Kitchen wallpapers: design and 75 photo examples

Design of wallpaper for kitchen

The need to repair the kitchen is able to plunge into a state of stress even the most resistant to life vicissitudes of the owner of the apartment. First, the event requires a significant investment. The second point - to decide to radically change the appearance of the kitchen space is psychologically difficult when you know about the huge amount of energy expended on it, the enormous labor costs. Renovation of the kitchen entails the need to correctly solve many issues related to the correct placement of water supply networks, household appliances, furniture. This includes the optimal decoration of the room, where not the least role is played by choosing the right wallpaper not only beautiful, but suitable in texture, color solution.

Non-woven fleece gloves

The main component of the structure of non-woven wallpaper is fibers made of cellulose, their share is about 70%. Flizelin perfectly glued, the process of causing discomfort in the work does not deliver. Cloths perfectly cover the walls, do not shrink. Allow to disguise minor irregularities, cracking of walls. Wall-papers on fliseline are great for use in kitchens thanks to:

  • High degree of resistance to moisture;
  • Ease of cleaning;
  • Long service life.

Non-woven fleece gloves обои в интерьере кухни Table and chairs made of wood and metal  Gray Kitchen Furniture  Wallpaper with a picture for old boards  Shelf with dishes on the wall  Yellow wallpaper in white kitchen interior


Vinyl is preferable for amateurs of laconicism of a monophonic picture of wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen. The canvas is not susceptible to direct sunlight, rather dense. The walls, covered with vinyl wallpaper, quietly carry numerous cleanings with a damp cloth, household chemicals, mechanical effects. Some varieties are specially designed for pasting kitchens - rolls are impregnated with bactericidal, antifungal compounds, under them no mold spots are formed, which serves as an additional bonus.

The kitchen is decorated with wallpaper with a smooth non-convex pattern. Dust particles are stuffed into the elements of the bulk invoice. Clean up the room becomes more difficult, voluminous wallpaper is served in a heavier kitchen environment is much less.

Vinyl обои в интерьере кухни Pictures within the framework on the wall  Multi-colored armchairs around the table  Bright wallpaper in the interior  Bar stools at the counter  White furniture in the kitchen


The structure of the fabric consists of two layers. The lower layer consists of dense paper grades. The top is a thin acrylic film. The coating is breathable, does not retain moisture. The environmental friendliness of the materials used is important - it does not contain highly toxic benzoate compounds that cause irreparable damage to the internal organs of a person. The disadvantage is a low resistance to mechanical abrasion, the applied pattern is too gentle. They can be lightly wiped with a damp cloth without household chemicals.

Acrylic обои в интерьере кухни Flowers on the wall  Kitchen with working and dining areas  Mirror on the wall in the work area  A small island table in the interior of the kitchen  Red and silver kitchen furniture


A variety that appeared on the domestic market relatively recently, which has become popular with the consumer due to its naturalness - bamboo wallpaper. In addition to the fashionable appearance among others, bamboo wallpapers are distinguished by:

  • Long service life without burning out, abrasion of the decorative layer;
  • Good tolerance of a sharp temperature difference;
  • The ability to apply not only for gluing walls, but also for the ceiling;
  • Naturalness, harmlessness of used raw materials;
  • Easy to clean.

The main disadvantage of these wallpapers is high cost. This moment is leveled due to a long service life - about ten years, a significant time interval with a payback pays for the money spent.

Bamboo обои в интерьере кухни


Are made by putting crumbs of cork bark on the substrate with glue composition. At the next stage of unevenness, the canvas is removed with a little abrasive grinding machine, a layer of protective varnish is applied. The result is a smooth glossy surface. Some models are treated with wax polish instead of varnish, the texture of such wallpaper is very original. The advantages of such wallpapers are a great many:

  • Easily applied, hide uneven walls;
  • Resistant to burnout;
  • Cork itself is a bactericidal material, mushrooms, mold does not grow on it;
  • Dust on the cork wallpaper does not settle, it is easy to wash;
  • Excellent cope with sound insulation, thermal insulation of premises;
  • Very durable, able for years to maintain the original appearance;
  • Perfectly fit in any interior;
  • Completely eco-friendly.
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The high price of wallpaper makes you think about buying a significant spending. Despite the resistance to burn-out, the cork surface is quite fragile, easily flakes off the wall under excessive mechanical stress.

