The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom

The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most dominant premises in the house, for it is in this room that a person spends a lion's share of free time and replenishes his strength after a busy day. Therefore, the combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom should be as harmonious as possible, to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The stylish and soothing furniture of the room will allow the owners of the apartment to rest really and feel calm even in the most stressful periods of life.

  • bright colors and warm sunny tones have an exciting effect, enhance the level of emotional background;
  • Neutral and cold shades can soothe, relax and relieve tension.

Green color in the interior of the bedroom

Therefore, all shades of yellow and red are most likely to look in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the living room, decorated in a bright and non-trivial style. For the bedroom, soft, muted pastel colors remain soft, pacifying green and olive, harmonious blue, lilac or violet, noble gray and classic white.

Round mirrors in the headboard  Lilac carpet in the interior  Blue lamps in the orange bedroom  Pistachio color in the interior  Dark laminate floor

The factors that influence the choice of color in the bedroom

When creating a certain interior composition in the bedroom, it is necessary to take into account not only personal taste preferences. To base the choice of color for this room is also on the technical characteristics of the room:

  • the area of ​​the room;
  • amount of natural light;
  • the side of the world to which the windows go.

Gray walls in the bedroom

Small dark rooms need an abundance of light, so for such premises suitable white and light cold pastel colors. For a bedroom located in the north and north-western part of the house, it is necessary to choose a different spectrum: warm shades and more saturated colors will eliminate the lack of light.

Spacious rooms in the southern and eastern part of the building can be easily decorated both in subdued dark shades and light cold tones. A similar color will gently and soothingly act on the wearer and harmonize with the overall idea of ​​bedroom decoration.

White chest of drawers near the bed  Chandelier of flowers in the interior  Mirror in the form of the sun on the wall  Ceiling fan  Yellow walls in the interior

How to correctly combine colors in the bedroom

The correct combination of colors in the bedroom is subject to the same laws as the combination of shades in other rooms. The most winning are four design canons:

  1. Combine the shades within the same color, adjusting the intensity of the color. For example, you can use green, olive and mint, which will add freshness and liveliness to the bedroom. Dilute the same shades with neutral white;
  2. Use classic combinations of contrasting shades, for example, black and white;
  3. Form the interior in colors that are adjacent to each other in the color circle. Green, yellow-green and yellow can become such organic shades;
  4. Combine harmonizing colors, one of which must be dominant, and the other - secondary. The main color can be white, green, beige, cream, milk, gray and pearl.

The combination of blue and pistachio flowers in the bedroom Panel on the headboard  Gray curtains in the yellow interior  The combination of white furniture and blue walls  Bright bedside tables by the bed  Armchair by the window

Types of harmonious combinations

The organic combination of several shades in the interior helps to make the decoration of the room stylish and final. It should not only match the color of the finishing materials for the walls, but also furniture, decor elements. Textiles, selected in the tone of the overall color palette of the bedroom, serves as an additional touch in the design of the interior, and the basis of the entire concept of the room.

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Harmonious combination of colors in the bedroom

Combinations of opposite pairs of colors

Opposite colors are not only the usual black and white contrast duo. As the opposite to each other, the so-called complimentary tones appear on opposite segments of the color circle. Such shades do not just complement each other, but also intensify the intensity and the winning perception of the opposite tone. To select complementary colors, use the color wheel, for example, Itten, consisting of twelve shade zones.

Red and green bedroom interior

So, according to Itten, the yellow will be complimentary to yellow, for red - green, for blue - orange.

The color circle of Itten is conditional. Since the color spectrum is infinite, for a more harmonious combination of complementary colors, you can use the "step-to-side" technique: for combining, use a color that is not strictly opposite in a circle, but a shade next to it.

In the interior of the bedroom, competently chosen opposite shades, as in clothes, favorably emphasize each other, make the room succulent and alive. To avoid excessive color saturation in the decoration, use pastel complimentary tones that will gently affect the psyche and organically fit into the interior.

Yellow bed in purple interior

Contrast in the bedroom

The bedroom, decorated in contrasting colors, has a special charm and delicacy. Such a room can look both strictly and solemnly, and it is quite romantic and cozy. Everything depends on the number of colors to be played, their intensity and proportions, in which active dominant and secondary colors will be combined.

Black and white bedroom - a classic option for decorating the room in two basic colors. With the dominance of white decor elements and wall decoration, the room will look more spacious and stern. If the leader is a deep black, the room risks becoming excessively oppressive and gloomy. To avoid this effect, you need to add a gray color that will make the transition from one tone to another smoother. The abundance of fixtures and mirror surfaces will also reduce the pressure of black.

