Multifunctional small space with bright inserts and fun

Red accents in the design of the living room

Today we will get acquainted with the creative designer-architect Taylor, who recently completed his next amazing project. In the process of its implementation, he carefully chose every detail, competently zoned rooms and selected shades. Let's see what came out of all this.

Since red is the favorite color of the owner of an apartment, a specialist has included it in the interior. Elegant sofa John Lewis became the basis of design, because it is not too big for rooms and quite spacious for guests, and, if necessary, it can be turned into a bed.

White shiny walls form an unmatched canvas for emphasizing bold furniture. Mirrors that are suspended on the wall visually lengthen the space and reflect light. Orange and bright red table is easy to fold and clean, and in charming ottomans, you can even add different things. Thus, the room gets additional flexibility.

Pillows from Doris by Karen Miller with very bright shades (scarlet, turquoise and bright orange) became one of the first purchased items that were needed to add accent to the room. In addition, they adorably harmonize with the sofa. By the way, a touch of three colors can be seen in everything: from lighting to vases.

Red furniture and accessories in the white living room

Unlike the lively living room, the dining room is simply and simply decorated. The chairs and the table are beautifully chosen in white tones, and the window and walls merge in a white glow.

To dilute the monotony, Taylor added a scarlet buffet from Ikea PS that performs the storage function, which is so important for a small apartment. Remarkable ornaments were red and black lamps.

Red accents in the decoration of the dining room

In a multimedia corner, floating ceilings add interest at eye level and together with the block below give the area a custom look.

TV on the console table in the living room

The color scheme is beautifully manifested in accessories. A professional designer believes that a limited space should not be lifeless. Therefore, all elements of the decor are filled with feelings.

Accessories in red tones