Cork обои на кухне


Some of the most durable representatives of the wallpaper market. Manufactured using fiberglass. Perfectly cope with the task of camouflaging minor wall defects without prior equalization. Prevents the formation of excess moisture, resistant to mechanical stress. Suitable for amateurs from time to time to refresh the kitchen environment - stubbornly suffer multiple repainting.

Wall-papers в интерьере кухни

Combination with other materials

We are all used to seeing in the kitchen interior a traditional combination of wallpaper with tile. But there is always room for maneuver, except for ceramic tiles, successful combinations with textured plaster, concrete, decorative bricks, natural wood panels, painted surfaces, intricate mosaic compositions, inclusions from cork. A wide selection of decorative materials allows you to come up with a lot of interesting combinations that obey the general rules:

  • The principle of zoning should dominate - chaotic spots of inclusions look ridiculous;
  • Balance - large drawings are supplemented with small, pastel colors are brightened with bright colors;
  • The degree of gloss surfaces should be the same, you can not combine glossy tiles with matte wallpaper;
  • Materials used in design should refer to the same price segment;
  • The applied layers of different decorative coatings should be the same thickness, this avoids the curvature at the joints.

Combining wallpaper with a tile under the stone in the kitchen

How to choose a color

The choice of the color scheme of the wallpaper dominant in the kitchen area depends on the geographical location of the apartment, the side of the light on which the kitchen windows lead:

Windows facing north with a lack of lightingSouth side - constant sun in the window
Pastel, warm shades: celestial, white, gold, light-green, yellow, ayvorCold color scale: silver, herbaceous greens, rich blue, turquoise

Light wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen The original clock on the wall under the brick  Light table and dark chairs  Stylish furniture in the interior of the kitchen  Wallpaper in the form of written sheets on the walls  Red chandelier in the interior


The white walls are a classic example of minimalism, the design of the wallpaper for the kitchen of the white color range optically facilitates the space, gives it freshness. Rooms with insufficient degree of illumination get a lighter appearance, close rooms begin to seem more spacious. Avoid the boredom of the snow-white wall design helps to use accenting cover: wallpaper is not pasted with a solid monophonic canvas, complemented by bright stripes, decorative elements, photo wallpapers.

White wallpapers in the kitchen


Нюдовые оттенки могут варьироваться от почти белых до темно бежевых, такие обои очень легко вписываются в обстановку любого стиля. Beige цвет обоев является базовым, подходит для дизайна помещений разнообразного предназначения. Натуральные тона по своей природе нейтральны, не режут глаз, обладают способностью повышать жизненный тонус, улучшают общее самочувствие. Beige цвет в интерьере кухни не утомляет, практичнее белого. Светлые тона бежа нуждаются в акцентировании, обои более темного цвета справляются с задачей декора самостоятельно, особенно с нанесенным интересным рисунком.

Kitchen interior with beige wallpaper


Wallpaper color chocolate, coffee - the whole range of brown flowers, create a special feeling of warm coziness in the kitchen, soften the general atmosphere, have a calming effect. Comfortable for human self-perception: promote relaxation, help to avoid stress. Being in a room with brown walls is a great way to relax after a busy day. Brown range is multifaceted in its effects - dark tones relax, help the psyche to relax; light - add a sense of lightness, readiness to spread their wings, be free.

Kitchen with brown wallpaper


The most common color of kitchen wallpaper is yellow. Tones up, improves communicative qualities, is able to influence digestion, strengthens appetite. It is thanks to its "liveliness" in bedrooms, common rooms, such a joyful color is almost not used. Although for the kitchen, the design of the room is optimal, there is a danger of annoyance, many people from yellow wallpapers quickly become tired. Use the color must be properly combined with other, calmer colors, choosing the color with extreme caution. You can recommend the yellow stylistics of the kitchen to people who are confident, cheerful, sociable. The walls in yellow tones are suitable for small kitchens, shaded rooms.

