Stunning ergonomics of a limited space: how to fill the

Small dining area by the window

How often do we face such a problem as a limited space of living space! In the design of such a room you need to be extremely cautious, and to achieve the best result you need to contact the design specialists. And in their wonderful hands, even the smallest apartment will play with new colors and become cozy and attractive.

Today we look into a small but absolutely stunning apartment. The floor of this delightful room is only 35 square meters. But, despite such modest dimensions, it looks unique and cute. On the face of the fact that the decorators have worked carefully and efficiently, placing in the room only all the most necessary, convenient and practical, as well as hiding the huge, large and unnecessary items of the headset.

Interior of a small living room in bright colors

Sleeper in the living room niche

The apartment is beautifully designed: extremely comfortable in the room looks a modest bed, and a special attraction adds to the room a delightful huge loggia that goes to the west side. The housing space is small, but in fact multifunctional.

The choice of a shade palette and building materials looks also very effectively. A note of novelty and coolness in the atmosphere of the apartment brings a charming daffodil in a pot, located on the windowsill in the kitchen.

Interior of a small kitchen Small functional kitchen Small kitchen with dining area Flower of Narcissus