We use the blue color in the interior of the kitchen

Blue Kitchen in the Interior

Although the blue color is considered a "favorite" shade of humanity, its use in the interior does not always create coziness in the room. Why is it so? The reason for this was the "cold" color. Blue has many gradations, but it still slightly "pulls" the frost, as from an open window in winter. In order not to deny yourself the pleasure of decorating a room in your favorite shade, you need to dilute it with warm spectral opponents. Blue kitchen in the interior is considered a controversial, requiring a great mastery of the designer. Not every beginner will be able to delicately feel the color range and choose the right combination of shades inside it. Let's talk about tricks and features of using blue for a room where the atmosphere of culinary inspiration should reign.

In addition, the various shades are in harmony with a number of ethnic styles, which are so suitable for the design of holiday "apartments" and country houses. Color calms, promotes relaxation, but it does not warm up brain activity and suppresses appetite. With the last nuance and related basic difficulties of using blue in the interior of the kitchen. On its background, food does not seem so delicious and attractive. Of course, many can rejoice, because blue is ideal for those who want to lose weight. But do not delude yourself. Hunger will cause a sharp deterioration in mood, in an improperly designed kitchen, the desire to go completely disappears. The appetite only kills blue, its dark shades, indigo and purple. Blue, for example, combined with yellow, on the contrary, will create a cozy and "juicy" environment. The psychology of blue is contradictory. What color will say depends largely on its companions.

Interior in a classic style Shelf above the window  Chandeliers with candles in the interior  Slate boards on the wall  Decorative plates over cabinets  Steel refrigerator in the interior

Pros and Cons of the Blue Design

Color can not be used in excess in small kitchens. Blue has a unique property of "landing" and weighting objects that are decorated in it. Therefore, the room will become even smaller. In addition, the dark shades of blue will create a depressing environment. Absolutely different color is perceived in spacious kitchens. It seems to make them endless, especially when applied in smooth, glossy surfaces. To find coziness in such premises is very difficult because of psychological discomfort. Therefore, when developing a design project, you need to find a fine line, color balance.

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Kitchen decoration in blue  Beams on the ceiling  Window wash  Mirror on the wall  Picture at the door

Do not recommend the use of cold shades in the kitchens, the windows of which look to the north side. In this case, the lack of sunlight should be compensated for by warm tones, and not aggravated by the situation of the blue walls or kitchen set. The only exception will be the accenting surfaces and details: an apron of ceramic tiles, a countertop in the dining area, a refrigerator door, an extractor, a window sill or textiles (curtains, tablecloths, towels, potholders, rugs).

Large windows in the interior Glasses on the table  Lockers on the wall  Table-island with a stove in the interior  Bronze chandeliers in the kitchen  Flowers on the table

Variety of shades

Blue has many shades, each of which is unique in its own way. Midnight reminds of an endless starry sky with an overstrained yellow disk of the moon. Ultramarine is similar to the overflow of sea depths at depth. The blue and blue color of the steel reminds of the brilliance of metal surfaces and is perfectly combined with modern steels. The cornflower got its name due to the same colors, the fluffy heads of which dot the field carpet with bright spots. Although azure and itself is a shade, it has an internal gradation in tone: light, dark, Berlin and with an admixture of gray. Heavenly and blue are distinguished by tenderness and unlike classical or royal blue, they are softer and more pliable, which is clearly manifested in combination with warm shades.

A bright shade of blue in the interior of the kitchen  Beams on the ceiling  Closet at the wall  Tile apron  Ceiling boards

Sapphire conveys the depth of the overflows on the faces of the gem. It looks great on glossy surfaces. Light, naughty denim or protective shade will become a flirty note in the design picture. Separately it is necessary to note a mixture of blue and green, which pours out into the quaint sea-color, cyan, turquoise. The shades occupy a boundary position, but at the same time are perfectly combined with the nearest neighbors in the spectrum. On the other hand, blue borders with red, which translates into incredibly elegant in its beauty lilac, lavender and violet tones.

Table with lamp at the door Clock on the wall  Lamps on the ceiling  Chairs along the table-island  Hours in the work area  Picture at the window

The combination of color and style

Dark blue, cobalt, midnight, royal, along with snow-white surfaces and decor, will perfectly fit into futurism, high-tech, Scandinavian style. The shades will acquire depth if they are used in glossy chameleon surfaces. The sky-white base will become the basis for the sea direction. Balances the severity of the contrast yellowness of the ropes, brown tones of the decorative wheel, sand-gray shades of pebbles. In Provence and classical style, white is combined with ultramarine, royal, azure, sapphire, lavender, deep purple. More "burnt out" shades of blue are used in Mediterranean cuisines.

Blue kitchen in minimalism style  Black chandelier in a light interior  Servant in the wall  Interior in Art Nouveau style  Bright picture on the wall

Such a color solution will emphasize the peculiarities of the Greek climate and create the illusion of constant contact of the decorated surface with mercilessly scorching sun. Noble, deep colors will suit the American art deco. Stylize the situation under the Russian village will be obtained with the help of brown shades of wood and blue-and-white mural, which is used in Gzhel's motives. Open to various experiments, eclecticism will happily take in the interior oceanic and heavenly notes. In the loft apply both light and dark shades of blue. It all depends on the size of the room and the embodiment of the color: in the headset, in the decoration of the accent wall or in decorative details.

