Ways to create and decorate boxes for storage

Multicolored storage boxes

In a modern house or apartment surrounded by a huge number of various things and gizmos. To the room looked neat, not cluttered, all this "wealth" should be somewhere to place, lay out. When places on shelves, shelves, in cabinets, do not have enough or want to originally diversify the interior, you can make original boxes for storage by yourself. There put almost everything that comes to hand, incidentally systematizing, signing, where that is.

Three boxes on steps  Boxes for toys  Boxes under the stairs  Boxes for storing small things  Box with children's toys

To store various small things in the nursery, make a box-house, for the girl's room - a box-box with princesses or flowers from ribbons.

Striped toy box Boxes with tags Dirty laundry box Boxes for children in a marine style  Knitted Box Decor  Ribbons in boxes

Of cardboard

After buying household appliances, furniture, utensils, shoes, often there are boxes of corrugated cardboard and ordinary. The easiest way to decorate in this case is to glue the existing box with the following materials:

  • wallpaper remaining after the repair - if you draw up a box or box, it will be barely visible against the background of the walls, will not visually clutter the space;
  • self-adhesive films - they have high decorative, have a variety of texture, color, pattern, are not afraid of moisture, because they are used in the bathroom, wiped with a damp cloth to remove contaminants;
  • colored paper, old postcards, pages of glossy magazines - they decorate a plain gray, white, black box, turning it into a unique piece of decor.
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To glue paper parts you will need PVA glue or silicate, double-sided adhesive tape. The container is simply pasted with sheets, pieces, strips of paper or rolls of paper tubes, gluing them consistently from the bottom to the top or from any edge, stacking each next row after setting the previous one. When decorating with threads, cords, the box is smeared with glue, and the rope is wound around the turn, tightly pressing.

The option of decorating cardboard boxes Checked boxes made by own hands Five boxes for storage Homemade storage box Box for storing accessories for knitting Boxes for storing toys

Depending on the method of decoration, such boxes will suit the styles:

  • loft;
  • avant-garde;
  • minimalism;
  • art-trust.

Boxes made of thin cardboard are not suitable for storing excessively heavy items, and for use in the bathroom, for the purpose of storing dirty laundry, they should be drilled for ventilation.

Multicolored storage boxes Box with accessories for manicure  Check Box A commode for storing small things Three boxes for storage  Old jeans in the design of boxes for storing toys

Wood Weaving

Wicker from the vine, pine roots of the basket in antiquity were among the very first "storage systems". They not only collected, stored mushrooms, berries, useful herbs, vegetables, but also took with them on trips, adding up everything they needed. For weaving, we used willow branches, collected in spring or autumn.

Wicker boxes, boxes, chests will perfectly decorate the interior in style:

  • Provence;
  • country;
  • ecological;
  • vintage.

Cabinet with boxes for storage Wicker basket on the steps Baskets for storing wine and dishes Three wicker boxes for storage Boxes for storage on the windowsill Wicker boxes for storage

In the modern world in such baskets store almost anything - balls and knitting needles, clothes and shoes, exercise books and pens, drawings and magazines. They are well ventilated, in the kitchen or loggia, they add dried vegetables, numerous rag bags with medicinal herbs. Previously, bread woven from a tree with lids, boxes for cookies, sweets were very popular. For qualitative weaving of such things, certain skills are required.

Weaving from newspapers

To begin with, you need a base - a strong box, a corrugated box, the right size. Further from the newspapers are twisted long thin tubes that are attached to the bottom of the box at the same distance from each other. These tubes become stakes - they should be made thicker, denser than others. Racks are attached to the box with clothespins to make it smooth. Then they are wrapped in thin tubes, by any means of weaving, to the very top. The tops of the tubes of the base are neatly hidden, the edges of the box are greased with glue, the newspaper layer is pressed to the base with clothespins. Similarly, the lid is made, the entire structure is covered with paint and varnish on top. The inside is trimmed with a cloth or paper.

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Lacquered box of newspaper tubes Box of newspaper tubes with a bow Braided box in the shape of heart Box with lid Box of newspaper tubes Casket of newspaper tubes

A dense cardboard base is not necessary, but the design will be stronger.

A box of white newspaper tubes

Of plastic bottles

Plastic bottles, boxes of sweets from plastic, if beautifully decorated, will become a container for different things, decorating the living room or bedroom. They are suitable for beads, earrings, rings, buttons, rivets, beads, clips, as well as other jewelry and sewn small items. In the kitchen, cereals, seeds, spices, dried vegetables are poured there, they are folded with cutlery.

