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The appearance of a home ceramic workshop

Designed by the talented designers of the Corynne Pless design bureau, the studio for the ceramist Courtney Hamill (Courtney Hamill) is located in the western urban district of Midtown.

She is in the backyard of her mansion next to a cozy place for a meal in the fresh air and tall green trees. Engineers reconstructed the old barn and gave it a new beautiful appearance, which harmoniously blended into the existing architectural ensemble of the residence.

Together with her husband Jim Crozier (Jim Crozier) she creates incredible creative masterpieces and unparalleled interior items with the re-use of materials and bones.

A small studio with a total area of ​​20 square meters has a simple and concise stylistic execution.

It includes three zones: a cozy room for working and storing ceramic products and dishes, a magnificent covered veranda for rest and a pleasant pastime and an open-air corner for campfire and barbecue.

Entrance door to the ceramic workshop

The decoration of the workshop was sustained in a laconic and modern manner. Concrete flooring is perfectly combined with white walls, lined with a vertical beam.

Window openings by engineers were expanded to fill the room with dazzling sunshine and the warmth that is so necessary for the production of ceramic objects. The front entrance was decorated with a red door leaf and magnificent horns.

Wooden shelves in a ceramic workshop

The walls were decorated in a neutral color palette that optically expands the area of ​​the room and is an ideal background for an amazing demonstration of the products created by the master.

On one of the surfaces was arranged a magnificent rack, equipped with old textured boards and metal brackets, painted with golden color.

Manufacture of ceramic products in the workshop

On the right side of the entrance there is a spacious working surface of a specialist, on which there are products, creative masterpieces under development, brushes and tools, as well as a potter's wheel.

Ceramic products on the shelf

The studio space was sustained in a neutral color scheme with natural accents, which forms a calm and harmonious atmosphere.

Paints for ceramics in the workshop

On the original rack is a large collection of paints and glazes of the master, which she mixes and by trial and error achieves the necessary tone.

Paints for ceramics in the workshop

Pay attention to the original ceramic vases created by the author and located on one of the shelves. The variety of colors and textures makes an unforgettable impression on visitors.

Materials for the manufacture of ceramic products in the workshop

Courtney Hamill arranges to keep his brushes and tools on the potter's wheel, leaving more space on a practical table.

Materials for the manufacture of ceramic products in the workshop

Pay attention to the creative combination of textures and surfaces in the decoration.

Multicolored ceramic products on a saucer Multicolored ceramic products

One of any collections of the author is a series of porcelain horns, which she makes on the basis of the original product.

Interior of a home ceramic workshop

The old desk was used by specialists as an additional work surface. The base of the structure was painted in a bright pink shade, which gave the room an incredible charm, creativity and expressiveness.

An unusual house for work from the Corynne Pless workshop in the American suburb of West Midtown is a marvelous masterpiece.

It differs in its original design, kept in ultra-modern style, simple layout with a functional workplace and shelves for ceramic products, a neutral tinted palette in the decoration and a cozy atmosphere that creates excellent conditions for quality work.