Priceless recommendations for the arrangement of small areas

Regardless of how many people live on a couple of dozen meters, there is always room for comfort.

Small studio apartment in white color

The main thing is to stick to the basic tips that help to create coziness even on a small patch.

Folding bed in studio apartment Bedroom behind the curtain in the studio apartment Living room with kitchen in white color Studio apartment in bright colors

The second level is original!

The creation of the second floor works great when the ceilings of the room are high. In this case, the vertical division will save a lot of free space. The upper tier will be convenient for a bedroom or study. At the bottom, you can install storage systems.

Bedroom on the second level Bedroom under the ceiling Bedroom above the kitchen Bedroom above the living room Bedroom above the hallway Bedroom above the dressing room Sleeper under the ceiling

Folding structures are also an option!

The find for tiny apartments is a portable bed that can be folded, a built-in wardrobe, as well as pull-out tables, shelves, drawers. Any way to hide large objects perfectly fits a small room.

Murphy bed Folding bunk bed Folding workstation Folding bed in the office Folding coffee table

Multifunctional furniture is the best choice!

Free sections of small apartments should be used extremely economically. The sofa, which sleeps into a cot, can fit into it as well as possible. It will be irreplaceable to have padded stools with several appointments at the same time. They sit, use for storage. The upper plane is used as a stand.

Folding sofa bed Folding chair-bed Multifunctional kitchenette Sofa with bookshelf Retractable bar counter

Rational storage systems

The most economical kind of savings are vertical shelves, racks. They can be attached in the most seemingly unsuitable place: around the bed, the windows, in the corner. In each case, they will be effective and irreplaceable.

Chest of drawers at the head of the bed Large wardrobe with bookshelf Large wardrobe in the bedroom Wardrobes in a small bedroom Workplace on the windowsill

Applying Scenery

It is important to remember that mirror surfaces, snow-white walls, ceiling, furniture, decoration always create the illusion of volume. Panoramic windows, giving a maximum of sun and light, perform a similar function. Several large elements of the headset look neater than a lot of miniature lockers. And in the house there is a constant order in everything.

Mirror in the living room Mirror cabinet in studio apartment Large mirror in the living room Posters with reflective effect in the bedroom Mirror fridge in studio apartment

To implement these 5 simple rules in life is quite real in every limited space. And the expediency of their application will immediately affect the comfortable interior.