Making a small room from int2architecture: combining pieces

Making a small room in natural colors

Making a small room from Int2architecture

Making a small room has always remained an urgent problem. Many of us lived and live in cramped apartments, divided into tiny rooms. A group of resourceful designers from Int2architecture undertook to design a new small Moscow living space in a new way. The task of the authors of the project was to create additional seats for various needs through the use of non-standard means and elements.

They have developed a "multifunctional box" containing a striking number of components, such as a wardrobe, chest of drawers, a bookcase, shelves, drawers and finally a place for rest. In this area there is both a sleeping place and a sofa for watching TV.

Sleeper in a small room Storage in the bedroom

The result of this association was an increase in the area of ​​free space. Now the room has a place for both a desk and a comfortable chair. The design also used slate to half a wall. Chalk derived inspirational quotes. A laconic and aesthetic design is emphasized by vintage paintings with insect images.

Workplace in a small room Home cinema hall

From the point of view of many people, the habitation of a small area is synonymous with discomfort and restraint. But if the space is talented, as in the case of this Moscow apartment, it can be turned into a unique place. Such an interior to any person is not a shame to call your home.

The layout of a small room