Orange color in the interior - combinations and design

Orange furniture

An important role in the design of the interior is played by a color scheme. The main color of the environment in the room can perform several practical functions at once. With it, you can visually change the parameters of a limited space, adjust the quality of visible light. Thus, he is able to directly influence the mood of the owner. To achieve the desired effect, you need to know the basic color combinations. Harmonious shades will create a comfortable environment for finding or living in this room. One of the bright trends of recent times is called orange color in the interior. Adaptation of a positive, but somewhat aggressive color under the conditions of the room is quite a challenge. To deal with it, it is worth familiar with its physical characteristics and the psychology of impact on man.

In the color spectrum orange is the warmest shade, and is located between the red and yellow colors. This largely determines its symbolic component, which can be described as life-affirming, sensual, dynamic. Mixing the values ​​of the two surrounding colors here does not seem casual, rather accumulates their total energy.

Orange facades of the kitchen

Associations with strength, speed, youth, some pampering only complement the image of a charismatic color. They help to cope with negative tendencies in a person's life, cleanse themselves of filth and simply dull mood. His presence can symbolize rapid changes, the opening of new horizons.

Orange cuisine

Features of color

These include the following:

  • Orange color excludes cold shades, it is inherent only in heat;
  • It has a beneficial effect on the human body, stimulating the improvement of the work of the most significant organs (brain, stomach);
  • Favorably affects the mood, creates a sense of happiness. To give joy is one of its main functions;
  • The ability to activate human forces and energize his energy went to the orange from a red neighbor. At the same time there is no negative aggression or a sense of anxiety inherent in red;
  • Orange color is able to visually expand the space and increase the volume of objects;
  • Its effect on surrounding objects can be characterized by a change in the purity of their immediate color. He makes them softer;
  • The presence of orange in the interior is the motivating factor, which has to trust in human communication. His sensuality and emotionality can even "go off scale".

Orange furniture в гостиной

The orange color has an entire universe of various shades, depending on the degree of approach to the red or yellow neighbor in the spectrum. Also it is able to absorb other colors (pink, gray), thus forming completely new tones. For example, to light they include cream, gently peach or light apricot shades.

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Mandarin curtains and an orange sofa

To bright, even fiery shades can be attributed tangerine, coral or amber, which perfectly blend in with other colors, forming a rich gamma. To the muted are those that contain restrained shades of beige, and are not inherently provocative (terracotta, ocher). Often they are used as the main color in the design of living rooms.

Table of shades of orange color

Role in the interior

The choice of this dynamic color is characteristic for the optimistic, health-raising and positive. Their conviction in their own ability to cope with life's difficulties is admirable. The demonstration of superiority coming from them warmly testifies to the absence of even a hint of a cloudy mood.

Bright orange color in the interior

Stable associations with the sun, sea sand and oranges simply can not act otherwise. The sages of the ancient East firmly linked it with church bells, which beneficially affect the spiritual side of human life. Sailors and conquerors of mountain peaks have long used this color as a symbol of salvation, visible even at a great distance.

Orange color in the interior of the children's room

All these properties are also transferred to the creation of a comfortable interior in the house. Orange shades are used in a variety of stylistics, suitable for rooms of any destination. The universality of color does not make a difference between who lives in this room - a man or a woman, a boy or a girl. Therefore, orange is the best choice for arranging a children's room.

Solar Baby

The unique ability of the orange color in the interior is also that it approximates the surrounding objects - whether it's a furniture set or walls. This requires the need for a competent approach to design design, since abuse can lead to a visual diminution of space. In addition to approaching, it also visually increases their bulk. Carpets of orange shades seem somewhat larger than their counterparts of a different color.

Orange interior details

In the design of interior design, the most commonly used shades are peach, pumpkin and terracotta, as subconsciously they are perceived better than bright aggressive tones.

Orange chairs in the dining room

Variants of use in the interior of the house

  1. Combination with pastel shades. The essence of this method is to create a concrete impression: to make the orange only barely noticeable, it must be drowned in neutral, restrained colors. These are pastel mint and delicate cream colors, which do not allow active color to clear up. It is designed only to revive the boring interior, while drowning in the overall light palette.

Orange curtains

For example, if the owner of the house has purchased a bright orange sofa, which attracts too much attention - his bright upholstery can be partly covered with a light cloak. This method allows you to level out an excessively poisonous shade, but leaves its visible solar essence.

Orange Bedroom

  1. Cooling the color spectrum. To calm the riot of a brightly fiery color, it is enough to recall the restraining influence of blue. Cool palette shades of the latter can neutralize the tangerine madness of the first. It is recommended to use these two colors in equal proportions to balance the impression. You should also pay attention to the harmony of their combination. For example, discreet terracotta will look good with steel shades of blue (as an option - cobalt). More bright, carrot or orange, should be combined with such cold shades, as turquoise or azure.
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Walls of orange color

  1. Show bold imagination. Here we have in view of the psychological moment. To decorate a room with an orange color, you do not need much mind, however, its correct application will make the interior more soulful. For example, a saturated one should not be used in a small space, it is much more suitable for a spacious room. Otherwise, a bright shade will cause concern for a person. An important point is also the selection of a suitable furniture set. It should create a certain contrast with an unusual shade of orange. To do this, it is recommended to use light colors.

