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In the modern world of design there is a huge variety of stylish options for applying a stretch ceiling. But, unfortunately, many of us, admiring the next photo of non-standard stretch ceilings, are afraid to recreate such a stylish solution in their home.


Cast aside doubts! In this article we will talk about the features and types of stretch ceilings, which can help you make the right choice for the interior of your living room.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Types of stretch ceilings
  • What shade of a stretch ceiling to give preference?
  • Variety of stretch ceilings styles
  • Average cost of purchase and installation of stretch ceilings
  • Photo stretch ceilings in the living room

Types of stretch ceilings

To create the right image of the interior with a stretch ceiling in your living room it is important to know about the presence of many shades, types and materials from which this type of ceilings is made.

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Stretch ceilings are replete with a variety of surfaces: matte, mirror, similarity to the coating of compacted fabrics, metallic coating, marble, PVC.


To choose a stretch ceiling, which harmoniously fits into the interior of the living room, see the photo of various design solutions created in the room, like yours, and remember some features.


Ceilings with a fabric surface will fit into the living room, made in a simple style. This option contributes to the creation of a smooth, non-reflective fabric. The undoubted advantage of such stretch ceilings is also an affordable price.


If your living room is not different ceiling height, then it is ideal for paintings of reflective, reflective materials. It should be noted that similar ceilings, made in light colors, visually increase the height of the walls and space in the room.


Glossy stretch ceilings are in great demand in the design of the living rooms, tk. apart from the fact that they are universal, they have a huge range of colors, in which everyone can choose the color he likes. Unusually and stylishly, this surface looks in the living room, with two-level stretch ceilings with built-in lights.


Stretch ceiling in dark colors should be used in the living room with large dimensions, but with extreme caution. The reason is that they can darken the living room and introduce insipidity. To install ceilings with a dark surface of suede should be treated very carefully, because this solution can visually pollute the ceiling.


The use of marble, wood, pearlescent, metal surfaces of stretch ceilings in the design of the living room will create a note of extravagance in the interior. This type of ceiling has a high cost, so its use on large surfaces will be impractical.


What shade of a stretch ceiling to give preference?

The shades of the stretch ceiling, of course, should be in harmony with the interior in your living room. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to the light colors of the canvas. A dark ceiling will "narrow" your room and reduce the height of the ceiling.


To visually increase the area of ​​the room, it is sufficient to use a ceiling with a light-colored surface, and a mirror stretch ceiling can raise the walls.

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It is not necessary to use bright and rich colors in large numbers. It is best to use them to place emphasis on some areas or combine them with furniture in the same shades.


Variety of stretch ceilings styles

For each living room and its interior is a certain form of stretch ceiling, with which you can make a complete design of the room and visually adjust its area.


The classical form of stretch ceilings is a coating with a smooth surface without rough edges. Install it either at a certain angle or in a horizontal position. This material is used to stabilize the main ceiling. For such a ceiling, you can choose any shade and any surface.

1437821801Designer stretch ceiling

Multi-level stretch ceilings are installed in the living room, the dimensions of which can allow the installation of such a ceiling. When creating this ceiling, you can use a variety of shades, materials and surfaces that come to your mind, so they are in demand. Sliding transitions and a variety of highlights will enhance the fascination and unusuality of the interior of your room.

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An additional advantage of multi-level ceilings is the possibility of dividing the living room into certain zones (for example, a recreation area and an entertainment zone). Some elements of the ceiling can be matched with furniture or walls.

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Tension ceilings in the form of arches change the dimensions of your living room with the help of imperceptible transitions to the walls. Most often this ceiling solution is used in a separate zone (for example, above the bed). Installation of arched ceilings is a simple operation, which also allows you to dismantle the ceiling (if necessary) and return it to its place.


If you want to create a unique noble style for the living room, then this will help you three-dimensional form of stretch ceilings - the bell. With such a ceiling perfectly harmonize the lighting devices made in the classical style. Also, thanks to the variety of the depths of the ceiling, you can change the configuration of the room. Transitions can be clear, smooth or with breaks. Preferably, PVC materials with a reflective surface are used for the ceiling.

photo-1-white-glossy-stretched-ceiling-perfectly-supplements-modern-interior-living room

For fans of extravagant elements in the interior of the living room, suitable stretch ceiling in the form of a cone, which can be used as a base, and for finishing certain areas. In the illustrations, you can see that these ceilings are compatible with the columns and with perfectly arranged lighting. The shape of such a ceiling can be changed, for example, to a square or a drop.


A ceiling with a wavy surface will not leave anyone indifferent. For living rooms with high ceilings, there is an advantage in diversity with the intensity of this decoration. The wave can be created and on a site of one wall or on all walls, to make waves different on the size and to apply a glossy surface in blue shades, having represented a water smooth surface.

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Average cost of purchase and installation of stretch ceilings

Many are asking about the cost of stretch ceilings. Of course, it all depends on the area of ​​your room, the price of materials used by different manufacturers, the complexity of installation, the company itself, which provides installation services for stretch ceilings, and the city in which you live.


The average cost of stretch ceilings with a matte surface is about $ 530, taking into account the installation, prices of lamps and other materials.


For installation and materials for a stretch ceiling with a glossy surface you will spend an amount around $ 590-600. A ceiling for the living room in metallic shades on average will cost $ 950.


The price of installation of a structure made of aluminum for a multi-level ceiling will be calculated from 5000 (per running meter) and above.

living room

Photo printing on ceilings on a matte (satin) canvas will cost 1900-2000 rubles. for m2, on a glossy - 3100-3200 rubles. per m2, and the cost of 3D printing will be 4900-5000 rubles. per m2.

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We wish you luck in implementing the most daring ideas into life!


Photo stretch ceilings in the living room


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