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Living room in the Mediterranean style is the most relevant solution in creating a modern style. This option can be created in the event that a person has not yet decided in which direction he wants to see his living room. In this style, not only dozens of other options are combined, but also unusual furniture and decor accessories.

Bright living room

The Mediterranean style living room is decorated in white. A tranquil environment is diluted with bright decorative elements that match the style.

Комната для гостей оформлена в средиземноморском стиле. An elegant interior decoration is a large, sprawling green plant planted in a ceramic pot.

An elegant interior decoration is a large, sprawling green plant planted in a ceramic pot.

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Main features

Fans of this direction are people who love warm European countries. If you characterize this style in brief, then it is a kind of blending of different styles of interiors. The Mediterranean style is characterized by wooden furniture, which gives the impression of a cozy village house, but other details can plunge a person into an atmosphere of romance, provance or art deco.

For this design, some features and elements are characteristic, by which one can recognize the Mediterranean line:

  1. Finishing is the main feature. A rather coarse kind of finish is applied for different surfaces, mainly for vertical or horizontal surfaces.
  2. Natural tones and shades. Apply warm and soft shades, which create an atmosphere of comfort in the house. The Mediterranean version uses natural natural colors. From them the room becomes warm and even more cozy. Big room

    Furniture in the living room should be exclusive, original. For example, a coffee table is made in the form of an old chest. An excellent thematic addition to the design concept.

    Unique interior

    White interior of the guest room in accordance with the requirements of the Mediterranean style is diluted with elements of a gentle blue, heavenly color.

  3. Materials. As for the materials, different types of wood, ceramics and fabrics can be used to create the interior. You can apply stone finishes, if the interior seems too soft.
  4. Natural motifs. Various natural materials are used to convey the entire Mediterranean mood. Natural motifs are used quite often, so it is possible to recognize this style thanks to these elements.

It should be noted that this design is not for those who like luxury or pretentiousness in the interior.

It is created for more quiet people who like to spend time in a family environment and in the shower are romantics.

Mediterranean interior

The style is suitable for the design of studio apartments. Kitchen-living room thanks to a light finish seems more spacious.

Cozy living room

The floor in the living room is made of ceramic tiles. Mediterranean interior promotes relaxation, relaxation. An excellent variant of registration of habitation of people who work hard.


The Mediterranean version has its own peculiarities in design design. If you turn to history, then the design is created by mixing the interiors that emerged from the coastal countries. Therefore, natural, marine motifs are used for decoration.

As for the creation and decoration of the walls, then one shade is used for this, which will be the main element in the design of the living room. Most often these are shades of beige or blue. If we talk about blue tones, then unsaturated colors are used, so as not to overload the design. If the monotony is not pleasant, and the design wants to be diluted with some interesting details or elements, then you can apply materials and inserts that are created in the form of a tree and have the effect of an "old panel". It looks beautiful enough and adds to the design of its features and uniqueness.

It is worth noting that for this interior is natural. Therefore, the decoration of the walls need to pay special attention, so that everything looks natural.

Living room in a country house

Living room in the Mediterranean style in a country house on the Black Sea coast.

Modest design

The living room is interesting with the right selection of decorative elements in the Mediterranean style. The shelves with paintings, bright cushions, living plants make the atmosphere cozy and easy.

As for the finishing of the floor, the main material used for this is marble. Sometimes a stone or a wooden covering is used to create a floor. It is known that marble is a rather cold material, so when creating a room using this stone, you need to take care of the heating.

As for textiles in the creation of Mediterranean design, this material should be used at a minimum. If for classical interior design massive massive curtains are used, then this definitely can not be said about this kind of design. You can use blinds or rolls of pastel tones. As already mentioned, the Mediterranean version creates a special comfort and comfort. Therefore, you can use small-sized knitted rugs, which are the result of handmade work, or bedspreads and tablecloths. For their creation, cotton is mainly used.

As for the elements of decor and accessories, then to create them using different dishes, for example, ceramic. Do not think that such jewelry can be used in the kitchen and eat from them. Such dishes serve exclusively as a decoration element. Mediterranean style absorbed the elements of the eastern accent, so in the decor of the living room in this style, you can often find accessories in the Moroccan version, for example, lamps. It is worth remembering that this design is characterized by simplicity, so you can not use exquisite and expensive products.

Stylish Living Room

The decoration of the wall above the sofa is attractive and unusual. Six round mirrors in thin frames make the interior unusual and exclusive.

Living room in the attic

The Mediterranean style gives preference to furniture made from natural materials. The living room, decorated in a Mediterranean style, has its own small wine storage.

Original apartment

Decor квартиры в таком стиле является достаточно интересным и уникальным. Квартира, выполненная в средиземноморском дизайне, выглядит довольно просторно, без использования слишком дорогих материалов и вычурной мебели. Для оформления гостиной в квартире используются те же технологии и элементы, которые применяются для оформления этого помещения в частном доме. В гостиной можно поставить небольшой уютный диванчик, который будет выполнен из качественного и мягкого материала.

Interior of the living room can be supplemented with wooden furniture, such as chairs.

Luxury design

One of the features of the style is the design of the sexes. Preference is given to a ceramic tile that simulates a natural stone, marble or brick.

Example of correctly selected lighting for a guest room in the Mediterranean style.

Example of correctly selected lighting for a guest room in the Mediterranean style.


Furniture of this direction should be distinguished by simplicity, but at the same time look quite modern. Only natural materials are used for work. Many designers focus on the fact that it is best to use the slightly "aged" variation when creating the overseas variant. This option is rarely sold in regular stores, but it is quite possible to find it. You can order the manufacture of products and specifically make them "old". Indeed, such furniture creates coziness in the living room.

As for chairs and chairs, such furniture is made of such material as rattan. Use forged elements when choosing chairs and tables. Shelves can be made of natural wood, the main furniture is made of wood. As for the main components of furniture, it is necessary to emphasize the choice of a dining table that will decorate the center of the living room. The table should be made of wood, and of high quality.

The main thing to remember when creating an interior of a living room in the Mediterranean style is that the furniture should not occupy the entire space of the room and overload the interior. This interior design and furniture are typical for a large amount of space.

Unique living room design

Fresh greenery in the living room in the Mediterranean style will distract from the bustle of the big city.

Cozy guest room

The guest room in the city apartment in Chelyabinsk is decorated in a Mediterranean style. Modest, discreet interior is ideal for small apartments.

Bright living room

Dining room in a country house on the shore of the Dead Sea.

Features of the Mediterranean style. Video

Mediterranean style in the interior of the living rooms of country houses and apartments