The revolution in the modern design of small-sized

Amazing apartment project: a convertible room in a folded form

Today we invite you to visit an empty, but full furniture home. Ask: how is it? Look carefully!

Uncommon project Didomestic house is considered a revolutionary breakthrough in modern architecture. It is located in Madrid and designed by Spanish architects Elii. The first thing that catches the eye inside the room is the contrast of modern materials, such as plastic and frosted glass, and old wooden beams, combined in the interior.

But if you look closely, you can see that the tree is artificially aged by the sea and dark translucent lacquer. It even created cracks and scratches.

Transformable room folded Bright staircase Bright staircase с перегородкой Bright staircase Bright staircase в закрытом виде Bright staircase в закрытом виде Room with partition

The center of the house is a ladder and it is the only one that is constantly in place. The rest of the layout of the first floor varies depending on the location of the movable panels. On the floor in the house there is only plumbing and kitchen equipment, there is nothing else. From the furniture - only levers on the walls. Depending on what you want to do at the moment, you need to twist a certain handle. Thus, you can lower the table, hammock, shelves. Lighting and a fan also appear after the twitching of the rope.

At the top of the house is a bedroom. There all the necessary things are literally mounted on the floor. You just need to find the right hatch and open it. Similarly, a bath and niches with towels next to it open, in a separate hatch there is a large mirror. You just need to climb into the opened box in the floor and you can start to dress up. Although, this house is clearly not everyone's taste.

Mechanism for managing transformable furniture Suspended shelf Suspension Swing Suspended hammock Suspended dining table Outboard dinette Folding table Bedroom on the second level Room under the beams Built-in cell floor in bathroom Mirror in the bathroom

In general, this project should be accompanied by an instruction, which clearly should be painted, which lever to turn and what to turn to get each piece of furniture. Also, it will not be superfluous to indicate the maximum weight of the user of this entire design, and for women to publish an additional explanation of how to apply high-quality makeup, bending in three deaths. 

All this, of course, is a joke, but in every joke there is something quite close to the truth. No matter how unique the project of the house from the company Elii was, it would be necessary to accustom the new tenant to it a little more than to the interior of our usual small apartments. 

Layout of the apartment with transformable furniture