Sand color in the interior +50 photo

Sand color in the interior

The use of warm and cold pastel colors in the design of housing allows you to include any additional colors. Beautiful sand color in the interior can be diluted carrot, yellow or burgundy. Ideal will be combined with him and blue, purple, blue. The color scale can be changed or supplemented depending on the room being equipped. For example, dark inclusions fit the room. And for dining rooms it is better to give preference to more colorful colors.

Interior of the living room in sand colors

When combined, the following shades of soft color are obtained:

With orangeChocolate, copper, bronze, cognac
With yellowButter, vanilla, ocher, iris
With whiteCream, milk, champagne
With grayBarley grain, peat, coffee with milk, beaver, beige
With pinkAntique brass, burnt umber
With brownBourbon, sepia, cinnamon, brown saddle, caramel

Ethnic interior in sand tones

Color Properties

Warm sand color symbolizes calmness and dimensionality, comfort. His abundance in the house contributes to the creation of harmony in the relations between the household. Ideal for the design of spacious rooms: creates a special comfort of living. In small rooms, the "pressure" of the situation on people is excluded. To use a warm and delicate color, its coloring is recommended by psychologists for decorating premises in which the owners are most often. He is able to calm, tune in a positive way. In particular, this applies to rooms where children rest and play.

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On the children warm color affects positively, contributes to the normal development of the psyche. Suitable for complete decoration of rooms and for embedding as separate elements. With its help you can distinguish furniture, make a beautiful finish, unusual and stylishly to carry out decoration.

For well-lit rooms in the day, it is better to choose cold or neutral colors. Excessively catchy and saturated blotches can reduce space.

Cozy interior of the living room

With what is combined

Soft and warm color is perfectly combined with any color: bright, dark, pastel. In the interior they complement and emphasize each other. The most beautiful and refined additions to the light color are:

  • blue, turquoise. It is considered a classic option. It reminds of the sun, summer, sea. Suitable for styling any area of ​​the premises. Ideal for creating marine design.
  • brown, light pink. Such a gamma highlights the refinement of the design. Brown emphasizes the light color of the sand, and pink excludes the preference of stylistics.
  • black, cream. The presence of insignificant black inclusions shades similar colors. This option is applicable even for small rooms.
  • light brown, dark green or olive. Gamma is great for a neutral style. Ideal for workrooms, halls.
  • carrot, light pink or salmon. A simple tandem allows you to create a light and warm design. In such a room there will always be a feeling of comfort.
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Sand walls in the hall Spacious bedroom  Sand wallpaper in the bedroom  Modern bedroom  Bedroom in apartment  Beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom

Under what styles fit

Neutral color is ideal for any stylistic directions. After all, it can be used as a basis or a low-key addition. Suitable in the following styles:

  • high tech. Optimal for the direction will not clean sand colors, but its colors: bronze, copper. The presence of such glossy inserts on the facades, stretch ceiling emphasize the originality of the direction.
  • country. Kind and warm country is the best solution for home. Its basic design can easily be done in a golden brown color or its colors.
  • chalet. Restrained chalet will not do without interspersed pastel colors. It will look good with wooden decor or decoration.
  • Art Deco. The pastel color is suitable as a base. But dilute it in art-deco is brown or black.
  • classical. Using golden brown pastels in the basis of classics allows you to easily beat the exquisite furniture, decor.
  • minimalism. Clarified pastel color - a good option for finishing for minimalism. As a supplement, you can use brown or dark brown.

Classical living room in the house Modern bedroom в частном доме  Bedroom in Provence style with sand walls  Sandy interior  Cozy dining room with sand walls  Classic Living Room Decor

In the living room

A warm finish in the living room creates coziness and allows for practical use of every corner of the room. It is recommended to use brown or light brown as an additional color. They are suitable for furniture, textiles. For example, in a spacious hall with a "sand" finish, the sofa, shelves, coffee table in light brown color will look good. For a basis it is possible to choose and champagne, a cream color. With them, the golden-brown will look appropriate, help visually expand the room and make it more spacious. For allocation of zones of rest it is possible to use light olive or light-salmon textiles. To contrast the underline of the design, it is recommended to use saturated colors: turquoise, golden, olive.

