Italian style - modern interior for an apartment and a house

Italian style in the interior

In order to make your favorite apartment, the most comfortable place on earth, you need to arrange it correctly, with taste. For this there is a unique, chic Italian style. Thanks to this, each nest will be aesthetic and comfortable. Interiors in the Italian manner have a classical image, since it is a classic, for Italians it will always be properly and accurately describe them. They are art lovers, artists, great fashionists. All these facts prove that their vision of what the interior should look like remains popular to this day. Countries around the world recognize the Italian style as very successful, practical and luxurious. All the details that make it so, especially furniture, fabrication materials, ornaments, colors and lighting, are perfectly combined together. This is the reason that many want to design their apartment just like that. Unusual Italian style in the interior of apartments will always be in vogue. All you need is to be properly informed about this style and rely on your own taste.

Elements of baroque, rococo and empire

The directions of baroque, rococo, empire are varieties of classical style. Therefore, the interior of the apartment of the Italian form is made out with some elements of these directions. Connecting factors with baroque:

  • Furniture with curved lines or antique;
  • Painting on the walls, on the ceiling;
  • Decorated walls of marble or frescoes;
  • Floor decoration with marble or mosaic made of stone.

Bedroom в итальянском интерьере

This interior gives a sense of chic and wealth. The colors that predominate are turquoise, beige, gold. A kind of Italian interior, with elements of rococo describe the following parameters:

  • The presence of a variety of lamps;
  • Wall paintings or paintings;
  • Simplicity about decor decoration;
  • Simple furniture design;
  • Presence of gentle, light shades.
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Living room

This style is suitable for small rooms and rooms. Used colors for this interior are beige, white, pale blue, purple. To the classical style of Italian interiors with elements of Empire, include:

  • Floor decorations with stone patterns;
  • A strict, solemn look of design;
  • Colors of walls, floor, ceiling, ornaments.

Such an interior needs a boss with a strong character. There are walls and ceiling, white and silver colors.


Italy is a country where people know good quality furniture, knowing how to make it from natural and the best materials. In the Italian interior, furniture occupies a very important place. Exquisite varieties will always be in the limelight of the Italian interior. This style implies the presence of upholstered furniture, it is a sofa with a pile upholstery or patterns, large armchairs. They are perfectly combined with wooden furniture. These are three-dimensional, massive cabinets, huge beds, a table, chairs that should be comfortable. The color should ideally look in a combination with walls, a floor and a ceiling. Since they use light colors for their design, the furniture should be dark shades. For its production, the wood of dark breeds is utilized. Ornament for it is bent lines or individual elements. Furnishing must be dealt with after design in the interior, so you need to think hard about the ideal combination and do not overload the space.

Furnitureный гарнитур

Color Italian walnut

The most suitable, demanded color for furniture is an Italian walnut, a unique shade of dark red. In the Italian interior, furniture of this color is perfectly associated with light walls and floor. A lucky combination of the color of the Italian nut, is considered light yellow or green shades.

Such an original color of furniture is suitable for absolutely all people and for all styles of classical design, so many give it preference. So that it was not too much in the interior, you need to think carefully about which parts of the furniture will be in this color.

Of the shades of the Italian walnut, doors are often made. Due to the quality, decorated with nature patterns, wood, they are very beautiful. The design of the apartment in the Italian style will be chic and elegant. Interior doors of this color look luxuriously with a wooden floor, which is made of light wood. Is in demand ash and birch.

The color of the Italian walnut, you can seal the railing for stairs or cornices for curtains. In association with the rest of the interior colors, everything will look good.

Furniture цвета орех

Attributes for interior decoration

Ornamenting rooms, the whole view is changing for the better. Even a small detail, gives a uniqueness, a chic interior of a diverse style. The most important attributes in the Italian decor are the arches and beams. The openings in the form of arches can be fake, just drawn. This style gives a chance for a visual increase in space, however, the apartment will have a smart, gracious look. Wooden beams on the ceiling make the interior design reminiscent of the classic, old style. Reminds a retro. They can be made in the color of walnut.