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The interior in the style of Provence Magnetics on the fridge  Tiles on the floor  Pots with flowers on the window  White door in the interior  Plastic on the ceiling

Combination with other colors

Blue forms a magnificent tandem with yellow, gray and white. In the latter case, the combination can be used in both modern and classical styles. If you do not dilute the two base colors, you will get a solid, slightly harsh interior. To add to it softness, use beige, cream, coffee with milk, nut, sand. With gray, the shades of blue will play quite differently. Bright contrast disappears. But while asphalt, steel, nickel, marengo, silver will be able to emphasize the special nobility of the blue. The combination of celestial, blue, classical or royal with yellow is considered one of the most established. Both components of the tandem emphasize the heat and cold of each other, and the "temperature" of the combination results in a moderate.

The combination of red, white and blue flowers in the kitchen  Niches in the wall  The combination of a yellow apron and blue furniture  Table on the stalk in the interior  Kitchen with one window

Yellow is like the sun, and the sky is blue. More dim "sand" shades will be associated with the beach, which is washed by the blue sea waves. In this combination, there is both positive and restraint. The duet of blue with green is considered a controversial decision. It is very difficult to implement without compromising the visual perception of a small space. Blue and black create a very complex combination, which the kitchen is generally not recommended to embody. Against the background of a royal or midnight shade, black will acquire unpleasant, mourning notes. In alliance with the blue, a gloomy color is used only in details. This combination is necessarily smoothed out due to a perfectly white background, but in general the interior will turn out to be solid, restrained and very elegant.

The combination of light furniture and a green apron

With great care you need to use orange and blue. The first is too aggressive in its brightness, and the second "cold" the interior. Since both shades are dominant, they do not complement, but suppress each other, creating a highly controversial color composition. Experiments to combine the tones better to hold in another room, but not in the kitchen.

Tile on the floor  Orange apron in the interior  Kitchen with red walls  Books on the fridge  Striped mat on the floor

Facades of a kitchen set

Now the facades of kitchen sets are made in the most inconceivable colors. Completely blue furniture set will suit not every interior. An alternative option would be to purchase a headset with a combination of shades on the facades. As an option, the lower part of the furniture is done in blue, and the upper one - in brown or white. This solution allows you to carefully enter a complex shade in the range of interior colors, but do not spoil the composition. If the kitchen is designed according to the principles of modern direction, high-tech, loft or minimalism, then it is logical to use the glossy surface of the facade. In combination with a chrome decor and handles, you get a stylish and at the same time elegant option.

Furniture with blue facades in the kitchen  Trays on the wall  Flower on the window  Crockery on shelves  Hanger on the wall

For classical directions, choose matte surfaces that combine with wooden elements. For Provence, an antique set, the facades of which are carelessly painted in sky-blue, azure, sapphire colors, is suitable. They are additionally decorated with images of flowers in the technique of decoupage. A fully blue set with white worktops is in harmony with the pastel shades of the walls. A controversial option is the coloring of their surface in dark colors. This solution can be implemented only in very spacious kitchens. For rooms where each free meter is on the account, this way of registration falls under strict taboo.

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White chairs and table in the kitchen Wicker chandeliers in the interior  Striped wallpaper on the walls  Stairs in the interior  Kettle on the stove  Wall paneling

Walls in blue

Blue walls as a background are suitable for white or light brown kitchen sets. Alternatively, you can use different shades: azure, celestial, ultramarine, to create a color gradation. Not bad on a blue background will look set, partially executed in sunny shades of yellow. Walls can be painted, covered with ordinary or textured plaster, pasted with special vinyl wallpaper, trimmed with ceramic tiles, which is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Blue walls in the kitchen

The apron, as a rule, is decorated with small fragments of tile in mosaic technique. In this version, the combinations of pieces made in different shades of blue look good, from light blue to deep midnight. In this case, the walls are shaded using a white plastered ceiling and window / door openings in the same color. If the kitchenette is small, then it is recommended to use blue only in one accent wall. Try to avoid decorating in this color surfaces that are adjacent to the dining area. Remember that the dishes on a similar background look very unappetizing.

Painting on the shelf TV on the table  Shelves on the wall at the door  Kitchen combined with dining room  Patterns on the ceiling  Marble furniture in the interior


Blue textiles are perhaps the best solution for small kitchens. Decorative elements can easily be removed and replaced with others if the composition does not look very nice. This is the easiest way to introduce a controversial shade into the colors of the interior. Blue curtains in conjunction with snow-white window frames and garters in tone will make the kitchen environment stricter. If they are decorated with a floral pattern, then such textiles will fit the line of classical styles.

Blue textiles in the kitchen

Tablecloth and curtains in a flirty blue and white cage will look good in Provence and country. They are complemented by other rural elements: forging, painted utensils, rough wooden details. Also to such a textile fancy lace of white color. Blue kitchen towels, potholders, aprons will be a nice addition to the eclectic cuisine. Heavenly upholstery of soft chairs will complement both the classical interior and the lighter decoration in the rustic style or gentle shine of chic. Panel curtains of dark blue shade will approach to futuristic and minimalistic kitchens.

Transparent chairs by the table


Do not focus on the "coldness" of blue. It is multifaceted, like a sea wave or a tidal stream in the depths of heaven. For registration it is chosen only by self-confident people, for whom the house is really a fortress of peace and tranquility. Blue can be luxurious, elegant, flirtatious, sweet, serious and even gloomy. What kind of emotions will cause this color, depends only on the rest of the situation. In this respect, blue is like a precious stone, which in the original cut will become a truly magnificent decoration, worthy of crowned faces. No wonder one of his noble shades was called royal.