Tips for choosing the right sink for a compact bathroom

Small hanging sink

The dimensions of the bathroom inevitably affect the size of all of its components, and plumbing fixtures as well. As for shells, and more specifically - small shells, they are presented in stores in abundance, since compact houses and apartments, unfortunately, are much larger than spacious ones.

There are many options for the design of shells and a huge number of ways to integrate them into the interiors of small bathrooms!

A small bathroom under the stairs

If the bathroom does not differ in size, try to minimize the number of pieces of furniture and appliances that fill its interior

A small sink on the shelf in the bathroom

The original finish will help make the design truly impressive

A narrow shelf for towels

A compact dressing table with a sink is a logical addition to the limited in square meters interior

Small round shell

In the case of small bathrooms, minimalist or modern style is more preferable than traditional

By the way, the style and functionality of the shell should not directly depend on its size. In the end, small shells are much more widely represented on the market than larger ones. This means that there is plenty of room for choice.

Nevertheless, we insist that minimalist models are better suited for compact bathrooms than traditional and classic ones. In such cases, all sorts of jewelry are unnecessary excesses, and functionality and practicality come to the fore.

A small sink on the curbstone

Free space under the sink is best arranged in such a way that it serves as a storage function

A small sink in a suspended cabinet

As a rule, the shells are white, which expands the possibilities for creating spectacular contrasts in design

Square sink in a suspended cabinet

Presence of elements from wood will help to make the bathroom interior more warm and attractive

Small Narrow Sink

The sink and mirror practically dissolve against the background of an extremely expressive pattern of wallpaper in this bathroom

Suspended narrow shell

Even if you decide not to occupy space under the sink cupboard, a single towel rack you definitely will not hurt

Built in the countertop a small sink

The sink can be built into the surface of the countertop

Towels under a square sink

Strict contours of the shell resonate with the geometric pattern of wallpaper on the walls of this bathroom

Original high washbasin

Another effective way to integrate the sink in the design of the bathroom

Square hanging sink

Many prefer white plumbing, because it allows you to emphasize the neatness and cleanliness of the design

Suspended sink and towel rail

Exquisite outlines of an arched window are reproduced by various elements of this interior, and a sink including

Exquisite outlines of an arched window are reproduced by various elements of this interior, and a sink including

Shells built into high pedestals and dressing tables seem more practical than independent ones on the pedestal or suspended, as they allow you to organize the bathroom space more rationally.

Rectangular models are preferable to round and oval, although under certain conditions each of these three types can be effectively integrated into a compact interior. The fact that the shells are produced mainly in white, should be the reason for creating contrasting combinations and constructing an attractive decor.