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Kitchen interior with yellow wallpaper

The black

The black цвет нельзя назвать основным цветом дизайнерской палитры – мало кому понравятся стены, напоминающие склеп. Включениями черных обоев в пространство кухни в стиле минимализм, арт-деко, скандинавском скорее разбавляется с целью:

  • To emphasize the basic colors, to balance the overall color;
  • Give high prices to chrome, glossy surfaces;
  • The black способен оптически отдалять предметы, одна черная стена маленькой кухни делает ее визуально просторнее;
  • Moderate use of deep black gives the interior some glamor, makes the room elegant.

Black wallpapers in the kitchen

Disadvantages of black color are also present: the excess can press, oppress, badly affect the state of the human psyche. Incorrectly used black weight the surrounding objects. The main thing that should make you think about is a large degree of marchiness, the dust on black wallpaper is much more noticeable than on a snow-white background.

The combination of white furniture and black walls


Perfectly suited as an element of high-tech style. Diversify the main scale in the kitchen, diluting more intense tones: it is better to dilute the pink kitchen with gray-pink wallpaper. In principle, it is combined with almost all colors. Gray wallpapers can be used alone in well-lit rooms, giving the interior a discreet, expensive, aristocratic style.

Gray wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen


Shades of green scale there are thousands of saturated emerald to pastel green. If dark tones are more appropriate in the interior of workrooms, libraries, then a light scale adds to the cuisine of freshness, lightness, the atmosphere of never ending summer. Combine green decorative materials with contrasting furniture: orange, restrained gray, beige, stylish black. Greens profitably shades aprons from ceramic tiles, refreshes the interior, adds special harmony to the kitchen interior.

Bright kitchen design with green wallpaper

Under the style of the interior


The kitchen, corresponding to the modern style, has a diverse appearance: a bright island, a restrained room of pastel colors. Furniture can be laconic completed forms with low-key facades, striking imagination - wavy, round, triangular, right up to irregular shapes. The abundance of small decorative elements, irregularly shaped chairs, photographs on the walls, unusual decoration - a variety of modern techniques require a logical bundle. They play a unifying role in modernity is wallpaper.

Wallpapers in the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style

A lucky option to draw interesting furniture, author's accessories - black and white walls with prints, in a cage, striped. They should be located only on one of the walls, the whole kitchen in the zebra will tire, press, look vulgar.

Different coatings on the walls

Lovers of a more restrained design of Art Nouveau will love the solid walls. The rule of selecting one-color wallpaper is the same - if the furniture is light, the wallpaper is glued with bright colors. Bright furniture itself determines the interior style, the walls are decorated in light colors.

Table-island with a violet top

The overall modern style is not broken wallpaper, imitating other decoration materials: decorative brick, wood panels, masonry. This option is appropriate in the work area, near the dining table. The kitchen, finished with imitation of natural materials in appearance, approaches the loft, looks more expensive.

Stone and wood in the interior

Do not overdo with wallpaper of one structure, color. Dilute dark colors light. Too gloomy tone narrows the surrounding space.

Modern furniture in the interior of the kitchen

The most common variant of modernity is the gluing of one of the walls with photo wallpapers. It is necessary to take into account the fact of the permanent obsolescence of actual plots on the photo, so the images will have to be replaced. Make sure that the wallpaper can be re-glued without replacing the rest of the decorative wall covering.

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Different floor coverings in the kitchen Bordeaux kitchen furniture  Cabinets with illumination  A green armchair in the kitchen  Strict design kitchen with a green apron  Corner table with sink


The cozy atmosphere of the French provincial style suggests walls of light, light colors. Most often, the wallpaper design is laconic, delicate florets, a narrow striped strip, an unobtrusive cage.

No massive geometry, huge rhombuses in the whole wall.

Wallpaper in the kitchen in the style of Provence

Suitable decorative decoration of the walls with rustic landscapes, images of French coffee houses. Some provincialities are added drawings of small houses, animals, various objects of rural life.

