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A suspended fireplace is something special among modern models. They are already difficult to call a novelty - the variety of models is increasingly increasing. The fireplace in the interior of the apartment and private house has always enjoyed considerable popularity.

Choose a suitable appearance model is recommended, depending on what style the room is arranged in. Even if the technical capabilities of the premises do not allow the installation of a heating device with a working chimney in it, you can arrange a false fireplace - in the interior it will look great. You can either build it yourself or buy it in ready-made form.

Suspended bio-fireplace in the interior

Suspended bio-fireplace in the interior of a spacious living room, which is made in a modern style.

Spacious living room

The main advantage of a suspended fireplace is its compactness.

The strict, laconic design of the suspended fireplace makes it universal. The design is ideal for creating an interior in the style of high-tech or minimalism.

The strict, laconic design of the suspended fireplace makes it universal. The design is ideal for creating an interior in the style of high-tech or minimalism.

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  • 3 Artificial fireplace in the room
  • 4 Interior of the living room with a hanging fireplace. Video
  • 5 Hanging fireplace in the interior of a country house and apartment

Variants of suspended fireplaces

In appearance, the hanging fireplace can not be attributed to the classical options. It differs from other varieties in that it does not have a foundation installed on the floor, and does not touch the walls. This variety is hung on the chimney, which is unusual and very interesting as a fireplace in the interior.

The original design of this interior detail is possible because the weight is very small - often it barely reaches a value of 160 kg. It is made of metal - in a modern interior it looks pretty good. In the lining there are no heavy elements like marble or facing bricks, which is typical when classic fireplaces are installed. They weight, together with the weight of the cladding, can reach up to one and a half tons.

By methods of installation, suspended fireplaces in the interior of the apartment can be as follows:

  1. Wall hung fireplace. Its weight is mainly on the wall. It can be with a chimney, and without - this is the so-called bio fireplace.

    Wall hung fireplace

    A suspended wall-mounted fireplace in the cold season will become an element of the heating system.

  2. Pendant models with a center arrangement. They are suspended on the chimney, not touching the walls. It will be necessary to ensure the presence of protective screens of glass - so the draft will not blow out the ashes from the hearth.

    Wall-mounted fireplace

    A hanging fireplace can be located near a wall or in the center of a room. Everything depends on the imagination and preferences of the owners of housing.

  3. Rotating variety of the previous one. The furnace can completely turn around the chimney. For him it is necessary to install a thermally insulated safe zone within a radius of two meters.

    Rotating suspended fireplace

    Rotating suspended fireplace can be turned as needed.

  4. Models with the ability to lower and raise the upper casing. A closed fireplace, in this way, can be turned into an open fireplace.

    Spacious living room-столовая

    The fireplace can be adjusted in height. The functional device also has an unrivaled design.

The fireplace in modern design can be either with an open firebox or with a closed one. Fuel must be selected in accordance with the possibility of a specific housing. The most common can be called the usual option, working on wood - such a heating device is often included in the interior of the hall, guest room. A biofuel model is also common; The chimney here acts as an unused item of decoration.

Most often there is a fireplace in a modern style, in which the furnace is made in the form of a triangle, a drop-shaped or round shape.

Some fireboxes in appearance resemble a kind of fantastic flying machine rather than a heater. Cast-iron or steel models, which have non-standard geometric outlines, can look great in modern style, high-tech, techno.

Bright living room

The pendant fireplace is elegant and refined. A stylish decorative solution for a strict interior in the Art Nouveau style.

The original fireplace

The chrome-plated metal case of the suspended fireplace makes it an unsurpassed decorative element of the loft-style interior.

Glazed verandah

Hanging fireplace in the interior of the glazed veranda in the house of the Spanish artist.

Installation of a suspended heater

The installation of this element is fraught with many features. Unlike the design, the main load from which falls on the floor, there is no need to perform thermal insulation of the foundation and walls. So it is possible to significantly reduce both the labor and financial costs of the work.

Beautiful hanging options are the only possible for the device in the apartments due to their light weight. It should be taken into account that it is necessary to ensure the possibility of ventilation of the room with a fireplace, since a lot of oxygen is wasted when burning firewood. The room should be on the top floor of the house - this is required by the features of the chimney. If these conditions can not be met, try the option of simulating a fireplace.

When operating the heating devices, care must be taken to comply with safety regulations. Use protective screens, do not forget to remove ash and ash after the burning of fuel. It must be remembered that in houses with small children and pets it is simply dangerous to keep such a device. In this case, an imitation of the fireplace can become an excellent way out - the interior of the hall will turn out exactly as you wanted.

Wood Pendant Fireplace

Wood hanging fireplace - a creative solution for the design of a country house.

Pendant fireplace turning type.

Pendant fireplace turning type.

Spacious house

The light weight of the suspended fireplace makes its installation possible in any living space.

Artificial fireplace in the room

Those who would like to have at home something like a large hall with a fireplace, does not always manage to translate the dream into reality. The reason is most often limited technical ability. Falsh fireplaces in the interior in this case are the only possibility to equip the room in the desired form.

For the device in the apartments are often chosen are artificial options. The reason is not necessarily the technical capabilities. For example, if there are not so many places in the room and you have to choose between a fireplace and a TV, the artificial option will do more. You can just hang the TV over the fireplace.

An artificial fireplace does not require the use of fuel and is not dangerous. To simulate the fireplace was fuller, it can be built into an electricity working on the fireplace. This decoration of the fireplace is suitable for those who want to get aesthetic pleasure from contemplating a dancing flame in a firebox, and for whom the very function of heating is not of special interest.

Wall hung hanging fireplace

Wall mounted hanging fireplace in imitation of the flame perfectly complements the interior in the loft style.

Artificial fireplace

An artificial fireplace is indispensable when it comes to decorating apartments, where it is almost impossible to build a chimney.

Eco House

The interior of the house in eco-style is decorated with a decorative hanging fireplace.

Interior of the living room with a hanging fireplace. Video

Pendant fireplace in the interior of a country house and apartment