Interior decoration +50 photo ideas

Interior decoration

No matter how hard the designers try to decorate your accommodation, following all the canons, the rules of style. No matter how beautiful the result is - any most attractive picture will be devoid of the soul, if you do not bring something of its own into it. The decoration of the house by the owner himself makes it not just a box - coziness settles here. This House, yes, it's with a capital letter, this place where you want to return, where everything reminds us of something pleasant, cheers the soul, gives a feeling of warmth. That's why just to design interior design is not enough, housing should also be decorated.

Pictures from fabric

The most common way to revitalize the interior of the home is to decorate the walls with paintings. Good author's work, not to mention the masterpieces of painting, is worth a lot of money. Buy a quality thing on the pocket not everyone, hang on the walls of Chinese stamping is not highly recommended - this is an example of blatant bad taste. Undoubtedly, the decoration of the interior is a creative matter, so you can easily create a stylish and unique thing yourself. The basis of the picture is available to everyone - polystyrene or wood. The set of necessary tools is minimal:

  • Well sharpened scissors;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Hammer, nails of small size;
  • Furniture stapler.

The fabric for the picture can be the most diverse. Do not forget about the rails for the picture frame - if it is provided.

Pictures from fabric на стене в интерьере

For paintings with a wooden frame, the warp fabric is purchased with a margin of about ten centimeters more than the area of ​​the future picture.

The process of making a picture with a frame is simple: the fabric is the basis, the combined fabric flaps are stretched on the stretcher, fixed from the backside by brackets, the construction is inserted into the frame. Then the basis can be decorated as you like: paint with acrylic, add applique, decorative artificial flowers. On the underside of the picture, fix the loop for hanging.

Head of the bed with bright paintings

Panel for children's master-class

The needlewomen know an infinite number of variants of creating toys, such cute author's gizmos can serve not only as an element of the game, but also create coziness, an atmosphere of warmth, parental love in the children's room. The complexity, the manner of playing the toy depends on the skills, the level of skill, the amount of free time of the master. For people who are busy, but who want to decorate a children's room, we offer you a version that is not difficult to execute - a panel of felt. You'll need:

  • Sharp scissors or clerical knife;
  • Glue gun;
  • Fabric-base of the panel;
  • Multi-colored pieces of felt;
  • Velcro;
  • Buttons, laces, zippers, various trifles for decor.

Panel in the nursery

The main composition of the panel can be a fairy tale, a rural landscape, the bottom of the sea with its inhabitants. The scope for creativity here is simply unlimited. We recommend to draw a simple drawing on paper first, the kid will be able to help you. When the idea has taken shape, it is necessary to prepare the foundation, it must be made of dense, heavy tissue. The base is firmly fixed to the wall with the help of wooden slats, self-tapping screws. Of the pieces of felt cut out, glued together the main components: houses, figures, the sun, characters. All of them are fastened to the base with the help of Velcro, this allows you to change them in places to arrange. If you want to add a developing function - add the alphabet, numbers, shapes, lacing elements.

All materials must be safe. For small children, a panel with small details is not suitable.

Owl on the Moon

Decor of a mirror

The originally designed mirror gives the interior a special charm. When the mirror with the author's frame hangs in sight attracting the views of the guests, it becomes immediately clear that the dwelling belongs to creative individuals with a rich flight of imagination. A successful example of the author's decoration is the design with the help of cereals. At the edge of the mirror is applied double-sided adhesive tape, the sticky surface is covered with an even layer of grain, the larger its fraction, the better the texture will look. Surpluses of not adhering grain are removed. Mirror surface is closed with a piece of paper, the edges with grain are painted with a spray of gold, silver. The result is an original frame shimmering like precious stones. In the eastern style, a mirror is painted, hand painted with stained glass. In the ladies' bedroom you can put a pretty mirror with a lace trim. Nature lovers will like the frame in eco-style from the combination of dry twigs. For such a frame, the mirror is glued on a plywood base somewhat larger in area, the free edge of the base with the help of a glue gun is made out by dry twigs, dried flowers, dried berries, cones.

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Decor of a mirror спилами

Fireplace decoration

Lucky people who have a real fireplace with a living source of fire special efforts for its decoration can not be applied. Over the mantelpiece the paintings, art, tapestries look good. Family comfort is emphasized by a collection of photographs reminiscent of the happiest moments. Original mirrors look old: one big, composition of smaller mirrors. On display above the fireplace are exhibited ceramic objects: plates, vessels, vases. Comfort adds massive candles. A winning variant of the fireplace lighting is forged lights for the sides. If a large mirror is hanging from above - the situation becomes not only cozy, but also somewhat mysterious.