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Often you can find plaster figures, elements that decorate the decor and vintage accessories. The walls are decorated with paintings, paintings, mirrors with unusual golden frames. An important attribute is a decorative fireplace. It fits perfectly into the interior. Wicker vases, pots of clay, in which live flowers grow, are also popular.

This style has its own highlight and lighting. The Italian option is the use of many luminaires, which are located in several zones. They shine simultaneously, do not create a bright light, allowing you to always admire the beautiful view of the room.

Furnishing an apartment

Floor, ceiling and walls

The style of the floor design is very original. The materials that form it are wood and stone. The Italian interior uses stone tiles, tiles, marble mosaic or treated stone in the form of a brick. From the species of the tree, oak, pine, birch, ash are used. Of these, durable, high-quality floors are made, which will last a long time. It can be parquet or laminate.

The walls are decorated with Venetian plaster, wallpaper, drawings on them, mosaic or remain the same tone. Stucco is very popular, because it gives the wall a chic look, thanks to the patterns. Its color is diverse, you can use it, several light colors at once. Wallpaper, in the Italian style used to make the walls were the same tone, but had a twist. It can be cork and liquid wallpaper. Quite often the walls are decorated with painting, it can be simple patterns, paintings or large works of art, like the view of the ocean, the sunset.

The ceiling is only light tone, white, yellow or golden color is used. A suitable option is a stretch or patterned plaster, matte appearance. On the ceiling, lighting is always set. As a result, the magnificence of the ceiling will always be in sight.

Ceiling балками

Room decoration

To properly arrange different rooms in a modern Italian style, you need to have an idea of ​​some of the parameters:

  1. Correct furnishing;
  2. Correct use of space;
  3. Choice of color;
  4. Observance of proportions.

The living room should be comfortable, cozy for all invited and uninvited friends. She needs a small table, a sofa, a closet with open shelves, armchairs. This all needs to be arranged and chosen so that there is enough space in space for easy movement.

White Living Room

The kitchen, as the most important place in the house, should have a large dining table with good lighting and chairs with amenities. For free movement during cooking, it should not be crammed with furniture, or large accessories. Massive wooden kitchen should have enough space for cooking utensils and dishes.

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Light kitchen

Small kitchen

Bathroom should be light and cozy. For this, a small amount of furniture is used, it can be a small curbstone, or an elegant bench. The bath should be large enough and decorated with figured legs.

Bathroom комната

The bedroom should have a massive, wooden and comfortable bed. It is installed opposite the window, and is in the center of attention throughout the space, but this does not mean that it takes it all. Still need a large wardrobe, dressing table with a large mirror.

Design options

BedroomWooden parquet or laminate.Frescoes, retro wallpaper, decorative plaster.

White with stucco, wooden beams.Paintings, mirrors with wooden frames, candlesticks, chandelier.White, cream, olive, gray, gold, pink.

Living room

Wooden parquet, laminate, brick made of stone.Venetian plaster, with painting.White with stucco, wooden.Lamps, sconces, a rack with books, paintings, vases.Gray, blue, beige, green.


Tile, marble, tiles.Venetian plaster, mosaic, stucco molding.Stretching, pendant, liquid wallpaper.Mirror with wooden frames, glass figurines, lamps, mosaic panels, seascapes.Blue, green, white, cream.


Tiles, wooden.Rough plaster, wallpaper for painting.Wooden, straight and level.Beams on the ceiling, decorative bottles, vases, light bulbs, ceiling lights.Yellow, orange, blue, purple, cream.

Entrance hall

Stone made of marble or granite, wooden parquet.Plaster, wallpaper liquid, paper, cork.Stretch, smooth with stucco.Chandelier, ceiling lights, decorative vases, pots of clay.Beige, cream, yellow, silver, gold, white.

Luxurious living room

Type of apartment and suitable style

Housing can be of different sizes, so you need to accurately, correctly choose the design option. In the Italian style in the interior there is a variety of choices for every taste, even for different circumstances. If the rooms are of small diameters, you need to accurately observe the design parameters for this type. In this case, light colors for walls, ceiling and floor are used. Furniture should be a bit, windows should not be decorated with curtains, it is best to use light and transparent tulle. Light has the function of visual increase in space.

Do not need to load the decor, many accessories and small details, so that it turned out to be an easy, comfortable, beautiful interior.

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