Simple ways of storing things in cabinets

Many homeowners have to constantly look for new ways of storing things.

Ways of storing things in a small apartment

Different ways of storing things, aimed at saving space in cabinets

Most often, difficulties arise with kitchen cabinets, which are always filled with various products, utensils and household appliances.

If you are tired of being afraid that a jar of canned peas or a mixer will fall on your head, as soon as you open the door, pay attention to the following ideas for a small interior - they will help unload the priceless space. These are, first of all, shelves, holders, holders that are attached to a vertical surface, and hanging baskets fixed on a dish-washer.

Operate the "dead" zone at the back of the cabinets by placing there the supports, designed according to the model of the stands in the stadium. They are ideal for storing small items like jars of spices. You no longer have to blindly rip all the contents of the shelf in search of cinnamon.

Shelves for storing spices Expand-A-Shelf

Expand-A-Shelf from Container Store, price - 10 dollars

Sometimes it makes sense to divide the vertical shelf space. For this purpose, such a lattice platform is perfect. A mug and plates are the place at the top, and below it is better to lay out towels and low boxes, for example, with tea.

Shelf for storing dishes Seville

Seville from Target, price - 15 dollars

A vacant place under each shelf can be occupied by a hanging wire basket containing several napkins or towels.

Basket for towels from Stacks and Stacks

Suspended basket from Stacks and Stacks, price - 9 dollars

Use the vertical space of the locker in the bathroom as efficiently as possible. This will help you acrylic mini-chest, which will accommodate an incredible amount of cosmetic accessories.

Organizer for cosmetics from Muji

Acrylic container from Muji, price - 38 dollars

These flat pockets easily attach to the inside surface of the cabinet door, allowing you to store in order and within reach the necessary accessories - kitchen, cosmetic, carpentry, art, etc.

Shelves for cosmetics Revere

Revere from CB2, price - from 15 dollars

Finally solved a perennial problem with the storage of a bulky vein and its long cord: a small holder that was hung on the door of any cabinet appeared on sale. With him, the disorder in the bathroom will be less, and the morning gatherings will be fun.

Kruchok for a fan from the Container Store

The holder for the dryer from Container Store, the price is 8 dollars

In the arsenal of a good housewife there is always a dozen different means and accessories for cleaning. To avoid blocking the cabinet under the sink, some of them can be kept in a wire basket that hangs on the door.

Cordine from Organize It

Wire basket from Organize It, price - 15 dollars

Suspended in this way circles will not fall and will not break.

Hooks for mugs from Wayfair

The holder for mugs from Wayfair, the price is 15 dollars

Mesh shelves, which are easy to assemble into a rack of the right height, will help you to "tune" the kitchen cabinets according to your needs. Folding supports provide a compact storage of modules at a time when they are not used.

Shelving rack from Organize

Folding net shelves from Organize, the price is 17 dollars

Such simple devices, and how much good! Do you already know what you would buy first?