Plywood in the interior +50 photo ideas

Plywood in the interior

The original and cheap decoration of the room is a fairly easy task. To solve it, you just need to use budget materials. For example, ordinary plywood in the interior can create a certain stylistic direction, emphasize the existing design or give it a completely new look. Such sheet material is used for manufacturing curly cases, bedside tables and beds with many hidden compartments. The use of thin sheets allows you to create curved products (round, undulating shelves, stands, dividers). To emphasize the stylistics, coloring, darkening and brightening of the sheets with stain, and their varnishing are allowed. Wood sheets of high quality can become a substitute for natural wood, derived materials (MDF, chipboard). Important and high stability, reliability of building materials.

Advantages and disadvantages of the material

Answering the question about the merits of woody sheets, one can not but note their cheapness. At the same time inexpensive construction materials are ideal for different jobs. From it you can assemble reliable beds, cabinets, tables or conduct a stylish interior decoration. Other advantages of wood sheets include:

A wide range ofThe materials differ in composition (types of wood used), grade, size, surface (ground or unpolished).
Simplicity of preparationCrop, glue together the material can be without special skills.
Wear resistanceResistant to low mechanical stress and thus do not require special care.

Room with plywood on the walls

The disadvantages of the material include the inability to use in rooms with high humidity. Even moisture-resistant species can produce harmful fumes due to the presence of glue when exposed to water.

Furnace on wood in the interior  Corner sofa by the window  Armchair and table with marble counter top in the interior  Floorка с книгами вдоль стены  Table-island in the interior of the kitchen

Application in the interior

The most common plywood, if used correctly, can improve any apartment design. Painted material can be used for decorating and decorating walls. With its help, you can decorate a small corner of the room or conduct its zoning. For example, partitions made of wood sheets allow you to identify areas of rest and work, beautifully fenced off the bed. The interior elements of wood materials will well complement the style of the loft and chalet. Painted sheets of silver, blue or lilac will look great in the design of Provence. Black, gray and white sheets are suitable for making jewelry to the Scandinavian style. Materials can be cut out and then used to frame window openings, assembly of fixtures. Very popular and stylized cabinets, cabinets, shelves made from such raw materials. They allow you to rationally use the free space of any room.

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Plywood in the interior в стиле лофт Furniture цвета венге на кухне  Lamps above the table  Plywood shelves in the dressing room  Entrance hall with bench  Furnace on wood in the interior


The idea of ​​making a ceiling made of wood lumber is very attractive. Using inexpensive raw materials allows you to carry out the original styling of the room. This option is suitable even for mansards. Its important advantage is the insignificant weight of the materials (unlike the lining), the possibility of obtaining different shades with the help of a stain. Due to these qualities, cheap cheap building materials are widely used for stylish design of summer cottages. For work should be selected sheets with grades I, II. They include a minimum number of defects (healthy knots, minor color changes), have a beautiful neat pattern. To fasten building materials it is necessary to a strong profile skeleton.

The frame together with the sheets will reduce the ceiling level by 5-10 cm. Therefore, this option is not suitable for premises with a limited area.

Ceiling из фанеры в интерьере


Smooth and accurate wood from glued laminated sheets is an excellent solution for living quarters and corridors. Such a floor covering, when properly used, is able to compete with a good laminate. For work should be selected materials with a thickness of 20-22 mm. The work can be done according to the following scheme:

  1. Acclimatization of materials within 1-2 days or a longer period of time. This will eliminate the subsequent deformation of the sheets;
  2. Laying of vapor barrier and soundproof materials;
  3. Installation of bar logs (must be fixed under the level);
  4. Laying the rough layer of wood sheets. You can use materials with grade III-IV. They can include healthy and dried knots, other vices;
  5. Laying of the finishing layer (sheets I-II) across the rough. Fixing materials with the help of small nails. Treatment of floor covering with impregnation, stain, varnish.

Floor из фанеры в интерьере


The use of wood building materials is a convenient solution for modern and budgetary wall finishing. They can be used in living quarters, hallways, corridors. The only exception is their use for the kitchen, the bathroom: high humidity, the effects of steam will lead to deformation of the sheets. For the fastening of products, it is necessary to prepare a profile frame (as for a drywall). Elements can additionally be stained with stain, covered with varnish. Materials with a thickness of at least 16 mm are used for work. To create a non-standard design of the premises, painting of the walls with the help of coloring compounds is allowed. When pre-burning on the sheets of patterns, you can achieve a unique stylization. That used building material looked appropriate, it is recommended to supplement the situation with lamps, ornaments made from similar or similar sheets.

