White bedroom - the magic charm of classics

The design of a bedroom in white color is not subject to time and capricious fashion. It would seem, well, what could be easier than a white bedroom? But no other shade is able to make this room look as clean, bright, spiritual and ... refined.

Beautiful white bedroom with black decor

A powerful white color creates around us a calm and exalted atmosphere, which is ideal for relaxation and immersion in the world of dreams. Easily combined with all the shades of the rainbow, it also requires careful selection of details in order to show all its strength and beauty in the interior. Let's take a look at 20 photo bedrooms, where it was done with taste!

Stylish white bedroom - 20 photos in different styles

One of the main problems when decorating a bedroom in white is the ability to "go too far" and give the room a cool, sterile look. To avoid this, white walls and white bedroom furniture should look elegant and cozy. To achieve this effect, you can use different methods:

  • Using warm textures (wood, fur etc.);
  • Interior decoration with architectural details (moldings, moldings, carvings and other types of decoration);
  • Adding to white small details of gray, beige or other color;
  • Use of luxurious sparkling elements, mirrors, lamps and chandeliers;
  • Decorating the room with long curtains and canopy over the bed;
  • Installation of a fireplace in the bedroom and much more.

How does this work in practice?

Idea 1: white bedroom furniture and shiny decor

Warm light reflecting on shiny surfaces will easily make the white bedroom look cozy and luxurious. Large mirrors, crystal chandeliers and fine metal details will help you achieve this goal.

Luxurious white bedroom in the interior of the house White gray bedroom with beautiful furniture

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Idea 2: white bedroom with details of other shades

Do you like the elegant look of a white bedroom? Then add in it small accents of gray, beige, earthy-black or some other neutral color. Blue and green in combination with white create a fresh atmosphere, ideal for bedroom design in a modern style. But red and yellow color is recommended to use only in small doses or a soft version, because they are too exciting to act on our subconscious.

White gray bedroom in winter style Modern design of a white bedroom photo Fashionable design of a white bedroom 2015 Interior of a white bedroom with a black and red decor White bedroom furniture with red and beige decor

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Idea 3: textural and architectural details in the design of a white bedroom

The best option for creating a warm and comfortable white bedroom! Decorating walls with stucco moldings, moldings or nicely carved niches makes every white bedroom look fascinatingly unordinary.

Small bedroom in white colors photo Interior of white bedroom in Moroccan style

But nothing compares to the warmth of a tree when a white bedroom needs coziness. Wooden wall covering, parquet on the floor, fur cover, lush pillows or textured white wallpaper in the bedroom - a pledge of a warm home atmosphere and the main secret of Scandinavian design.

Modern design of a white bedroom with a warm floorCountry white bedroom in the interior photo Creative white wallpaper in the bedroom

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Idea 4: white bedroom in the style of Provence or boho

Both of these styles are very popular in interior design, because they stand out for their delicate decor, sunny mood and the charm of antiquity. Choose any or mix them together to make the white bedroom light, airy and romantic! Let our last 5 photos of white bedrooms serve as inspiration for you.

White bedroom in the style of shabby chicVillage design of a white bedroom - photo with green accentsRomantic bedroom with white bed and decorDazzling white bedroom in a mixed style Stylish bedroom in white tones