New ideas for living room design for 16 square meters. m

Living room design 16 sq m

Many people think that to create a design room 16 square. m is very difficult - it is not. It is worth sticking to the basic rules that designers recommend and everything will turn out. To design a cozy and comfortable apartment it is necessary to solve two main tasks:

To do this, you can see the photos, in the catalogs of the finished works, and then choose for yourself one of the styles which you must follow:

  • Minimalism. Main features: minimum decor, only necessary furniture, discreet shapes, solid colors, simple texture.
  • Modernism. It is based on the use of all the latest materials, design solutions. The main idea is multifunctionality, comfort. Technique with such a design should be on top - modern and advanced. The interiors created by this style are unique and unrepeatable, since each work requires its own approach, it adapts itself exclusively to its owner.
  • Eco-style. The basis is natural colors, materials. For finishing use wood, stone, clay, glass. The color palette is natural: the color of the soil (brown, gray, beige), the color of the plants (light green, yellow). Decorative items - vases from glass, fresh flowers, wicker baskets.
  • Art Deco. The color scale is contrast (black and white, blue-burgundy, gray-black, etc.). For finishing use expensive materials: ivory, silver, gold, rare rock and wood. Exclusive - one of the most accurate descriptions of this style.

Living room with sofas

The choice of a certain style depends on the taste, resourcefulness, and the solvency of the owner of the room.

Choosing a color solution

If you are not a fan of monotony in the interior, feel free to choose color prints, the main thing is that they are not colorful, with a small pattern. For a living room 16 sq.m. it is not recommended to brighten the walls and ceiling, such a solution can lead to a visual diminution of the living room. It is better to make contrast accent with removable accessories, such as tablecloth, curtains, vases. It is important to pick up no more than 3 colors to dilute the interior, otherwise it will look too pretentious.

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Living room The color of the walls is better to choose from a light color palette: gray, milky, white, cream, pale blue, pale purple, beige. Many stylistic directions for creating interiors are based on snow-white decoration.

Living room16 кв м в классическом стиле

Visual features of colors:

  • Dark shades - visually reduce, make the ceiling lower;
  • Light shades of space, it seems more, and the ceiling is higher;
  • Yellow - optically creates space;
  • Brown - creates the effect of a "box";
  • Green is neutral;
  • Blue - the apartments seem bigger;
  • Blue - reduces the dwelling;
  • Red - can act shy;
  • Orange - narrows the room;
  • White - increases the volume;
  • Black - significantly narrows the apartment;
  • Gray is neutral.

Cozy living room

One wall can be highlighted with bright colors, zadekorirovat photos wallpaper. But for this you should carefully choose the photo to be used. It is best to increase the space suitable: the road into the distance, the forest lawn or the sunset.

Ceiling and floor

Design for the ceiling in the apartments, where a living room of 16 sq. M. m should be as simple as possible, without complex, multi-level gypsum board structures. It is important to use a light color scheme, ideally - snow-white or color for a couple of tones lighter than the walls.

Living room with photo wallpaper Sacrificing 2-3 centimeters on stretch ceilings, you can achieve a perfectly flat surface, the glossy structure of their coating will add volume to the entire room. For floor covering, almost all known materials are suitable: parquet, laminate, linoleum. The main thing is to make the floor in light colors. Parquet and laminate should be laid out "herringbone" or diagonally, it visually expand the space. Carpet and linoleum are worth using one tone, without large drawings.

Yellow and white living room

Striped floor - will create the feeling of an infinite long and wide room.

Remodeling and zoning

Connecting in a single room kitchen and guest room - a common solution to increase space. When planning such an apartment, you need to decide which zone to give priority to. Some prefer a dining room, others rest area. All are unique, it's up to you to decide what functions it should perform, on what sectors it needs to be divided. The studio apartment is multifaceted, it carries the functions of a dining room, a kitchen, a guest room, a bedroom, so you should choose only furniture that can easily be transformed to the needs of people.

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Use mirrors - they make space more spacious.

The main ways of zoning the room:

  • construction of a podium or bar
  • screen, partition, which can serve as a shelf for books or simply an interior element. The partition is the most effective way of zoning. They can be light, openwork or deaf, from the ceiling to the floor. The partition with mirrors - will create the illusion of volume.
  • separation of zones in different ways of finishing. I use different types of coatings, different sectors with different wallpaper (tiles - carpet, laminate - parquet board, walls of different zones are allocated with different wallpaper);
  • furniture is the easiest way. Correctly, the arrangement dictates the rules of conduct in this or that part of the room.
  • illumination - the sector of rest of visitors, and also household members becomes more bright, the cooking zone can be distinguished by spotlights. You should carefully think over the lighting of space, a well thought out light solution will save your vision from lack of daylight, can optically change the perception of the apartment as a whole.

Living room with light walls and one dark

Doors and windows

Important points when choosing doors and windows:

  1. Swing doors - eat up space. Designers advise to install sliding doors.
  2. Glossy hardware reflects light, creates the effect of increasing space.
  3. A large window - increases the room, small - reduces.
  4. The window frame should be light.
  5. Massive curtains create a tightness effect. It is better to hang light, weightless fabrics: tulle, organza, curtains with drapery.
  6. Designers recommend to abandon the curtains. Place a sofa on the windowsill, and storage boxes under it.

Interior of a bright living room of 16 sq. M

Choosing furniture

Choosing furniture для дизайна комнаты 16 м2 — ответственный момент. Важно правильно использовать каждый сантиметр пространства! Основными критериями выбора мебели для небольшой гостиной: габариты и функциональность. Размеры важны — большой шкаф, стол или кресло в небольшой комнате могут смотреться как минимум нелепо, лучше обратить внимание на небольшие стеллажи, полки, тумбы. Используйте многофункциональную мебель (раздвижной диван, шкаф-купе, кровать, вдвигаемую в подиум, стол на колесиках).

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Living room in loft style

If you need a large sofa, then you should choose the corner models.

The central part of the apartment will be completely free if you place a corner sofa in the corner far from the entrance. On the opposite wall, you can hang a TV and put a small wardrobe, a fireplace, a table. When choosing a sofa, you should pay attention to the color of the upholstery, how it will be combined with the rest of the design, as well as on what kind of maintenance it will be subjected to. There are many models with removable covers, which are very convenient during operation, they are easily washed in a washing machine. As one of the options, such a cover can be sewn to order.

Comfortable in the care - a sofa made of leather, it is easy to clean, and also creates an effect of prosperity and nobility. Upholstered furniture on the scabbard - it looks easier, smaller. Built-in closet - can save space. Designers advise for small living rooms to abandon the installation of furniture walls and give preference to compact, functional furniture modules.

Lighting and decoration

The more light, the better. Use several types of lighting, one large chandelier, as well as many small, spot lights, sconces, soffits. For the living room, bright fluorescent lights are suitable. Decor in the interior is very important. It creates an atmosphere of coziness, completeness.

Classic living room with bio fireplace The decor includes:

  • Curtains, tablecloths, pillows;
  • Sculptures, figurines, flowerpots;
  • Mirrors, objects of painting, photos;
  • Carpets, carpets, napkins.

A special highlight is the fresh flowers. Regardless of the destination of the place, it must be stylish, cozy, functional.