Storage systems for small things: 12 brilliant ideas for a

Storage systems in a small room

Storage systems in a small apartment: how to compactly accommodate everything you need

The problem most designers face is how to organize storage systems in a small apartment. And the main task in the design of compact housing is the most competent allocation of space, thanks to which a significant part of the free space is saved. If the layout of the apartment is organized correctly, the rooms will seem much larger and more spacious.

The most popular option for saving space in a dwelling is storing things in drawers under the bed, but today we will present you more creative examples of space organization. As a good option, right in the room you can create a small podium, and under the floor place additional sections that will not be visible to the outside view and will not prevent the owners of the apartment. This is a truly brilliant sample, allowing you to free up enough space for other purposes and, in addition, also transforming the room very original.

Storage under the bed

Surprisingly, the bedroom also has several fragments that have the potential to become a practical storehouse for things. The head of the bed can be not only a decorative element, but also useful, because you can successfully use it to place some of your things.

Storage systems at the head of the bed

The first thing that catches your eye in this interior project is a small platform, but, as we have already said, it is not only a decorative element, but a very functional idea for the interior of a small room. In fact, under its surface, a surprise is hidden, which is a real find for those who are looking for ways to make more efficient use of space.

Floor storage systems

In many variants of modern housing there is always a ladder and its presence in our case can be considered a successful addition. Such a design can be remade and take advantage of all of its potential. Keeping things in the stairwells is an intelligent and practical way of saving square meters, so do not ignore such perspective installations.

Storage systems in the steps

Each kitchen is the room where a lack of sufficient space can undesiredly affect the design of the interior. In order to unload space there are many ways, but those that are unexpected and most convenient to use are preferred. As, for example, this dinette, which has a hiding place, where the hostess can store some dishes.

Storage systems in the kitchen seat

Sometimes even a kitchen table can be redesigned for a laptop workstation. But each of us knows that the wires are from charging, USB can get confused at hand or cause inconvenience to other inmates at home. The solution, as it turned out, is on the surface: you can keep your small interior neat with a simple drawer equipped with holes for the connectors of your gadgets.

Drawer for computer

On a small section between the stairwells there is usually a fragment of an empty space, and probably not many of us paid attention to it, but in vain. This space can also be used as a good store. 

Storage systems for garbage and feed

Drawers are very practical, especially in the kitchen. And it is very good, when it is possible to hide garbage containers in such a box, so that they are within walking distance and they do not come across all the time. This principle is ideal for storing other objects.

Drawer under the seat

And again we return to the kitchen corner, which, it turns out, has another hidden potential. An additional place can be found not only from above, but also to use the lower part of the structure, which can successfully become a small storage room, both for food and for utensils.

Drawers in the kitchen corner

To avoid cluttering up space there is another way, equally effective and useful.

Drawer in the doorway

Undoubtedly, in each house there are small, relatively empty zones, which in reality can be used for anything. Angles, openings can be a great place, which can be easily used in the project of creating small storages. Vertical drawers are also ideal for storing small items.

Storage under the mattress

As we mentioned above, the space under the bed is the most popular place where we hide some of our things. But such designs can be used not only for standard purposes, but also, for example, for placing books or accessories.

Storage systems

Lack of space is the task that challenges everyone who wants to use their living space more efficiently. But we should never forget that there are many unique solutions that will help you to use the territory of the apartment more rationally and to organize your life intelligently.