The original table top for kitchens: the next successful

Stylish kitchen worktop

Modern kitchen worktop

A comfortable countertop is an indispensable component of the kitchen interior. The more its area, the more convenient it is to be engaged in cooking, because then it can easily place all the necessary utensils and products, without thinking about saving space. This issue is especially relevant for owners of small rooms, in which the necessary furniture and household appliances can hardly be placed.

Today we will consider two options for installing an additional work surface. In the first case, the designer had to face the reconstruction of a small kitchen, separated from the other part of the apartment by a capital wall. The specialist managed to plan the space competently, to fit in it a convenient set with numerous storage systems, wall cabinets and built-in appliances.

But its main achievement was the design of the decorative window, which was built into the partition. Its lower part in accordance with the character of the interior of the room was trimmed with natural wood and turned into a comfortable countertop, ideally suitable for cooking. Owners of the house can also use it as an original decorative element, decorating pots with indoor plants.

Partition with a large window

The next dwelling used to be a tiny dark space of triangular shape, which the professional made light and very cozy, equipping it with custom-made high-grade and very roomy storage systems and corner cupboards.

In order to save square meters, the headset was installed along the entire perimeter of the room, which was not difficult, since there are no windows in the room.

Corner table in the kitchen Kitchen top with bar counter

Particularly successful solution is the partial dismantling of one of the walls and the refusal to install the door. As a result, the owners got a functional kitchen with a long marble countertop, which was increased by a bar counter, located in the place where there used to be a partition.

Due to the light palette, organically combined with a dark floor covering, the walls of the room seemed to move apart, and the ceiling became taller.

Kitchen layout with a corner table top

I would like to hope that these projects will help you make your kitchen ideal. Do you have any thoughts on this matter?