Gray floor on 75 photo examples in the interior

Gray floor in the interior

From the choice of the color scheme of the flooring, the overall perception of the room very often depends. The gray floor in the interior looks noble and has an amazing ability to both emphasize the rest of the colors of decoration, and to level out the effect of too bright shades. A saturated or soft pastel, light or dark, with a playful gloss or a deaf matte finish, textured or perfectly smooth - the floor in an elegant ashy tinge harmoniously blends in with the decoration of the room, decorated in almost any style.

Light shades of gray visually expand the space, dark - hide the area.

House Sap  Book shelves around the window  Painting on the headboard  Red furniture in the living room  Parquet on semi

Flooring materials

Types of floor cover impress with their diversity. At the design of a floor in a gray color it is necessary to stop the choice on the most popular and quite practical materials:

  • lamellae;
  • linoleum;
  • the sexual board;
  • parquet;
  • tiles.

Gray floor of laminate in the interior

Laminate is a panel of MDF, treated with resins and decorated with a paper layer. Laminating the finish surface of this material is made with a special lacquer, which makes the laminate floor of the high class completely wear-resistant. The undeniable advantages of this coating are aesthetics and ease of installation. But the disadvantages of laminate are much more:

  • low ecological compatibility;
  • the instability to water;
  • high price for truly wear-resistant classes.

Books in a niche behind the couch

Linoleum, like laminate, is characterized by low ecological compatibility and relatively low wear resistance. But modern technologies allow manufacturers to produce a wide range of materials, allowing to implement almost any design solution. Easy cleaning, a variety of colors and textures make this type of flooring one of the leading among finishing materials.

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Red armchair in the corner of the room

Parquet and flooring remain the most eco-friendly and durable option for finishing the floor. The disadvantages include high cost and complexity of parquet laying, which can be performed only by an experienced specialist.

White wardrobe in the bedroom

Gray tile organically looks not only in the bathroom. The floor can be made with this material in the working area of ​​the kitchen, and in the part of the hallway.

Smile  Green walls in the interior  Decorative fireplace in the living room  Lamp on the floor in the divan  Bookshelf in the corner of the room

Gray floor in different styles of interior

Ageless and multifaceted ashy organically intertwines in many popular in the interior currents. Versatility and the ability to harmoniously blend with other colors make the noble gray color the hallmark of many styles.

Original lamp in the corner

The gray-silver floor in the decoration of the room, decorated in a hi-tech manner, flawlessly highlights the abundance of glass surfaces and furniture with metal legs.

Kitchen in high-tech style

Gray does not focus on itself, so it is ideal for a minimalistic and modern design. This shade harmoniously complements the general concept of the room, allowing you to make it a focus of specific details, rather than entire surfaces.

Living room in minimalist style with gray floor

Light gray parquet board is indispensable for both country style in general, and its Provençal motifs in particular. In the latter flow, a combination of pastel blue, ashy-gray and white colors is especially attractive.

Kitchen in country style

The deck of the dark noble gray remains to rule the ball in both the loft and the Scandinavian style. Both currents welcome the presence of carpets. When decorating the loft interior, you should choose the synthetic textiles of turquoise color, which will emphasize the depth of dark gray. Scandinavian motifs are played with the help of natural materials: the skin of contrasting color organically complements the ashen floor from oak.

Dining room in loft style with gray floor  Sunduk in the roof  Pictures on a bookcase  Interior in Scandinavian style  Beams on the ceiling in the bedroom

Exquisite gray floor: combination with walls

Gray - a wonderful friendly neighbor, able to emphasize all the virtues and soften the shortcomings of even the most complex shades. Most often, ash is used to soften contrast combinations of colors, for example, white and black. This shade is also irreplaceable in the combination of white walls with a red decor: with it, a similar palette becomes more restrained. Organically looks the interior, in which both the floor and the walls are made in one shade of gray, but with varying pigment intensity. Brighten and juicy colors help to diversify such decorations:

  • yellow;
  • Orange;
  • saturated turquoise.

The combination of gray flooring, beige walls and red furniture in the kitchen

These shades should be added in doses in the form of decor: textiles, dishes, paintings. If there is a hollow niche in the wall, it can also be painted in a brighter color.

Table and chairs by the window

Also, the gray floor is combined with pale pink, lavender or lilac, wine and pastel blue or green walls. Dark gold, pinpointing large surfaces, will also serve as an excellent addition to the gray floor.

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TV on the partition  Island fireplace in the interior  Panels on the walls  Glass table by the couch  Torso in the windows

The combination of gray flooring with doors

The choice of the optimal color for doors that will be advantageously combined with gray floors depends on the overall stylistics of the room, the main color of the walls and finishes used on these surfaces (paint, wallpaper, gypsum tiles). The most organically look the gray doorways, echoing the basic color of the flooring.

Gray floor and light doors in the interior

Another win-win variant of the combination of doors and flooring for rooms with natural wood finish is the noble Wenge color. This deep and rich coloring on the background of the ashy wooden floor looks even softer and more natural. Another advantage of Wenge - the ability to combine with both cold and warm shades of other surfaces.

