Mirrors in the design of small rooms

Large mirror in the living room

Mirrors represent one of the most interesting and original elements of decoration, which can be found in almost every apartment or house. With the help of these items, you can easily optically increase tiny housing or expand a narrow corridor.

These accessories not only fill the space with radiance emanating from natural and artificial light sources, but also allow you to perfectly reflect the surrounding environment, creating an apartment in a light and airy atmosphere.

In today's article, we present to your attention the unparalleled and original ways of using this of the interior in various projects.

In the example in the following image, a large mirrored panel in a wooden frame is used to accent the dining area. In combination with an exquisite glass table, a fantastic crystal chandelier, elegant armchairs and charming ornaments, it gives the atmosphere of a home a sense of visual volume and freedom.

Large mirror in the dining room

Dining room by Michael Abrams Limited

Mirrors allow you to add a sense of space without expensive reconstruction. Install a panoramic reflective panel without a frame on the wall, and you can double the size of the room, but also fill the atmosphere with incredible charm and elegance.

Mirror wall in the living room

Living room from the studio Kari McIntosh Design

Located between two French window apertures, the mirror panel admirably emphasizes the elegant and refined decoration of this unusual house. The brown wooden frame of this accessory perfectly blends with the flowing drapes of a chocolate shade, and also perfectly accentuates the height of the ceilings and the unmatched stucco.

Mirror in the living room with fireplace

Agency Design Mark Dodge Design

The mirror in this dining room is located above the console wooden table. It is installed opposite the panoramic window opening, and at the same time enhances the dazzling sunlight emanating from it.

At the same time, it reflects the incomparable situation of the apartments: a magnificent set, two pendant metal lamps with electrified bulbs, flowing curtains and exceptional wallpaper of a green hue.

Large mirror in the dining room

Dining room from the company Style On a Shoestring

Two of these mirrored panels were located in the dining room. They complement monophonic decoration of walls and are used as artistic works, remarkably reflecting a fantastic chandelier with a needle-shaped lampshade.

Mirrors in the dining room

Dining room from the Annette English project office

Arrange two mirrors on both sides of a narrow corridor or dressing room, which form an incredible optical impression.

Large mirror in the dressing room

Modern dressing room

In this dining room the mirror panel was installed in a poorly lit place. In doing so, it allows you to reflect the natural radiance emanating from the dormer window, and visually gives the apartment a sense of volume and freedom.

Large mirror in the dining room

Design by Agents Joel Kelly Design

Using a large frameless accessory gives this wardrobe incredible charm and magnetism.

Mirror wall in the dressing room

Wardrobe from the studio Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

We presented to your attention the unmatched and unique use of mirrors for the decoration of modest apartments, which not only create the illusion of volume, but also fill the atmosphere with incredible warmth and unlimited comfort.

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