Mustard color in the interior +75 photo

Mustard color in the interior

Mustard color in the interior was valued at all times, thanks to its self-sufficiency and versatility. It has a huge variety of shades, perceived in different ways: it all depends on the predominance of yellow or brown in color. Brown adds yellow warmth and confidence.

  1. Self-sufficiency - this color in any interior will become a dominant;
  2. Heat - the more brown, the more coziness it brings;
  3. Versatility - it will look different in different interiors. It can vary depending on the lighting, the ambient background;
  4. It can be combined with many other colors;
  5. Well suited for both classical styles and modern;
  6. Can be used in the design of any premises;
  7. Does not cause fatigue. Gives a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Interior in mustard color  Bright frames on a gray wall  Sofa with cushions in the living room  Mirror over the fireplace  Mustard chairs in the blue interior

When working with mustard, you need to consider some of its features. This is not a simple color and there are some rules for its use:

  1. There is a very limited list of colors with which he can act as a companion;
  2. With red, rich green and some other colors, it does not blend absolutely;
  3. It requires a spacious room and light, in a small room it will become dark, gloomy and stuffy.

Statuettes on chests White stairs in the interior  Mustard chairs by the fireplace  Storm with the undercurrent  Blue sofa in mustard interior  Glass tables in the living room

In the interior of the living room

If you use mustard balanced, taking into account the functional load of the room, its illumination, you can achieve unique results. Living room color mustard can give an aristocratic and even vintage appearance. The room at the same time will be very cozy.

Mustard color in the interior гостиной

Although this color is unusual in the interior, but thanks to its warmth, it can be considered a classic. If the living room wants to stand in an elegant style, then this is the best find. Moreover, furniture made of wood - an indispensable element of classical directions, perfectly combined with mustard, creating harmony of colors.

Decor of floor vases in the room

The walls of mustard color in the living room require careful attention to the textiles in the room and to the upholstery of upholstered furniture (sofa, armchairs), which is often its center. For example, to the walls of mustard color, in no case can you choose the same furniture, because it will look ridiculous. Remembering the balance, you can paint only one wall in the room with mustard. If you want to beat a shade more boldly, you can try to play with contrasts. To do this, you can place exquisite black accessories on the main background.

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Interior in Art Nouveau style with mustard chair

If the living room is a mustard color sofa, then it is self-sufficient and does not require additional decor with textiles. Harmonize the harmony of such a sofa with a neutral background of the room, you can, adding to the interior of the same color portieres. Make an interior with a neutral background and mustard-colored furniture will help choose furniture of a more yellow tint. Excellent with furniture colors of mustard is combined light or light-wood floor.

Large mirror on the wall Sofas and armchairs around the table  Lamp on the walls in the divan  Carpet in the form of a British flag on the floor  Curtains with lambrequins on the window  Dark walls and mustard curtains in the interior

In the bedroom

Mustard is often used either for decorating walls, or for creating large interior accents with the help of, for example, sofas or curtains. The most successful duets are obtained with classic light shades of warm tones. An excellent color partner in the bedroom will be white, chocolate, beige.

Mustard color in the interior спальни  Chests by the bed  Mirror cabinet in the interior  Striped carpets in the interior  Bedroom in classic style

In the bedroom цвет горчицы можно использовать в качестве портьер, пледов, покрывал и, конечно, обоев. Он великолепно сочетается в спальне с нежно-зеленым постельным бельем. Такая комната будет настраивать на крепкий здоровый сон.

The original bedside table next to the armchair

To choose furniture for a bedroom it is more difficult. It will require darker walls and shades of other objects in the room. In the environment of lighter tones mustard will seem inappropriate, and if the surrounding tones turn out to be cold, he will lose all his pluses altogether. In the dark bedrooms, the rooms will look good with details of mustard color - curtains, paintings, vases. The room then will immediately seem more familiar and domestic.

Mirror above the bed Japanese partition in the interior  Tilde's dolls on the wall  Ceiling with built-in lights  Turquoise armchair in the bedroom  Fireplace with forged fencing in the interior

In the kitchen

In the kitchen, the color will create a comfortable home atmosphere. In addition, it improves appetite, since it is a warm shade. If the kitchen is small, then there must not be a mustard in it, so as not to obscure the room. In a light kitchen, it is enough to introduce elements of this shade - a kitchen apron and blinds, which in combination with a light wooden floor and worktop will make a magnificent ensemble. If the kitchen goes to the south side and the lighting allows, you can enter an additional element into the interior - a mustard-colored wall. In this case, you will have to try to match the color of a harmonious companion.

Mustard color in the interior кухни

If you want to add another tone to the interior: for example, use mustard facades and yellow skinned, then to not overload the room with flowers, it needs to be diluted with a white background. Well, again, we recall that bright colors are more often used in the interior of large kitchens. On the mustard kitchen will look good kitchen set of shades of wenge, which can be supplemented with beige and olive flowers.

