Original ideas for creative personalities: how to make the

Wire constructions

Before the inhabitants of cities, the question arises of the rational use of living space and the possibility of increasing it. We bring to your attention examples that allow you to combine the functions of individual things with the simultaneous masking of unsightly, but necessary in everyday life objects. For example, how to disguise wires and alarms so that they do not disturb the general appearance of the room and where to pack the accumulated things? Read on and you will not have problems with this.

Storage system under the stairs

The space under the stairs can be arranged in completely different ways: it can serve as a niche for the sofa and become a recreation area, or be a parking lot for a bicycle or a place for an ironing board. This is an option with sliding shelves on the side - convenient and compact. On the shelves you can fold boxes and even bed linens. If necessary, you can open any door, and in the closed state it is perceived as the decor of the hallway and adds some flavor to it, creating a beautiful pattern of the end of the staircase.

Storage system under the stairs

But not all wooden stairs have free ends. However, this is not a reason for panic, boxes can be arranged under the steps.

Modem in the box

What else usually spoils the overall appearance of the room? Modems, system specialists and various necessary electronics items often do not fit their appearance in the interior of the room. Try putting them in a nice box.

Wires in boxes

After making holes in the rear, you can easily connect the wires.

Beautiful boxes on the table

Your equipment now looks attractive and can be executed in any color and style.

Beautiful boxes and a lamp on the table

Accurate original boxes easily fit into the interior and can even become a decor. The perfect solution!

Wires in the form of Bob Marley hair

Another option for storing cords was offered by a famous designer. Bob Marley's hair is a very attractive option for wires. Everything is at hand and can be clearly seen, it is convenient to take the right one. At the same time, this composition can serve as an original decoration of the interior.

Bowls for a dog in a box

On which side not to look, the animals look much better in the apartment than their dishes. Therefore, the plates for your favorites can be hidden in the drawer. Such a decision will not only improve the appearance of the kitchen, but will also free up the space occupied by the dining room of a four-pronged friend.

Books on wall holders

Original decoration of walls Stacks of books are not only beautiful, but also convenient. Without bulky shelves and cabinets, all the necessary literature will always be at your fingertips.

Wall holder for books

The whole secret of this design is in such small brackets with plate clamps, which like a large flat clothespin keep the bottom book behind the cover. Well, the rest just add up to it.

Wire constructions

The wires on the table also look very unattractive, but this can be corrected by creating an original wire structure. Put your cords on top of improvised power poles and create a unique decoration. 

Organizer for decoration behind the painting

Many women dream of keeping their jewelry in an accessible place so that the desired thing can be found easily and quickly. The designers offered a unique way out for this - they decided to place everything necessary for the picture. A lot of small nails are stuffed into the wooden base and beads, bracelets and other beautiful little things are placed on them. When the desired item is selected, the canvas rises, and then falls again. Everything is hidden, like in a safe - behind a picture.

Camera on the book Modem in the book cover

The cover of the old book can perform several functions at once. It not only decorates interior of a small house, becoming an object of decor, but also serves as a unique stand for the camera or masks the modem.

Air conditioning in the wall Air conditioning for the board

Зачастую сигнализацию, кондиционеры и другие приборы хочется сделать более оригинальными. Один из вариантов такого оформления — прикрыть их доской с напоминаниями, что именно надо сделать. Это одновременно красиво и функционально: все намеченные на день мероприятия перед глазами, а шутливое decoration of wallsы оживляет прихожую.

Decor for the wire

A little imagination and the wire will not only take its place on the wall, but will turn into an independent decoration.

Decorative fence for wires

A large number of cables will feel good after a fence of painted dosoks.

Decor of washing machines

This design technique will not only increase the laundry area, but will make the room more cozy and cheerful. For such decorating washing machines and dishwashers, enough color tape and patience to cut circles. Well, the desire to improve Interior Design.

Drawings around switches Drawings around switches

Experts believe that the drawings around the switches will make your children remember the saving of electricity and other types of energy.

The tower on the cottages

Another solution is very relevant for all the issue of wires and how they spoil the kind of room: on the back of the table to fix the curtains in the tone of the table top, which will close all the cables.

Alarm for the picture

There is an easy way to disguise security alarm devices, thermostats, regulators. They can simply be hidden under a work of art.

Water pipe under the stone

If you think that the tap or the serving water pipe does not fit into the landscape style in front of the house, cover it with a plastic piece of a large stone.

Alpine slide made of stones

As a result, you will have a wonderful alpine slide in your garden.

Sockets in the drawer

All phones, tablets, iPhones can be charged in the drawer of the cabinet, which stands in the kitchen or in the hallway. The wires do not spoil the look and everyone knows exactly what and where it is.

Bright decor of the refrigerator

The problem of the appearance of the old refrigerator can also have an original solution. When the equipment works well, it makes no sense to part with it only because of the appearance, which can be corrected in several ways. If you did not find a self-adhesive film of the color you like, then you can use washable wallpaper or other material.

Bright decor of the refrigerator

Now not only the old refrigerator has acquired a new look, but has improved significantly Interior Design the whole room.

Organizer for storage of cables

Sysadmins and electricians can take note of the original way of storing cables. So that they do not get confused and easily located, it's enough to cut a cardboard or plastic pipe and make a cell out of it in a box.

Natural stone in the decor of the bath

Quite interesting is the proposal from designers to decorate the bathtub. They advise using natural materials for decoration - the stone will transform the room beyond recognition, change the style and mood.

TV on the wall in the living room

On the big screen of the TV it is convenient to watch the programs, but in the daytime it reflects light and objects, distorting their shapes and turning black on the wall. This does not look very aesthetic.

TV behind the picture

If you hang a picture, decorated in pastel colors, to the colors of walls and floor, on the non-working monitor, the interior will become warmer and cozy. And the whole room will look more harmonious.

Place for the cat in the bedside table

A bright beautiful bedside table and a cat comes out of it. What is it?

Cat toilet in the bedside table

It is necessary to open the door, as it immediately becomes clear that this furry friend there did. At the same time there is also a place for storing the reserve of the substrate for the tray.