Stairs in the room

White, cream, milk, beige and caramel shades are suitable for doorways in light walls.

The abundance of light will visually increase the limited space, visually expanding even a modest room in the "Khrushchev".

Armchairs at the door  The black wall in the corridor  Mirror in the hallway  Table with a flower in the corner  Floor vases by the window

Gray floor in the living room

Ashy shades help to make the hall restrained and solemn at the same time. The gray floor serves as a perfect backdrop for light or bright furniture: in the first case, it emphasizes the purity and sophistication of the headset, in the second - adds depth to the saturated shade, but levels its dominance in the interior of the room.

Gray floor in the living room

Carpeting on gray floors look especially harmonious. And products with a long nap, made in a rich rich color, and neutral brown or beige carpets are perfectly combined with a neutral gray tone, giving the room a special comfort.

Sand walls in the interior

Living room should not be gray and dull, so to create a non-trivial atmosphere in this room can use aggressive shades. The gray floor helps to reduce their impact, making the design more balanced, restrained and calm.

Living room with dining room  White table by the couch  Yellow armchair by the fireplace  Arch in the interior  Flowers on the window

Gray floors in the kitchen

All shades of gray are ergonomic and easy to care for, so they are simply indispensable in rooms with an increased likelihood of contamination of surfaces. For the kitchen, the best option for finishing the floor is a tile of ash color. Cleaning such a coating does not take long. The ease of cleaning tiles in the kitchen plays a huge role for both bachelor apartments and couples with children.

Gray floors in the kitchen

As in the living room, the gray floor will serve as a perfect complement to the bright headset. Kitchen furniture yellow, light green, orange, turquoise and other saturated shades on the background of ash flooring will not look so acid and defiant.

Slate wallpapers in the interior

Fans of natural materials do not necessarily have to give up their preferences. The variety of tiles, imitating a parquet board, allows you to effectively decorate the kitchen in a classic style. Manufacturers offer tiles not only standard square shape: tiles in the form of a parquet board can be mounted with a herringbone, combining several shades of gray.

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Kitchen with dining room  Gray furniture in the interior  Table-island in the kitchen  Trees on the wall  Table with legs of stone in the kitchen

Flooring in the bedroom

All the shades of gray find their rightful place and on the floor covering in the bedroom. Interior in a monochrome restrained palette, like no other, is suitable for the design of this room. Ashen acts on the person relaxing, helps to calm down and easy to fall asleep, having rejected all daytime anxieties.

Gray floor in the bedroom

In a monochrome gray interior, you can safely play with the saturation of the primary color. For example, the main accent in the bedroom can be done on the "active" wall, painting the surface behind the head of the bed in a more intense shade of blue, which will be combined with the gray floor.

Armchair by the window

In addition to related ashy tones, dark gray fits perfectly into a white or beige brown bedroom. The warmth of chocolate shades, the sophistication of the golden beige and the solemnity of the snow-white color are perfectly emphasized by the bottomless deep gray.

Bedroom with white furniture  Chest opposite the bed  Lamps in the headboard  Flower on the bedside table near the bed  Baroque interior

Gray floor in the bathroom

The impeccably white tile in the bathroom becomes even more grand in combination with a dark gray floor and a light gray tiled curb. Such a color palette is especially harmonious when using a tile imitating natural marble.

Gray floor in the bathroom

The bathroom, finished in green shades, also needs a reserved and neutral neighbor in the form of a gray floor. Ashen will emphasize the freshness of the greenery and the snow-whiteness of the washbasin and the bath itself.

Gray tiles on the floor and walls  Bath with glass fence  Mirror over the sink  Bath and shower in the same room  Basket for laundry in the corner

The ash floor is also elegantly looked in the bathrooms, the dominant colors of which are blue, lavender, pastel yellow, orange, pale pink and a shade of sea wave.

Steam from hard water can leave an unpleasant grayish coating on the tile in the bathroom. Therefore for this premise it is necessary to choose a tile in light shades with mat finish, which is easier and easier to clean from scale.

Lamps above the mirror  Blue walls in the bathroom  Partition between shower and sink  Niche with illumination in the interior  Hanger for towels on the wall

Gray in the corridor

Practicality of gray color is invaluable in the hall area and in the corridors. Floors in ashy colors are simple enough to keep clean, complex soils are not so noticeable on neutral gray surfaces. That is why this color is actively used in the passage rooms.

Corridors do not always have a large area and good illumination, so for this part of the apartment it is better to choose a light gray or muted pearl shade. Additional illumination will visually give the surface a flicker and visually increase the area.

For spacious corridors, it is appropriate to use darker shades. The combination with interroom doors of color wenge will make the interior more refined and luxurious.

The combination of a light ash floor with wallpaper in which glitter is present will also optically expand the narrow room.

Gray floor in the corridor  Seat under the window  Hangers and mirror on the wall  Drawing in the interior  Pictures on the walls of the corridor


The gray floor is a real designer tool that allows you to make the interior cozy, homely and balanced. The original decor and well thought out lighting give an opportunity to create a non-trivial decoration that will not look boring and oppressive even with the predominance of ashy hues.