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Walls из фанеры в интерьере Living room in loft style  Interior with wood burning stove  Dining room with large windows  Corridor with a niche in the wall  Table on the second tier


Stylish furniture made of wood sheets is suitable for creating a comfortable environment in every apartment of the apartment. Usually, to create the most durable and reliable products, a material with a thickness of 16 to 22 mm is used. From it are gathered wardrobes and bookcases, beds, kitchen corners, boxes for balconies. Thin sheets are cut to pieces, and then glued together. Such a method of manufacturing allows one to obtain a set of objects that can withstand considerable loads. Unusual are considered and curly lockers, cabinets. When they are made, the back wall and facade are cut out according to the pattern: the silhouette of the animal, the object, the person. The lateral rounded portions are bent out of thin sheets or cut out of a denser material. They are stuck, nailed to the back wall. The internal space is divided by shelves, compartments. Normally, hinges, magnetic locks or latches are usually attached to the shutters.

Furniture из фанеры Plywood cabinet  Inscriptions on the wall in the interior  Table-island with a sink  Stylish Bedroom Design  Table and chairs from plywood

Decorative elements

With the use of products made from wood sheets, you can easily and quickly carry out the decoration of the premises. From this material, different lamps are produced. It can be collected from individual slats, strips of lampshades or stylish sconces. The latter represent a figure of animals, cut out from a leaf, people, which are highlighted from the side of the wall. Thus, the silhouettes are clearly visible, and the room is illuminated by a soft muffled light. Other decorative objects include:

  • figured inscriptions and flat figures (cut by an electric jigsaw);
  • voluminous set of silhouettes of animals, people;
  • screens for heating batteries;
  • calendars and watches (with burnt dates, indication);
  • lambrequins for curtains;
  • figured decorations for window sills and slopes;
  • stylized shelves for flowers and books;
  • keychildren;
  • Supports for tea, coffee;
  • musical boxes and prefabricated figurines with moving elements.

Decorative elements из фанеры Clock  Floorка  Supports for tea  The wizard  Casket

Application in the children's room

Floorностью изменить интерьер детской комнаты с использованием изделий из древесных листов довольно легко. Например, родители могут сделать или приобрести небольшой стеллаж для хранения игрушек, книжек, сувениров. Отлично дополнят общий вид помещения и такие изделия:

  • sets of furniture (table, chairs, bed);
  • sets for story-role games (for example, a showcase for a toy store, a locker for storing a toy instrument);
  • the desks (or real gaming centers with sorters, pencil stands, clips for sheets of paper);
  • doll furniture (cradles, stools and tables);
  • doll or toy houses (suitable for compact and accurate storage of dolls, soft toys, machines).
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Plywood in the interior детской

For children, you need to choose varnished or painted products. The formulations used for coloring should be harmless, do not have an unpleasant, pungent odor.

Bright mat at the bed  Game Zone  Globus on the chests  Hill in the nursery  Bed with stairs-boxes

Panel from plywood

Unusually decorate the room can be using panels made of wood sheets. There are many technologies for creating such products. On the sheets can be printed photos, paintings. Extremely popular is the cutting and burning out of silhouettes, patterns. The panels can be flat or multilevel. Applications can be glued on the sheets of leather, fabric, cardboard. Original decorate the bedroom or hall can be, by making a stylish decor for the next master class. Make it with your own hands under the power of every adult and adolescent:

  1. For work it is required to prepare: an acrylic paint, a varnish, a pencil, a plywood sheet (square). On the pencil sheet draw patterns (or silhouettes, any objects, figures of people).
  2. Finish the finished image. You can make the design monochrome in white and black tones. You can also colorize the picture in different colors.
  3. When the painted surface dries, cover the picture with varnish.

Panel from plywood Elk  Deer  Couple under the tree  Lev  Раскидистое дерево


Correctly picking up wood materials, you can easily and stylishly trim any room. The choice of raw materials follows, based on its grade, quality and thickness. The study of detailed characteristics will help to choose the ideal building material for the manufacture of tables, beds, room decorations, desks for the child. Separately, you need to take into account the parameters of wood, the veneer of which was used to assemble the sheets. For example, larch leaves can be used for wall cladding on a glazed balcony. Such a tree will retain its original appearance for a long time. Pine and spruce materials are applicable as a floor covering. If desired, the sheets can be painted and varnished before use. Such training will allow obtaining the required design of materials that will help to create the necessary stylistics of the premises.