Device for sharpening knives with your own hands - step by

The use of sharp knives in the kitchen greatly facilitates the preparation of food, speeds up the process itself, freeing up time for leisure or just for rest. After all, you need to make a lot of effort to cut the meat, cut the bread or vegetables with a stupid knife.

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Modern industry responding to consumer demand and answering the question: how to sharpen a knife, developed and introduced into production all sorts of devices for sharpening knives that can satisfy the most demanding customer.

Each housewife in the kitchen has several knives intended for cutting meat, crushing bones or other solid products. Each knife requires a certain angle of sharpening. You can sharpen the knives using various tools, which greatly speeds up the grinding process, but worsens the quality and do it manually.


It will take special skills and skill to sharpen the knife manually to a qualitative sharpness. First, you need to select the right grinding stone: you need a few bars with different granularity, fine-grained is used to complete the grinding. The surface of the stone should be absolutely flat, without chips, the length is not less than the length of the blade of the knife.


In everyday life, most often used is a classic device - a shovel. Keeping the knife at a small angle and making circular movements achieve a good quality of sharpening. There is an important condition - before the work is done, it is necessary to wet the stump.

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Several techniques for sharpening knives

  • Wedge-shaped - used for knives used as a lever, rather high-strength and sharp sharpening;
  • a blade with a convex or straight descent is considered to be more durable and is intended for cutting;
  • wedge-shaped sharpening of one side in the form of a chisel - a rather rare form, is performed by specialized firms producing knives. This form of sharpening is popular in Japan, the peculiarity is that this form for the left-hander and right-hander requires a different angle of sharpening;
  • a blade with a curved descent is ideal for cutting.
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It will not be difficult to make a device for sharpening knives with your own hands.


There are many self-made devices, among which you should give preference to what will most satisfy the requirements of a certain consumer. To make devices for sharpening knives a qualitative and irreplaceable assistant in the kitchen can almost every owner.


This will require a reliable and stable stop for fastening and a movable bar. The simplest device has the shape of a house, even a child can use it in everyday life. Homemade devices are designed to accurately hold the angle of inclination to the blade, thus achieving high quality work.


The simplest device for sharpening knives, in fact, is an adaptation consisting of two perpendicularly connected bars, fastened together by pins, between which a stable grinding stone is firmly fixed at the desired angle.


A variation of the homemade device is a design with a movable, adjustable platform and a knife stably fixed in it. Such a construction for fixing requires a perfectly flat surface.


For such an adaptation marble worktop is suitable, you can also put glass on an ordinary table. The drawing of the device for knife sharpening is easy to prepare even for a person without experience, for this is enough school knowledge and on the basis of the drawing proceed to create the required structure.


To ensure that the knives remain sharp as long as possible, one should adhere to certain rules of use and care:

  • In no case can the knife be overheated during grinding, to cool the knife during operation, you can use water for cooling;
  • so as not to expose the knife to corrosion after sharpening it should be dry to not store knives along with other cutlery, it is best to use a separate box or special holders;
  • To monitor the condition of the handle of the knife, it must reliably hold the blade that would not contribute to injury;
  • In work, use wooden and plastic cutting boards, avoiding stone and glass.


If you adhere to these simple rules - knives will last a long time and will give real pleasure when working with them.


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