Design of a narrow bathroom: extend visually

Bathroom design in green tones

The bathroom is a must for most modern apartments and many private houses. In some places it is very spacious, wide, then there are no problems with the arrangement of sanitary equipment, no household appliances. But most places are not very many - then the issue of clear planning is the most relevant. In both cases, the scope of design ideas is unlimited. Stretched in the form of a rectangle, a bathroom is often found, a beautiful, harmonious arrangement - too. How to choose the best design of a narrow bathroom, carefully insert into the room all that is necessary, maximally expand the space, in detail in the text of this article.

How to plan a narrow bathroom room:

  • use geometric shapes to the maximum;
  • Do not apply a large number of colors at once;
  • to observe the balance of horizontal, vertical lines;
  • decor, dark colors - the minimum quantity;
  • the harmony of the proportions of all objects is also important;
  • use a variety of techniques that expand space.

Design of a narrow bathroom in beige chocolate colors Design of a narrow bathroom with window  Design of a narrow bathroom in orange tones Design of a narrow bathroom with masonry Design of a narrow bathroom with a large mirror Design of a narrow Gothic bathroom

Place storage vertically, all detergents - in closed cabinets or purchase compact monochrome dispensers.

Finishing a narrow bathroom with purple tiles  Eco-friendly bathroom

Selection of finishing materials

Humidity in the bathroom is always high, so the materials are selected moisture-proof:

  • stone - artificial, natural;
  • ceramic tile;
  • linoleum;
  • glass, mirrors;
  • plasterboard;
  • self-adhesive films;
  • waterproof "liquid wallpaper."

Narrow bathroom with window Lighting в ванной комнате  Mirror with illumination Bathroom with chocolate top Yellow Bathroom Door Large window in a narrow bathroom

The design of the floor in a confined space greatly affects the overall appearance of the entire room. A plain glossy filler floor, especially if translucent, adds room volume from the bottom. In order to avoid the "corridor effect", the space is divided into two or three or four separate zones: near the sink, toilet, bidet and bath. It is preferably four-six-octagonal.

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Bathroom in classic style

To expand the space, the slabs are laid diagonally, the floor is preferable at times larger than the wall. Triangular, located wide to the entrance, visually lengthens the floor. With the help of different in texture, color, decoration of walls, space is also zoned. In the course will go wall panels of plastic, "flexible stone", paint, glazed pottery, large mirrors, curbs, located horizontally. Also wonderful look vinyl wallpapers with marine, natural species, fantasy drawings.

Bathroom in a modern style Orange tiles in the bathroom decoration Beige and blue in the bathroom finish Finish with brown tile shower Round mirror on the wall Decor of plasterboard in the design of the bathroom

Ideal decoration of the ceiling for the bathroom - stretch films PVC. Glossy or matte, with sparkles or a picture of the sun, the cosmic starry sky. Properly selected lighting will simulate a real window in the ceiling.

For furniture finishing, plastic, special laminated MDF, glass are preferred. Waterproof wallpaper is selected with a small pattern, depending on the stylistic design of the room.

Orange bathroom with a small window Top with backlight for bathroom The combination of chocolate and white in the design of a narrow bathroom  Brown color in bathroom design Bathroom Interior Option  Paintings on the wall of the bathroom

Choice of colors

Snow-white or bluish plumbing fixtures perfectly fit into any bathroom - large and small, wide and narrow.

In the bathroom of the elongated form are preferred:

  • dark from below, light from above;
  • bright, aggressive colors - a minimum;
  • the average width of the strip horizontally;
  • wall-papers, color mosaic considerably expand a space;
  • light, delicate, pastel colors.

Bathroom decoration with ceramic mosaic The design version of the large narrow bathroom Orange wall in the bathroom Unusual Narrow Bathroom Design Contemporary design of narrow bathroom Green floor in bathroom

The best colors are gray-blue, beige-yellow, light-violet, pale fuchsia, gently ocher, various shades of blue, pink, light green, etc. If there is a window, and sunlight penetrates it actively, then for "northern" it is better to choose warm, bright shades, "modest" cool colors are more suitable for "southern". When contrasts can not be avoided, experts recommend using one basic color, adding to it a maximum of two other colors. It looks good classical white and black gamma, golden blue, green-brown.

Design of a narrow bathroom

Not all people support the "fashion" for this or that style, therefore in the color choice one should be guided by their ideas.

