Original design solutions for dividing the functional zones

Unusual interior of a one-room apartment, decorated in blue

Planning the interior of a small apartment, you need to consider all the details. And for starters it is worth reading about an article about one of such unusual interiors. This room is just an example for your future ideas. In this small room there is everything - from the bedroom to the dressing room and the bathroom.

Stylish kitchen in one-room apartment

The main division, of course, is played by color shades and the play of light. For example, when lighting in the kitchen area, only ceiling lamps were used, and in the bedroom - chandeliers and hanging lamps classic lamps. Curtains on the window near the bed also make it clear that this part of the house is designed for sleep.

Electric stove in the kitchen of a one-room apartment Kitchen accessories and a comfortable kitchen faucet The original bed in a one-room apartment

The most interesting with this design of the apartment are small details. They not only add variety, but also separate each area from each other, while emphasizing their purpose. Guitar, standing in the corner, makes it clear that this is a place to relax.

Electric guitar in the corner near the bed

Mirrors immediately point to the bathroom with a dressing room, and the shelves - to the part of the guest house. Although the apartment and a studio, the bathroom is still spacious and there is room for all the necessary things. And for better lighting it has a large window. At first glance, one room is so little, but if you properly dispose of the space provided, you can implement any idea.

Exit to the balcony from one-room apartment A small dining table in a one-room apartment Original seat-bags in the hallway Unusual shelves and decorative elements in a one-room apartment Souvenirs and accessories in a one-room apartment Book on the shelf in a one-room apartment Spacious bathroom in one-room apartment Shelves for bathroom accessories in the bathroom Washbasin and toilet in the bathroom of a one-room apartment