Тона должны быть неброскими, приближенные к естественной цветовой гамме: беж, персик, песочные оттенки, бледные зеленые, молочные. Стиль Provence только выиграет от искусственно состаренных, слегка потрескавшихся стен. Имитация амбарной доски будет уместна в обеденной, рабочей зоне.

Decorative plates on the wall TV in front of the table  Natural island table-island  White furniture in the kitchen  Beige интерьер кухни с синей мебелью  Vases on the floor

High tech

Brilliant colors of wallpaper: orange, scarlet, coral, electrician emphasize high-tech interior. Any bright color solutions need strict standardization. Only one accenting wall is glued, three others should be discreet, reserved shades balance the overall atmosphere. Smaller kitchens are better to decorate without a bright color spot, the reception does not work, the presence of a contrasting wall reduces the cramped room even more. Small-sized kitchens are more suitable for single-color decoration of light colors. Large bright rooms can include diluted dark colors, the choice of solid wallpaper of deep dark colors in the domestic market is great, the same Elysium offers several collections perfectly suited for high-tech stylistics.

Wallpapers in the kitchen in high-tech style

Furniture in the interior of high-tech should be selected in contrast with the color of the walls.

Bright accents in the interior The original wall shelf  The combination of gray walls and white furniture  Table with lamp  An interesting combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen  Chandeliers over the dining table


Атмосферу скандинавских стран легко вписать в кухонный интерьер: мебель строгих лаконичных форм, отсутствие тюля на окнах, соответствующие обои светлых, возможно белоснежных тонов. Полотно стен без каких-либо рисунков лишь подчеркнет мебель, предметы декора. Scandinavian стиль удачно подчеркивается декорированием стен жидкими обоями.

Scandinavian style kitchen wallpaper

The opposite method is the dilution of snowy white space with a bright color accent, with a noticeable, memorable, large pattern. This trick helps to avoid dullness, not cozy interior, adds cheerfulness.

Apron made of white brick tiles

Kitchen Living Room Wallpaper

Совмещение в одном помещении студии двух функциональных зон: приготовления пищи, зоны приема гостей предполагает гармоничное сочетание разных принтов, цветовых решений. Переход между зонами должен быть плавным, не вызывающим чувство дисгармонии. Специалисты области интерьерного оформления советуют применять комбинацию из моющихся обоев для рабочей зоны с элегантными, дорогого ценового сегмента в зоне приема гостей. Маленькая студия нуждается в светлых стенах. Modernовые студии оформляются поклейкой гостиной фотообоями, сочетающимися с декоративным оформлением стен кухни.

Wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen-living room Original chandelier in the living room  Kitchen-living room interior with stylish furniture  The original watch over the sofa  Orange kitchen furniture in the interior  Paintings with backlight on the wall

Small Kitchen Wallpaper

Making kitchens of a private house of almost unlimited space represents a huge field of activity for the designer. A large free space, high ceilings allow to apply any stylistic devices, play a variety of shapes, colors. Kitchen premises of a small footprint place a number of restrictions on the decoration of walls:

  • Surfaces of the walls are decorated with light wallpaper: peach, pale blue, pastel green. Dilute the colors can bright elements of wallpaper-companions;
  • The presence of diluting tissues should not be obtrusive, cutting the eye. It will be enough to insert one or two strips;
  • Avoid large patterns, wide vertical strips. The area with this design is optically reduced;
  • Combinations of different colors are better to select in the adjacent coloristic sector, leave bright accents for interior items.

Wallpaper in the interior of a small kitchen  Poppies on curtains and pictures  A reminder board on the kitchen wall  Table and chair by the window  Orange chairs in the gray interior of the kitchen

A universal solution that helps to expand, facilitate a limited area - a white coating with a textured pattern. Smooth snow-white wallpaper in a small kitchen can look boring, it is better to dilute them. As mentioned above, saving a situation can be pasting one of the walls in black. At first glance, it may seem - beautiful, unofficially zalejit kitchen wallpaper is an impossible task. This is not so, with a little effort, showing attention to detail, you can create in your kitchen the design of an individual, stylish format.