Of the five-liter bottles are large boxes that are not afraid of humidity, because they can be used in wet rooms. The upper edge is decorated with fabric, knitted lace, the base is made with self-adhesive film, painted with paint from the can. A lid is made from a piece of another similar bottle - it is fastened to the base with the help of a "zipper" sewn into the upper part. This design is suitable for styles:

  • pop art;
  • industrial;
  • loft;
  • art-cred;
  • modern.

Homemade Sewing Supplies Boxes Boxes for storing pencils made of plastic bottles Plastic bottle for storage of threads Homemade boxes for school supplies Canisters as storage tanks for self-tapping screws Spice storage boxes

If desired, two large bottles make a large shoe or clothing box, for this, several parts are fastened with a stapler, and in the upper part, the handles decorated with a soft cloth are cut out.

Ideas for the house with their own hands

How to decorate

Decorate boxes can be all sorts of materials:

  • cloth, ribbons, colored thread;
  • laces, crocheted, knitting needles;
  • straw, rope;
  • a cord of jute, burlap;
  • napkins for decoupage;
  • seeds, plant branches, dry flowers, varnished;
  • pebbles, shells;
  • colored electrical tape;
  • photos, stickers;
  • using hand-painted paints, markers.

Cosmetics storage box Registration of a box for storage of toys Brown box decorated with lace Large and small boxes Blue box decorated with lace Handmade box

It is interesting to decorate the top of the round box from the hat with the help of one or two fans fixed on it with a double-sided tape or stapler.

Simple monochrome boxes, when there are many identical ones, are decorated with stickers with a photo of the content.

Painted storage box   Burgundy box Boxes with a shoe Newspaper as decor of storage boxes Bright box  Decoupage коробки с изображением птицы в клетке


Box with a lid, decorated with decoupage, looks very festive. It is pasted with decoupage napkins completely, only from above or from them separate details are cut out - pictures, letters, inscriptions, figures.

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The item will fit well into the following styles:

  • vintage;
  • classical;
  • country.

Decoration of a self-made box by decoupage   Box decorated with flowers Purple storage box  Brown box with decoupage  Decoupage шкатулки White box with roses

You will need:

  • base - box made of cardboard, plastic;
  • decorative three-layer napkins for decoupage;
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic lacquer, paints;
  • brushes;
  • decorative beads, beads, sequins.

Cut out the necessary fragments from the napkin, the box is covered with white acrylic, dried. On pre-carefully smeared glue, pieces of napkins are applied, and also glued with PVA glue on top. When everything is dry, empty places, napkin wedges are painted with acrylic paint, varnished, the design is once again dried. After that, you can glue any decor - beads, sparkles, beautiful buttons, decorative insects or sticky-leaf leaves. In such a box it is convenient to store jewelry, buttons, rubber bands, hairpins. It perfectly fits into the living room, children's room, bedroom, will be the decoration of the holiday.

Teddy Bear Box Decoration with decoupage and satin ribbon Storage box in decoupage technique Box with orange and yellow flowers Homemade box for kitchen interior Box for storing small things in the kitchen

Designing fabrics

For tightening the fabric, choose sufficiently strong boxes that do not deform during decoration or subsequent storage. The fabric is cut to the size of the box with allowances of up to two centimeters, attached to colorless glue or double-sided adhesive tape. The lid is decorated exactly the same way if you sew on it a piece of decorative tape, strap, braid, you get a handle, for which the lid is removed.

Box in a cage Box on the table Red boxes Gray box with things Blue box with checkered cover Box for storing ribbons You can make a two-layer box almost entirely of fabric, for stiffness, inserting between two layers of tissue sheets of cardboard, a special plastic canvas. Inwardly sewn pockets or dividing tissue strips. The lid is attached to the "Velcro", zipper, buttons.


The organization of storage and passing decorating of the interior with the help of a variety of boxes is a great idea, especially in the conditions of small rooms or limited finances. This is an original way to introduce something new into the familiar "picture" of the room. Cardboard and bottles, newsprint and linen cloth, yarn and napkins - all this can become a functional adornment of any apartment. Interesting master classes on the manufacture of interior boxes for storing all sorts of objects with their own hands can be found on the Internet or on pages of popular magazines.