Black and white bedroom interior

A soft combination of chocolate and light cream shades is no less attractive than a black and white tandem. This coffee-cream palette speaks of respectability and comfort, and the use of natural materials only emphasizes the status of such a room. To beat such a bedroom interior is also possible with the help of unusual textures. For example, the original wooden wardrobe of Wenge color will be organically supplemented with a delicate cream carpet, imitating a natural hide.

Interior in coffee-cream color

Accent wall

Modeling the "active" wall in the bedroom allows you to visually change the proportions of the entire room.

The dark accent wall visually seems farther than the light surfaces, so do not use this design technique in narrow and long pencil rooms to avoid making the room disproportionate.

Accent wall в спальне

Most often for emphasis in the bedroom is selected wall behind the head of the bed. To form an "active" surface, it is not necessary to use a wallpaper or paint of a different color. For finishing, you can use completely different materials, for example, boards or gypsum panels. Noble brown wood allows not only to focus attention on the wall, but also filigree to hide the wires of lamps.

Photo wallpapers with a romantic pattern - another way to elegantly beat the accent wall in the room. A beautiful and clear print will look harmoniously on the wall behind the bed and on the surface opposite the windows or the entrance to the room.

Photo wallpapers on the headboard  Sea  Orchids  Forest  Sakura

Uniform interior design of the bedroom

The bedroom, designed in one color, can look very stylish and original. In this room, a special role is played by decor elements of a different color and proper lighting. So, in a single-colored white bedroom, a longish carpet of gray, turquoise, beige, warm red or peach color can become a "highlight" of the interior.

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Uniform interior design of the bedroom

A plain blue bedroom is suitable for those who possess explosive characters. A mild but cold shade calms the nervous system peacefully, soothing the person. Gentle green has the same properties, but carries more positive. Therefore, universal shades of emerald are recommended for the design of the interior of the children's bedroom for both the boy and the girl.

The original textiles, paintings, unusual decorations help to diversify the discreet interior, which can be executed both in contrasting colors and in harmonious colors that echo the basic shade of decoration.

Yellow chandelier in a gray interior  Mirror on the floor  Yellow accents in the gray interior  Shelf in the corner  White pictures on a blue wall

Riot of colors or a combination of colors

Even in a room that should serve as an oasis of peace and comfort, you can safely combine bright and even neon colors. But in order to recreate bold and unusual combinations, a competent and cautious approach is needed.

To juicy shades do not irritate the eyes, use intense colors in a dosed and solely in the decor. At too bright furnish of walls of a bedroom there is a risk to overload the nervous system. To correct such a mistake, you will have to redo the redecoration, which will require additional financial costs.

Bedroom interior in bright colors

In addition to decorative elements, a mixed combination of different shades looks stylish on the accent wall. Since in the bedroom the "active" surface is most often out of sight of the resting on the host's bed, the use of juicy colors will not adversely affect the vision and excitability of the nervous system.

Yellow carpet in blue interior  Bed in the middle of the room  Yellow bedside tables along the wall  Blue curtains in the orange interior  Wallpapers with flowers on the walls

Colors in different styles of interior

Each design trend has certain color palettes that subtly emphasize belonging to this or that style. Developing the interior of the future bedroom, it is worth to rely on the colors that are specific for a particular direction.

Chocolate color in the interior of the bedroom

Shades for a bedroom in a classic style

The presence of white is a must for exquisite classical style. In a pure basic color, you can finish the walls, pick up massive wooden furniture and elegant textiles. Here the white is surprisingly harmoniously combined with gold, brown, peach and cream.

Bedroom in classic style

White is a universal color, which serves as an impeccable background for almost any design decision. A light basic tone brings to the interior solemnity, inspiration, a sense of purity and order. But the excess of white can impart an excessive coldness to the room, so this color should be used with caution in the bedrooms located in the northern part of the house.

When decorating a bedroom in a classic style, an accenting surface can be served not by a wall, but by a large relief head of the bed, which will look particularly effectively on a white background.

Mirror tiles on the wall  TV in front of the bed  Lamps on the wall  Decorative fireplace in the interior  Cabinet at the window

Bedroom in modern style

Modern style in the interior is an amazing hybrid of bright and unique trends:

  • minimalism;
  • directions of the loft;
  • eclecticism;
  • art-deco, etc.