Sand coloring of walls in the living room Living room in apartment  Classic Living Room Decor  Sand Living Room  Entrance hall in beige color  Furniture and walls of sand color

In the bedroom

Make the bedroom comfortable and cozy using warm colors of golden brown color. It is desirable to give preference to clarified pastel decoration. To emphasize its refinement will help the impregnation of black or dark brown. For example, one wall owners can glue cream wallpaper with dark contrast patterns. The rest is decorated in light colors. To allocate a bed, as the main interior element in pastel decoration, you can use textiles with blue or yellow patterns. And you can just decorate the sleeping bed with sofa cushions in a turquoise, pumpkin coloring. Cloths chosen for windows, it is recommended to buy in the appropriate cushions and other textile colors. Also, by combining pastel and bright colors, you can zoning the room. Beautifully to separate a bright rest zone and a quiet work area will help a small cream or light brown partition.

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Sand color in the bedroom Bedroom in sand color  Simple bedroom decor  Bedroom decor in warm tones  Sand walls in the modern bedroom  Beige Bedroom Decor

In the kitchen

In the kitchen золотисто-коричневый колер будет идеально смотреться в глянцевых фасадах. Они подчеркнут его особую теплоту. Обязательно гарнитур в такой расцветке нужно установить в помещении, расположенном с северной стороны. Наличие теплых колеров обеспечит создание уюта. А вот выбирать отделку в подобных расцветках не рекомендуется: при отсутствии качественной вытяжки, нечастых уборках ее внешний вид будет быстро испорчен. Лучше отдать предпочтение декоративным акцентам. Легкие полупрозрачные шторы и тюль золотисто-коричневого колера подчеркнут аккуратность окна. Такая расцветка уголка или обеденной группы поспособствует комфортному проведению чаепитий, приема пищи. Интересным решением станет установка светло-коричневого гарнитура и декорирование кухонного фартука из мозаики в цветовой гамме песка. Красивая рабочая зона столешницы может дополняться мозаичными вазами для фруктов, конфет в соответствующей расцветке.

Sand furniture in the kitchen Sand furniture in the kitchen  Kitchen in sand colors  Bejeva cuisine  Wooden furniture in the kitchen  Luxurious furniture in the kitchen

In the nursery

For the children's room of the newborn is perfect fit champagne. Furniture should be selected in a light brown color. For the room where the girl lives, the following color scheme should be used: champagne, salmon, light salmon. If it is on the south side, you can use this range: cream, lilac, light-lilac. For the room where the boy lives, you can combine a golden brown and olive or turquoise color. A universal solution is a combination of champagne or darker color and orange, yellow. Teenagers may like combining cinnamon or caramel with white and burgundy.

Children's sand tones Walls in children's sand color  Walls in a nursery under a tree  Children's for the teenager in sand tones  Bright decor of the children's room  Baby for the boy in blue-beige tones

When choosing yellow and orange colors, you should stay on the clarified colors. Otherwise, the created environment will not help the child concentrate on learning, rest: he will be too excited.

In bathroom

The color of champagne is perfect for decorating all the walls in the bathroom. A tile of this color will allow even a small room to make light and warm. Good for this task and caramel. But it is recommended to combine it with white and brown. Brown is ideal for framing the ceiling or dividing the room horizontally. To do this, you need to pick up thin curbs. Raise the height of the walls will help position the curb 10 cm below the walls. The rest of the walls and ceiling should be painted white. The combination of dark brown and light colors will help to divide the room, highlight the shower zone. If the champagne is in tandem only with white color, you need to allocate plumbing. For this, it is recommended to choose models with bronze, brass faucets, valves. Furniture can be installed white with bronze or brass fittings.

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Luxurious interior of sand color Sandy ceiling  Sand textiles in the bedroom  Sand color wallpaper  Bedroom interior  The cozy decor of the living room


To create a stylish and beautiful decoration in every room of the house, using warm pastel and more saturated colors, is simple. And the coloring of sand is an excellent confirmation of this. They can be combined with both dark gamma and complemented by other light inserts. Suitable for styling rooms in which live and spend leisure adults, children. Smooth tone transition between furnish and furniture in a warm color provides the creation of maximum coziness, a positive atmosphere. The introduction of other rich colors allows you to play on the contrasts, highlighting different areas of the premises. Warm colors will be in good harmony with the dark range: from dark green, dark purple to black. You just need to choose the optimal tandem, determine the allocated parts of the room and proceed to the selection of suitable finishes, furniture and decor.