom in the villa

So, the techniques that are worth trying in practice:

  • place the bed under the window, the headboard to the light and then it will be pleasant to wake up and fall asleep: in the morning the sun will shine on the bedroom, and in the evening the moon will replace the lamp;
  • Do not make the room massive heavy furniture, although the bedside tables will be small, light and not made of wood, and the chairs should be replaced with a wicker rocking chair;
  • use beautiful expensive textiles: curtains and curtains, bedspreads, bedside mats, etc .;
  • A warm atmosphere will ensure the presence of a fireplace, which will warm on a winter evening;
  • pleasant little things that just please the eye or remind of something good and cheer up.

The wooden frame is the place where you want to enjoy your vacation, both in winter cold weather and on a hot summer day, so proper design is extremely important. And what does your dream bedroom look like? Share your thoughts with us and ask questions, we will gladly answer them in the comments.