Modernization of the bathroom in a small apartment: mobile

Interior of a small bathroom

The creation of a modern, functional and cozy bathroom in a small apartment can be considered the highest skill or even art, since such work involves many difficulties, including selection of materials, sanitary ware and furniture, and their competent placement.

At the same time, the designer faces the difficult task of preserving at least some free space, otherwise the room becomes like a box, in which various objects were stacked.

Several options for arranging this part of the apartment are considered in this topic, and most readers will not only be interested, but also useful to look at.

Even with only a few square meters allocated for the bathroom and toilet rooms, you can create a truly chic interior: light, compact, equipped with everything you need.

Modern manufacturers often offer ready-made solutions, for example, mobile universal systems, including a sink, toilet bowl, bathtub, etc., which can be installed almost anywhere.

The only and most important condition will be the provision of water supply and sanitation.

For narrow rooms there is also an original solution for placing all the devices. In this case, some part of the room (at the far wall) is fenced off by a glass partition - there will be a fairly spacious shower cubicle.

In the remaining space is quite comfortable and comfortable to install a toilet, sink and even a cabinet for bath accessories.

Stylish bathroom with shower

Do not be afraid of experiments in the choice of materials. Traditionally, the walls of such premises are finished with ceramic tiles. Of course, it's beautiful and practical.

But in the bathroom you can try and something else, for example, waterproof paints that allow you to combine different colors and shades and get amazing results.

Interior of a small bathroom

Most designers recommend using mirrors to decorate the walls, which visually push the walls and lift the ceilings. At the same time, cabinet doors can be mirrored.

The optimal option for saving space is the use of several tiers of shelves around the perimeter of the room. Harmonious combination of shapes and color solutions make it possible to make the bathroom not only functional, but also original, stylish and even luxurious.

An important role in the creation of comfort is played by lighting and various decorative elements, such as vases, candles, flowers, paintings, etc. When designing a lighting system, it is recommended to take into account the location of the functional zones and the basis of the correct direction of the light flux.

It should be remembered that it is possible to visually increase the area of ​​a small room only due to the competent arrangement of lighting devices.

Interior of a stylish bathroom

One example of bold and unconventional design of the bathroom is presented in the lower photo. A multi-level ceiling with a suspended chandelier is borrowed from the interior of the living room or bedroom.

The curtains on the hoop resemble a canopy, the graceful sconces on the sides of the curtain locker gently illuminate the walls and the sink. It can be noted that the presented project looks luxurious, stylish and expensive. But are there any such excesses in this part of the apartment?

Interior of a luxurious bathroom