Original wall housekeeper

Everyone fills the notion of "originality" in his own way. Someone is important for a non-standard appearance, for someone - a bright coloring, someone considers the multifunctional things original. We want to say that each of them is right. Therefore, we will not argue, nor will we explain what a housekeeper is, but we will tell you what kind of original wall housekeeper you can find on the shelves of the KupiSuvenir shop.

Wallets that reflect the style of the interior

Thematic interiors are very popular today. It's not enough to say: "My apartment is stylish", although everything can be really furnished with taste, it is important to understand the peculiarities of this or that style. And the thematic housekeeper knows about this. Very cute, with little scuffs, decorated with lavender sprigs - this is Provence. The same vintage, but with slightly faded roses - this is a shebbie-chic. The brightest with clear laconic lines is the Scandinavian style, with unusual grinning "faces" - this is ethno, etc. All these housekeepers are assembled on our shelves. We have not forgotten about the sea style. Ageless classic - as without it! In general, come, there is something to choose from.

Original wall housekeeper

Widgets are hobbits

Do not be surprised, we are so jokingly call those housekeepers, the doors of which become canvases for "paintings", reflecting the hobby, the predilection of the owner or the gifted. Hunting, fishing, billiard, yacht club, wine shop, beer bar, bakery - and more, more, more. Such housekeepers are most often chosen as a presentation to friends, acquaintances, family members. As an interesting gift, you can also consider the housekeeper (http://kupisuvenir.com.ua/category/kljuchnicy/), on the doors of which - horseshoes and wishes. "Happiness in the house," "For luck," "For money." It is unlikely that such a gift will gather dust on the mezzanines! Be sure to hang in the hallway, performing the role of a mascot.

Cozy housekeeper

And these are those that recreate the atmosphere of home comfort. There are paintings with a soft armchair by the fireplace. Or knitted napkins on the table, or shelves with books on which the tabby cat snores. There are so many options that everyone can not list! And is it necessary? It is better to visit us! And not only to order the original housekeeper wall. Can you all-wise master! And with ease you will make such an accessory yourself! Then come to us just for inspiration! The directory of housekeepers in our store is really impressive. In any case, your visit will be welcome! Well, if you decide to purchase - quickly arrange the order and delivery.