Small bathroom with smart storage system

Storage in a small bathroom

Agree, in small bathrooms there is not much space for storing things. Therefore, this question has to be approached creatively. It does not matter if it's a strategically installed shelf, a miniature case pushed into the corner or a built-in wall cabinet. The main thing - that everything was in place.

Below are 5 samples of bathrooms, which despite their compactness can boast considerable capacity.

In this case, space saving became possible thanks to a narrow shower cubicle with a glass partition, a washbasin with storage compartments and a wall cupboard above the toilet. The bathroom, made in white and beige, looks quite spacious.

Narrow shower cubicle with glass partition in the bathroom

Since this bathroom is not too wide, the corner module has come here as well as possible. There are open and hidden departments in it, you can reach it directly from the bathtub as well as from the back side. A suitable option for placing towels, lotions and decor items.

Built-in module for storing towels in the bathroom

In this lavatory the whole wall is occupied for various kinds of built-in storage. In the center between them is fixed a table for washing with a mirror and holders of towels. On both sides of the central composition there are narrow high niches with shelves and compartments. Visually, everything looks elegant and beautiful.

Wash table with mirror and towel holders in the bathroom

This is an excellent example of a small room with great possibilities. Here every free centimeter is used wisely. The worktop with two built-in washbasins contains many boxes and compartments. At the same time, the gap between the mirrors is occupied by a hanging cabinet. Simple, not cluttered and very convenient.

Worktop with two built-in washbasins in the bathroom

That's how you can successfully use the island next to the bathroom. Such a shelf design will keep the towels at any time at hand. Place here also shampoos, creams, candles and everything that you deem necessary. A good way to turn an empty wall into a useful and functional space, thus denoting the main accent in the interior design.

Shelving unit for storing towels in the bathroom