Two in one: where will we make a bedroom?

Sleeper in studio apartment

The small area of ​​the living quarters is not a reason to be upset, it can become a real surprise for those who can organize the correct layout and design. The combination of the living room and the area for rest and sleep is not only possible, but it is also a popular solution.

Option 1: We share and conquer

The palm room suggests solitude, secrecy from prying eyes. There are many possibilities for implementing such an approach in practice. The most common - the use of partitions, as they can be furniture, shelving, screens or additional wall, which carries a more decorative function.

The original stained glass sliding doors on rails with a mirror surface look original. They make living space more spacious, thanks to the reflection of light. And even ordinary curtains or blinds can look stylish and elegant.

It is easy to hide it in a traditional niche (alcove) in the wall. Not only will you save the area, so also get a non-standard design.

Zoning can also be emphasized by the color scheme. However, it is better to choose close shades, rather than sharply contrasting, otherwise you can get an obsessive and quickly annoying environment. For the bedroom - more light, pastel colors, and in the hall - more vivid and energetic. Do not forget that even conditional boundaries should not break the general harmony.

Bedroom in the mirror box Bedroom behind the curtains The bedroom behind the curtain Bedroom behind the partition Bedroom in a niche

Option 2: Combine

Apartment-studio with a single space for all thematic areas has not been canceled yet. The place for sleep in this case is separated purely symbolically by certain elements (carpet, paintings, lighting, low podium, etc.). It will be more logical to withstand the entire interior in the same style and color, and outline the boundaries only with separate accessories.

Modern classics can be diluted with elements of Art Nouveau. Using specially selected accessories and attributes, it is even possible to organize a small dining room within the living area.

Sleeper in the living room Rollaway bed in living room Bed in the living room Large bed in living room

Option 3: Hidden bed

The tendencies of the modern world of design are actively pushing us to abandon all the usual and commonplace. There will be no more than two rooms - a bedroom and a living room, but only an ergonomic transforming space. Specialists propose to choose a universal "cube" (house in the house), not the classics.

Functional design combines everything you need, from the rest area to the office. To build such a non-standard solution is offered in contrast (rich blue, purple, black) with a light shade of walls. Advantage over natural materials: wood and stone.

Sleeper in the second level Retractable sleeper Bedroom in a box

Using any of the suggested options, it is important to remember the storage system. A small area requires careful consideration of this issue, down to the smallest detail. The inhibition, the abundance of unnecessary things and the ensuing mess easily and hopelessly spoil the whole impression and break the charm.

We recommend using the space near the window and the bed, any built-in furniture looks good, less noticeable and does not take up space. Convenient in this regard and the podium, which easily conceals the boxes.

For outdoor use, we recommend that you pay attention to large built-in closets throughout the wall and from floor to ceiling, which visually expand the room and increase its volume. A prerequisite is a color identity with a wall covering.

Large shelving in the bedroom Book shelves above the doorway Mirrored wardrobe in the living room Rest area on the windowsill Rollaway bed in the bedroom

One-room apartment, uniting a bedroom and a hall, can not do without furniture. Its right choice is half the success, guaranteeing you a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. We offer you 3 elements of furnishings that are simply irreplaceable, according to the largest hypermarket of Hoff furniture.

Divan-transformer "Evita"

What is his main trump card? In the ability without difficulty, with an easy movement of the hand to turn into a double, spacious bed. In the assembled form it is very miniature in size and does not take up much space. However, the appearance attracts the eye instantly with its elegant forms and natural skin of a shade of milk.

Folding sofa Evita Folding sofa Evita Folding sofa Evita Folding sofa Evita

Shelf 5 shelf

All ingenious things are surprisingly simple, which in this case is confirmed to the fullest. Clearly geometric geometric lines and a noble shade of wenge give a presentable design.

The rack will help you zonirovat space, not cluttering it while doing anything superfluous. At the same time, he easily accommodates all books, souvenirs, flower pots with flowers and various lovely trinkets. We also note the fact that it does not interfere with the penetration of natural light.

Shellage Shelf 5 Shellage Shelf 5 Shellage Shelf 5

Hill for the living room "Dallas"

This is another functional and roomy element of the interior. It has a built-in area for TV and other equipment, as well as shelves for various trifles and cabinets for things. Basic shades (milk and wenge) allow him to literally dissolve in the atmosphere and merge with it.

Sliding for living room Dallas Sliding for living room Dallas Sliding for living room Dallas