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Design in bright colors  Suspended chandeliers above the table  Kitchen-dining room in Art Nouveau style  Bright Tile Apron  Corner layout in the kitchen

In the hall

The choice of mustard for the design of the hallway is a controversial issue. Only in rare houses the entrance hall is spacious and with windows. In a huge number of modern apartments, the entrance hall is miniature and dark. And the mustard will make it worse and darken this room. Of course, you can find a yellow saturated shade - then it will apply the rules for placing yellow in the interior.

Mustard color in the hallway

Notches of bravado and chic will bring noble mustard to the interior of the hallway. The brownish shade in it will make the situation more stylish and will give it respectability. To complement such an interior can be polished furniture and metal elements (for example, a grating for shoes) silvery.

Panels on the walls  Floor with patterns  Large mirror in the hallway  Clock above the door  Painting on the wall in the hallway

In bathroom

Saturated shades of mustard will be a bright accent in the traditional white bath. This color design will saturate the room with comfort, warmth, joyful and cheerful mood. A bright accent on the light background of the walls will be textiles, curtains in the bath, accessories of bright mustard colors.

Mustard color in the bathroom

An interesting option - completely mustard walls. Such a decision bears a certain charm, especially in combination with white sanitary ware. This shade is well combined with accessories of a color of a sea wave. Complement the interior with blue-green towels and cups for toothbrushes and enjoy the natural African color.

Shower over the bathroom  Mirror over the sink  Chandeliers mustard color in the bathroom  Shelf on the wall  Brick tiles in the interior


Effective mustard - the color is complex and requires special reflection. A feature of this color is the activity that opens when surrounded by warm tones. To make the mustard furniture look harmonious with the background and the surrounding environment, you should observe a very simple rule: other shades in the room should be slightly darker. To create a spectacular color suit gray-brown, beige and the color of the sea wave. If you just put the white interior of the mustard-colored chair, then the air seems to be filled with the sun. Even more interesting will look like a mustard chair with a purple plaid.

Furniture горчичного цвета Beams in the interior  The combination of blue stoneware and mustard furniture  Floor lamp at the couch  Room tree at the window  Firewood in a niche by the fireplace


Нет более простого варианта обновления интерьера, как смена текстиля. Что такое текстиль в гостиной — это обивка мягкой мебели — кресел и дивана, портьеры; в спальне — покрывало, обивка пуфа, подушки, шторы; в кухне — занавески и кухонные полотенца. Textile играет большую роль в создании интерьерного настроения.

Textile горчичного цвета в интерьере

Если комната уже отремонтирована и существует определенный основной цвет фона, на обивку ложится роль цвета дополнительного. Textile горчичного цвета может быть украшен узором или орнаментом цвета контрастного или того же тона, но другого оттенка. Какой узор выбрать — дело стиля: существует определенное правило — чем современнее интерьер, тем лаконичнее и стилизованнее орнамент. На долю классики останется традиционный вензель.

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Painting on the wall between the windows

If the mustard-colored curtains need to be connected with another color sofa - you can use the long-known method: sew the pillows under the shade of curtains or a sofa, but with a mustard-colored pattern. Modern manufacturers are developing collections that allow you to choose the best combination of textiles for rooms. In one line, you can find a curtain and upholstery fabrics, a lighter tender tulle. With this approach it is easier to transform your home.

Lamp with a blue lampshade on a table by the couch  Large window in the living room  Bright curtains in the interior  Light furniture in the dining room  Mustard cushions and upholstery on the couch

Combinations with other colors

The difficulty of working with mustard depends on the depth of tone. The darker the tone, the more difficult it is to choose the optimal companion. You can list the following tones, which will look good with mustard:

  • beige, cream;
  • blue, blue, turquoise, green;
  • black and white;
  • yellow and brown;
  • Gray;
  • orange, bordeaux, purple.

The combination of purple and mustard colors in the interior

What shades can be mentioned:

  1. To create a warm cozy interior, it is worth using mustard, beige and their shades. This is the optimal combination for bedrooms located on the north side.
  2. Black and white will always go well with mustard. Black will help build the absolute proportions, will allow zoning the room, will introduce a certain severity. White will refresh the interior and give him a little more space.
  3. Perfectly contact mustard with his companions - yellow and brown. Yellow will add more dynamics and energy to the interior, and brown - to intelligence and style. Yellow background wallpaper can be glued in any premises where they will be in place, but brown ones will look good only in spacious rooms.
  4. Modic is considered a combination of mustard and green. These are summer pairs of tones, adding positive emotions, motifs of lightness and freshness.
  5. The combination with gray allows creating an interior of a modern high-tech. In most cases, this interior will be solid wallpaper and metal furniture.
  6. Vigorous colors - purple, orange, Bordeaux will complement the mustard and bring elements of taste and style. Often, such combinations are used in public premises.

Bright ottoman on the floor Sofa of mustard color in white interior  Light ceiling and dark walls in the living room  Mustard accents in the interior  Curtains and a sofa of the same color in the living room  Blue sofa with colored pillows


Mustard is the ideal solution for creative experimenters who prefer a good classic, choosing time-tested decor options. This color will never be intrusive, add the necessary brightness and heat to the house.

Pictures on the wall of mustard color  A table between the ottomans  Bas-relief on the floor  Bright interior of the living room with a dark fireplace  Painting on the wall