Bedroom in modern style

The bedroom design in a modern style absorbs the best functional and color trends of original directions and helps to create a truly ergonomic interior that will appeal to the connoisseurs of simplicity, comfort and the lack of piling of details.

The shades, which should be looked at when recreating the bedroom furniture in a modern manner, are as multifaceted as the directions that have become the basis for the style. White, deep gray, soft brown, delicate beige and milky are the magnificent dominant colors in which you can design the interior of a cozy bedroom. Most of these tones delicately affect the person, contribute to the search for compromise solutions during conflict situations, which is especially important for married couples.

Interior in the style of minimalism  Bedroom in loft style  Brick wall in the interior  Bedroom in Art Deco style  Soft panels in the headboard

Color scheme for retro bedroom

To create a bedroom in retro style, more attention should be paid not to shades, but to texture, prints and rare objects of decor, which will carry the unique spirit of antiquity. It can be as pictures and statuettes, and floor lamps, interesting bedspreads and capes, furniture.

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Bedroom in retro style

For retro flow, the color palette is practically unlimited. One of the few conditions for the reproduction of the original atmosphere will be only the presence of a white ceiling and light walls, the final decoration of which will be either rough plaster or simple paper wallpaper with a delicate floral pattern reminiscent of the Provençal motifs.

And cold shades of blue, and icy silver, and hot ocher, and romantic pink organically intertwine in the retro-decoration of the bedroom. It is important only to complement the interior with original decor, which seemed to travel through time.

Armchair opposite the bed  Mirror on the chests  Furniture made of dark wood in the interior  Armchair by the fireplace  Maroon walls in the interior

Shades for the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style

The concept of modernity is based on the use of natural materials, so the color palette for the bedroom will echo the natural and natural shades of wood, stone, and various metals.

Muffled ashy tones in the interior of the bedroom look elegant and restrained. Neutral noble shades positively influence the person, helping to relax before a dream, having got rid of oppressive thoughts.

Bedroom in Art Nouveau style

Modern tends to spacious rooms, so it is undesirable to design a compact bedroom in this style.

For finishing the bedroom, you should pay attention to neutral wallpaper without a large picture or paint, which will create a textured surface. As a floor covering it is necessary to purchase a parquet board or a monophonic laminate that filigree imitates a picture of a natural tree.

Sliding door in the interior  White wardrobe in the bedroom  Laminate floor and wall  Floor lamp near the bed  Lamps in the headboard

Country bedroom colors

The charm of the original rural current lies in its simplicity. That is why in country style there is no place for complex color combinations or for clear following to zones of a color circle. Soft pastel shades, natural materials, pretty flower patterns and bright accents in the form of original coverlets and handmade cloaks will become the basis for the concept of a cozy bedroom.

Bedroom in country style

When choosing a palette for bedroom design in the country style, you can not do without white and blue. Just as appropriate and warm peach colors, solar pastel yellow, delicate beige, pale lilac, gray-gray and unique lavender.

More attention should be paid to the condition of the furniture: artificial aging, spectacular wormholes on the wooden surface, forged details will give the room a special charm and rustic charm.

Tree in the interior  Horns on the wall  The combination of stone and wood in the interior  Wooden shelf on the fireplace  Beams in the interior

The choice of colors for the bedroom by Feng Shui

Eastern philosophy suggests choosing a color palette for the bedroom, based on the location of the room.

For bedrooms in the eastern and south-eastern part of the house, all the shades of green that symbolize the connection with the energy of the Tree will be optimal for design.

Bedroom Interior by Feng Shui

Natural shades of brown and ocher tones are associated with the energy of the Earth. These colors should be introduced into the decoration of bedrooms in the south-west, north-east and the premises located in the heart of the home.

The south and its symbol of Fire gravitate to all shades of red. Since the scarlet and purple can act on the person is excessively exciting, it is better to use these shades dosed or to choose the muted pastel colors of red.

Ceiling lighting

For the northern part of the house, the subordinate energy of Water, palettes in blue and blue shades, conducive to pacification and self-contemplation, will do.

The bedroom in the north-western zone of the apartment is under the influence of Metal. Gray and white are appropriate here, harmoniously combined with the streams of strong and powerful energy.

Bedroom with balcony

Combinations of different colors play a huge role in the interior, because from a competent combination of shades depends not only the general entourage of the room, but also the well-being of the owners of the house and their guests. Choose a color palette for the bedroom, based on your own perception, the stylistic direction of the room and its technical characteristics. So you will be able to create a cozy and comfortable room, rest in which will bring maximum benefit and pleasure.