The layout and design of a small room - simple and effective

Interior of a bright living room with a fireplace

What does a man initially look at when he buys his own home? Of course, the meter. A spacious volume is something that is vital for each of us.

But what if you are the most common inhabitant of the planet, and the apartment is built for the lilliput? It is urgent to seek a solution to this uncommon problem!

Therefore, when designing a plan and developing outline sketches of apartments, think about whether you need an old chiffonier and an awkward table for life, from which just a hand does not rise to get rid of, or a thick encyclopedia that has been collecting dust for half a century.

We bring to your attention interesting recommendations on the zoning of the premises.

1. You need to leave only the right things in the apartment

Interior of the living room in the minimalist style

Try to keep the balance. If the apartment is small, and the height of the ceilings is significant, for example, the bathroom will be like an elevator shaft, which will look very unattractive. And the low will give the room a Soviet atmosphere, as well as a feeling of restraint and awkwardness.

2. Vertical outlines

Wall-papers with vertical stripes

Stripes on the walls, increase the space, horizontal (coloring to the middle, balusters, cornices) fill the room with volume, also a dark deep shade on the ceiling can visually make the apartment lower.

The surgical room is a wonderful example of optical expansion. Naturally, snow-white shining surfaces will give a feeling of perfect illumination and space.

But do not neglect the usual convenience and comfort when decorating apartments in this style.

3. Fewer textures

Living room in white

Every home needs accessories and decorative elements that attract the attention of the guests, this will help them to escape from thinking about the area of ​​the room. Perfect objects for contemplation can become a landscape or an original painting.