The interior of a small kitchen, in which aesthetics

Interior of a small kitchen before renovation

Interior of a small kitchen without hanging cabinets

The interior of the small kitchen, which will be discussed today, was the biggest drawback of the house, to which Matt Lainath and Gloria Lee unexpectedly moved. The couple did not plan to leave their mansion in Austin, where they lived for almost 25 years. But when the local owner of a large hotel business offered them a good price for it, they did not abandon the profitable deal.

They bought a new house with an area of ​​83 square meters. meters and immediately proceeded to reconstruction, during which the most significant changes were made to the kitchen. Fortunately, Matt and Gloria were allowed to take from their previous home any building materials they deemed necessary. That's why the boards of wood ipe, once lining the terrace, turned into a magnificent countertop.

Object parameters

Dimensions: 11.1 square meters. meter Layout: U-shaped Location: Austin, TX Budget: about 19 thousand dollars (including the cost of work, materials and equipment) Features: apron, made of an old billboard; table top made of recycled boards; tiling in a metro style laid vertically; compact refrigerator Designer: Matt Lainath, owner

Interior of a small kitchen before and after repair

Before: the owners thought that there were too many cupboards in the kitchen, which seemed to hang over the center of the room, squeezing the space and separating it from the adjacent living room.

Interior of a small kitchen before renovation

It was decided to remove part of the wall on the left to make the kitchen more open. To save money, Lainath did most of the repair work himself, enlisting the help of his friend Trevor Crane, a carpenter. In addition, the plumbing fixtures were not moved, so that the couple did not have to spend money on laying new communications.

The refrigerator, whose depth fits perfectly with the width of the countertop, is one of the key elements that help save space. The kitchen in the previous house of Matt and Gloria was narrow and elongated, so they used to dispense with a small number of cabinets.

Interior of a small kitchen after repair

Matt decided to purchase relatively inexpensive ready-made modules from IKEA to allow himself to spend a considerable amount on the stainless steel countertops installed in the work area.

"They are unpretentious, practical and very beautiful, primarily because of their ability to reflect light," he says.

Crane manufactured a countertop for the peninsula, using parts of the fence and terraces from the old site of the couple. He processed the boards and cut them into 10-centimeter strips, which later gathered together. The two-level peninsula acts as a dining table and working surface at the same time.

Interior of a small kitchen with a dining area

Spouses have long been friends with a well-known in Austin, a designer specializing in the design of neon signs and billboards. One of the copies of his personal collection turned into a kitchen apron in the kitchen of Matt and Gloria. The surface of the shield was covered with an acrylic frosted sealant to protect it from rust and paint abrasion.

Initially, the couple ordered a small tile for facing the walls, but they were mistakenly delivered not the one they had chosen. It was necessary to wait until the correct variant was brought, but Matt and Gloria unexpectedly decided to buy a white rectangular tile in the style of the subway and lay it vertically. Thanks to this, the ceiling in the kitchen seems to be higher than it really is.

The picture on the concrete floor is the prints from the dismantled old tile.

Interior of small kitchen in industrial style

Spouses are very proud of the fact that they managed to create a stylish and truly unique cuisine with little or no help and without huge expenses. They think the main thing is that the updated interior suits them both, and how much it corresponds to the notions of functional design is irrelevant for them. And what do you think about this project?