Firewood by the fireplace  Bucket with cones at the hearth  Horse on the floor in the interior  Decorative letters on the fireplace  Hearth with candles

An apartment in a panel house can also acquire a fireplace, if not real, then decorative. Such a fireplace can easily hide the curvature of the walls, a long rusted battery. The construction is made of cardboard, it is pasted on top with textured wallpaper for brick, stone, self-adhesive. Decorate a false fireplace as well as normal. Unless you can add floral compositions - they will not wither from the flame. The "flame" in the decorative fireplace is created with the help of LED lamps of warm tones, garlands.

Fireplace decoration ветками и шишками

Ornaments for the living room

Revitalize the living room helps decorating the walls with paintings, massive mirrors. Decoration of the walls by carpets has long ago become a thing of the past, it's better to focus on artistic tapestries. Do not forget about wall lighting in the form of a wall lamp.

Decor living room

Modern interiors are advisable to decorate with posters, paintings in a geometric style, selections of personal photos. Just take into account that the photos in this case should not be archival, they are better suited for vintage stylistics, it is better to place your experimental photographs, images of city landscapes.

Relax, get rid of stress will help the aquarium in the living room. The contemplation of life in a small underwater world calms. Additional accessories can tell a lot about the way of life, the personality of the owner - a selection of favorite books, souvenirs from the remotest corners of our planet, collectible collections, ceramics.

Modular picture in the interior  Wall bracket  Wood in the interior of the living room  Photo of the Moon  Sofa opposite the aquarium

Kitchen Decorations

Do not abuse things in the decoration of the kitchen interior, which then will be difficult to clean from the dust, the stale fat: fabric paintings, rugs, pillows, bouquets of artificial flowers. The decor should be comfortable in cleaning. Let it be beautiful vases with fruit, bottles with decorative filling. Paintings on the walls are better replaced with colorful photographs of still lifes. The decoration of any kitchen will be a shelf with a variety of spices. Functional things can serve simultaneously as an artistic highlight: towels, aprons, oil bottles, pots, teapots for brewing can be performed by craftsmen manually, becoming an art object. For Provencal style in the interior you can include small bunches of fragrant herbs, small delicate vases with fresh flowers. The furnishings of the kitchen in a rustic style are diversified by bundles of hot pepper, garlic, and ceramic handicrafts. The key of the kitchen decor can become a wall clock, if desired, they can be decorated by hand, you will only have to purchase a mechanism.

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Decor kitchens

Decoration for bedroom

The bedroom should be decorated with lovely little things. On the bedside table, in addition to the lamp, you can arrange photos of people close to the heart in a frame made with your own hands. Pleasant memories store trifles, brought from trips, a sentimental person will be pleased to store them at hand. Original pillows, bedspreads, rugs express the general style of the interior, while giving individuality. If you are an art person - write pictures, take a great interest in embroidery - in the bedroom you can arrange a small gallery of your own works. Avoid the abundance of things when decorating a bedroom - this does not help calm after a busy day's work. All the situation should calm down, bring your thoughts in order. At the same time, the bedroom is a place for avoiding conventions, here you can create your own unique world, hidden from prying eyes.

Bedroom decoration Shelf in the form of a branch on the wall  Picture above the bed  Butterfly on the wall  Photos on the bedside table  Headboard of beds made of branches

Ornaments for the hallway

The hallways of small apartments are especially compact in size, they can be decorated mostly only vertically. Wall-papers, decorative panels, paintings, vinyl stickers on the whole wall. Small inhabitants of the house - will be happy if all their achievements will be put on the honor board in the hallway. Here you can hang especially successful children's drawings. In typical panel houses, electricity meters, not very aesthetic, are placed in the hall area. If they are not masked by a protective screen, it makes sense to decorate them with a locker: carved, decoupage-trimmed, vintage style. Attention deserves a clothes hanger, it does not necessarily have to be standard. You can buy a product forged made of old branches. Standard suite for the hallway can be painted with a lacquer varnish, painted, put on a decorative mosaic. Do not forget about the little things - the original housekeeper, a shovel for shoes, a sign greeting entering the house.