Narrow bathroom in light colors Beautiful bathroom Built-in shower with glass door Wicker basket on the floor in the bathroom Decorating the walls in the bathroom with decorative tiles  Gray Bathroom


The correct lighting significantly affects the overall appearance of the room, it is preferable bright, abundant. If the lighting is the only luminaire with one light bulb on the ceiling, as in all "stalines", then this space does not look the best. It's dark in all corners, but the room looks like an elongated corridor. Spot lighting around the perimeter, local above each plumbing fixture, hinged turntable mini-spotlights, a variety of sconces will be the best solution. LED strip, which hides behind the cornice, creates the impression of a "flying ceiling", high walls. The highlighting of individual functional zones divides the space into "logical squares". Additional light, the sources of which are located under the bathroom, along its perimeter, under the plane of the filling transparent floor, also looks excellent. The illumination around the mirror is convenient if the make-up is supposed to be applied in this room.

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Gothic pattern on the wall above the bathroom  Finishing with plastic lamellae

When installing a "glowing" floor is important waterproofing - moisture should in no case interact with wires, any electrical appliances. Sockets are chosen safe - with covers.

Bathroom in green colors Small bathroom Eco style in the bathroom The option of plumbing in the bathroom Bathroom decoration with beige tiles Blue tile in the finish of a narrow bathroom

Selection of furnishings and storage systems

When there is enough space, a rack is placed in the room, an outdoor locker. Under the sink is placed a chest of drawers, preferably with a rotary design of shelves. All angles should also be used as much as possible. Under and over the bathroom organize compact storage space. A complete set of furniture can be bought immediately - this is offered by most companies that are engaged in the design of a bath and toilet. If the space is very small, which often happens, with the improvement of bathrooms in buildings that were once non-residential, all furnishings are best booked on individual sketches. Extruded towel warmer is an original complement to the interior, it should fit well with the design of this room.

Bathroom: Top view

Materials of manufacture are chosen for premises with high humidity.

Coffee shades in the design of a narrow bathroom Bathroom interior in brown tones Gray and brown in bathroom design  Interior items in the bathroom  Marble in the bathroom  Lighting потолка в ванной

Choice of sanitary engineering

When space is very small, the most compact models should be preferred.

Most suitable for a narrow room:

  • corner sink;
  • Suspended washbasin;
  • short bath, shower;
  • toilet with concealed cistern, bidet.

Green and white bathroom Turquoise in the design of the bathroom Use mosaic in bathroom design Striped wall in white bathroom Stylish bathroom Automatic machine in a small bathroom

Next to the toilet is a bidet - if it turns out, they put it next to, along a short wall, and on the contrary - a corner or a short bath, a shower cubicle. The sink can be placed very tiny - if it is suspended, then you should consider the option of placing it above the washing machine, the curbstone. Depending on the dimensions, the shower enclosure occupies the entire narrow wall or part of it. If the width is two meters or more, the furniture is placed differently - along one long wall they put the bath itself, along the other - all the other appliances - a toilet, bidet, sink, washing machine, etc.

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Roman curtains in the interior of the bathroom

The place where people take a shower is sometimes made out not in the form of a booth, but simply separated by a glass partition. In this case, it is important to organize the flow properly, so that puddles do not form in the room.

Built-in wardrobe in the bathroom  The location of plumbing in the design of a narrow bathroom  Black Shells Flowers in a vase Lilac in the design of the bathroom  The combination of white and blue in the design of the bathroom

Using mirrors for visual expansion

Large mirrors can visually expand the space of any room. In a narrow bathroom they are preferably mounted on a long wall so that the room appears wider. Located on a smaller wall, they visually draw, narrow, lengthen the room, which does not look very nice. When there are several mirrors, one of them is purchased "make-up" - it has a highlight around the perimeter. Mirror ceiling, the same mosaic on the walls, furniture, floor, perfectly decorate the room.

The combination of beige and pink in the design of the bathroom

The presence of a window should not be perceived as a disadvantage - it perfectly extends the space of a small room, and to maintain privacy it is decorated with glasses with one-sided visibility, colored stained-glass windows.

Cell in the design of the bathroom Black floor in the bathroom Wardrobe-white bathroom Indigo color in bathroom design Decorative element with illumination in the design of the bathroom Suspended toilet bowl


In the design of a narrow bathroom, there will be no special difficulties if you follow certain rules for its improvement, carefully using some design tricks. It is necessary to avoid excessive clutter, rationally arrange all the objects, making maximum use of the available "elongated" space. In the bathroom should be comfortable to be, it is convenient to move, regardless of its shape, size. When the improvement of the bathroom seems problematic, one should turn to professional designers specializing in the design of such premises. They will prompt you what color range to choose, plan the space in an original way, depict it in 3D format, having issued in accordance with the wishes of the customer.