Orange cupboard

  1. Create an orange composition. It can be several subjects, in the style of which the orange accent will be highlighted. Boldness is characterized by the use of a deep shade of rust or mandarin, since its texture will invariably divert all attention to itself. The remaining shades of orange will pass somewhat before his pressure, emphasize the dominant position.

Orange chairs

It is important not to admit color abuse. To do this, the space around the composition should be made as neutral as possible, white, sand or dark gray.

Orange color in the bedroom

  1. Orange accent on unusual objects. To feel the completion of the interior is often not enough "fire", a catchy element. This can be any component of the furniture set - a dressing table or orange ends on all subjects. A lot will depend on the owner. Only he knows which object should become central. There are no rules or exceptions, everything is given to the man himself. Courage and determination must accompany the right choice.

Orange striped beds in the nursery

  1. Ornament of orange small decor elements. Is the most accurate and careful reception. Allows you to quickly organize a bright accent in the interior, which can always be removed later. With orange shades, this is all the more relevant, since the mood in a person is not constant, can often be modified. In addition, you should not discount the various fashion trends in design design. An example is the use of bright textiles, whether it's a blanket in the bedroom or a patterned tablecloth in the kitchen. You can also quickly decorate kitchen utensils. There are a lot of options here.

Orange apron and pillows

Suitable premises

Most designers agree that the use of bright orange shades is appropriate in the kitchen (where it will have a friendly conversation), in the nursery (the symbol of sun and happiness is necessary for children), in the office (it is very important to think positively), and also the dining room because it stimulates the appetite).

Orange chairs

And on the contrary, do not use bright colors in the rest rooms, because then you will not be able to completely relax, something will be distracting. Also, a tangerine shade can negate the whole romance of the bedroom.

Painting from a sticker on an orange wall

Categorically contraindicated application of fire orange in solar rooms. And so hot space is hot red hot. Such an effect must be avoided, neutralized by other shades.

Dark orange armchairs

As for stylistics, the most popular are retro (this style refers to the 60's), Mexican style, country. Orange is also used in more modern pop art, minimalist designs of the east. But such classic styles as Empire or Rococo try to avoid it, only occasionally combining with brown.

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Gray-orange facades of the kitchen

In the interior of the living room

Its use in the living room is primarily due to the factor of friendliness, sociability of color. However, you should use pastel shades that do not strain your eyes. Actual application of orange can make the living room exit to the north side.

Combination of white and orange colors

Then you just need to use orange inserts to warm it up in this way. It can be orange curtains in combination with a bright sofa of the same shade. Or textile accessories on light objects.

Interior in orange color

Painting the entire space of the room with solid orange is not at all worth it. For a common harmony of perception of orange inserts it is recommended to use a combination with colors such as blue, gray, and also snow-white.

Ebony on an orange background

Some designers, in contrast, recommend in the living room to show courage and give vent to fantasy. For example, paint the ceiling in orange. This ensures a warm and excellent mood for all guests. Just remember that pure orange should prefer peach shades or the same ocher.

Orange carpet and furniture

In the interior of the kitchen

Since scientists have long confirmed the beneficial effect of color on the gastrointestinal tract, its application in the kitchen is almost an optimal course.

Orange cuisine

Warm peach tones will greatly increase appetite. It can be not only wallpaper or tiles on the walls, but also napkins, kitchen accessories, dishes in a characteristic orange color. If we are talking about furniture, then it is good to combine with the gloss of facades.

Bright kitchen

The main condition in this case is the purity of the selected surface, since dirty orange tiles will negate the entire comfortable effect.

Walls painted in orange color

In the interior of the bathroom

To relax in a warm room, it is enough to use colorful pieces of furniture, various lockers.

Black and orange bathroomMatching black and gray and orange

Their reflection in the mirror will help to make the person's face appear somewhat fresher and younger. Skin color will acquire a beautiful natural shade.

Furniture in color orange Orange ceramic tiles

To put yourself in order, this feeling is simply necessary. Thus, intimate space can warm the inner world.

Orange toilet Mirror in the orange bathroom

In the interior of the nursery

For children this color is different, it conveys a feeling of vivacity, active life.

Green and orange color, combination in the nursery

Given a harmonious combination with celestial shades, from white to rich blue, its presence will significantly affect the overall development of a positive child.

Orange children's

Do not forget that it is the orange responsible for cheerfulness, happiness and fun. Yes, there, even the color of a child's surprise can cause laughter in parents.

Furniture in orange color

The combination of lilac and orange

In the interior of the bedroom

It can not be said that it is used too often in the bedroom, but the pastel colors of orange will contribute to a sense of calm, warmth in the soul.

Bedroom in orange

It is recommended to use light pink, apricot or salmon shades. Saturated is best left for the living room or kitchen. There are no restrictions here, in fact.

Orange carpet

You can choose wallpaper as an orange element of the decor, or you can stay on cozy textiles.

Beige and orange in combination


More cheerful and optimistic color simply does not exist. It is characterized by its warmth and the ability to have a beneficial effect on human health. However, one should remember the sense of proportion, since too much orange will not lead to anything good.