Decor of the hallway Paintings on the wall  Photo wallpapers in the interior  Fresco with a tiger  Panel on the wall  Vinyl stickers in the hallway

Ornaments for a private home

Unlike small-sized apartments of standard layout, a private house gives much more opportunities for decoration. The main ideas of decorations remain the same, but a large space allows you to give vent to fantasy, to increase the dimensions of decorative elements. A spacious living room, a hall instead of a narrow hallway, free space for massive floor vases, columns, pendulum clocks, miniature statues. To develop independently you can tile the pattern on the floor of the hall, decide how to arrange antiques, find unique examples of retro furniture on the flea market. Together with the children you are able to turn your house into a real fairy-tale residence shining with thousands of lights during New Year's holidays, let all the guests meet the author's Christmas wreath on the door.

Columns in the living room  Statue in the interior  Vase with a dried flower against the wall  Outdoor clock in the interior  Table from the trunk in the living room

It does not matter where you live in a palace or one-room small family, you can avoid the routine by decorating your home with original, authorial things.

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Private House Decor

Ideas for decorating for a birthday

Children's holidays can not do without an abundance of colorful balloons, children like inflatable figures of their favorite cartoon characters, fairy-tale heroes. Through the entire room you can draw banners with congratulations. The trend of recent years - huge paper numbers, indicating the number of years. Depending on the subject of the upcoming party, the whole room can be turned into a pirate ship, a spaceship, a fairy-tale castle, a glamorous-pink kingdom.

Heart on the wall  Mickey Mouse in the interior  Balls in the room  Flowers on the wall  Balls under the ceiling

Women will be delighted with the original photo zone, giant colors of paper - they get excellent photos for memory. The table is decorated with floral compositions. If the pollen from one of the guests is allergic - an alternative is a candy bouquet. Balloons are also appropriate, but the compositions should be elegant, discreet.

Making room for the birthday party

Decoration of the house on February 23

Add triumphs to the atmosphere of celebrating the most important men's festival will be the compositions of balloons of all shades of disguise. They can be woven into garlands, just hover with a solid camouflage array under the ceiling. Complement the balls with ribbons in the color of the national flag. Used small flags, the banner banner, stretched to the full area of ​​the wall.

Add the humor will help large figures of paratroopers, tankmen, military equipment, planes woven from balls. True, such compositions will have to be purchased from specialists, amateurs will not be able to cope with the complex technique of execution. The easiest way to buy balls in the form of figures 2,3.

You can make your father happy by making dozens of multi-colored Origami airplanes with the child. They can be hung around the whole room. Another good idea for joint creativity with the child - paper pompoms, which in their appearance resemble cloves - a traditional male flower.

Interior decoration for February 23

Decoration of the house on March 8

The shades in the decoration should be floral, joyful, pleasing to the eye. First of all, these are floral compositions, it is not necessary to get involved in expensive flowers at this time, original artificial corrugated paper plants can be an excellent decor object.

The balls in the form of garlands, bouquets remain in demand. Traditional figure 8 though it seems to many banal can decorate an interior. Mom will be pleased with the gallery of children's drawings hung on the wall. Do not forget that food can also be an effective decoration - fruit baskets, bouquets of sweets. And maybe even a whole kendi bar - a stand-alone small table with an abundance of small multi-colored sweets. A chocolate fountain will help to raise the mood of beautiful ladies. The place for photographing must be created necessarily, every beautiful guest should have a memory of this day.

Registration of the room on March 8

Decoration for the New Year

Celebrating the new year is the most fertile time for decorating a home. We will not dwell on the traditional, natural, artificial forest beauties that have become traditional. Garlands for sure gleam lights at everyone in the New Year. How can you vary the winter decor? Glowing figures of snowmen, deer, Santa. Take care of desktop compositions with winter, Christmas themes. Install a decorative fireplace, it is better to hang socks for gifts.

Christmas interior decoration  Winter forest in the bedroom  Not on the street  Garlands in the interior  Snowman on the door

Flower compositions can also be New Year's: add to the spruce sprigs mistletoe, dog rose other dried berries. The foundation of the tree is best hidden under a special blanket, a layer of artificial snow. Do it with the children - the homemade garlands, toys on the Christmas tree look touchingly. Children like to count the days before the main winter holiday with the help of a special calendar in the form of a Santa Claus beard from which every day cut into a small piece.