Artificial flowers for home interior - 25 photo examples

artificial flowers

Everyone agrees that the flowers create a cozy atmosphere, give the interior a finished look. Psychologists also argue that they improve the mood and contribute to balancing the psychoemotional state. Therefore, it is so important to pay special attention to phytodesign in living quarters. Live flowers are a special luxury and not always a practical solution for such design. We suggest to consider an alternative - artificial flowers! Most of the fashion trends come to us from Europe, and this direction was no exception. Technologies do not stand still, modern manufacturers offer very realistic floral crafts, some of them not only visually, but also on tactile sensations imitate living plants. I would like to especially note that artificial flowers for home interior are indispensable and their popularity is growing steadily every year, it's not easy, because there are a number of undeniable advantages.

Composition of artificial flowers for the interior Out of season. Many living plants are seasonal in their flowering, for example, tulips are only available in the spring, lavender in summer, and peonies can not be found in stores from October to April. While decorative, are available in perfect condition in any season.

Ekibana for the interior

Designing Design

To decorate artificial flowers with quality and high-grade it is necessary to start with the project. On paper all the details of the future design are displayed. It is important to think over the general idea, style, color palette, composition, while taking into account the budget.

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Simple design of a vase with artificial flowers

If there is no desire to attract a decorator for the implementation of design, then at least instruct him to draw up a detailed plan with sketches and descriptions, this option will be more successful, because this design requires special skills and a lot of experience in floristry. If it is important to get the maximum result, then it is necessary to provide this work to a specialist.

Combination of colors in composition

Professional phytodesigners will create beautiful compositions suitable for your home. In the event that there is no opportunity to hire a designer, you can implement your creative ideas yourself. To make the result worthy, follow the tips from this article.

Phytodesign in a vase

Tips for choosing a material

Modern production facilities offer the following materials for the manufacture of flowers:

  • Textile;
  • Fabric covered with latex;
  • Foamed polyurethane;
  • Latex.

Artificial peonies in the bedroom

Fabric products are the most common, their price is quite acceptable and available to all. Externally, they can have a high similarity with living analogs, but still significantly less than non-woven polymer competitors in this indicator. To give more realism, textiles are sometimes covered with latex, of course this affects the price of appreciation.

Hydrangeas as real A high class of realism can boast products from latex and polyurethane, they are called "real touch" colors, visually and tactfully imitate the natural qualities. They are not afraid of humidity, they can be washed in water, in connection with which, only they are suitable for kitchen decor and bathroom. The only negative is the relatively high cost.

Peonies and hydrangeas

With your own hands

Especially talented and plodding can advise you to make flowers for your home interior with your own hands. Molding from cold porcelain and foamiran are very fashionable types of Hand Made, through which often create unusual copies of the originals of the world of the flora, in the process of investing in them a part of the soul, due to which they have special value. Just like among the living, it is impossible to find two exactly identical specimens.

Previously, all the elements, petals, leaves, stems, stamens are molded separately, then fastened together, forming buds and inflorescences. The finished products are dried and stained. It should be noted that this process requires a lot of time and patience.

flower composition Some masters bring their skills to perfection to perfection in this direction, their products can not be distinguished from natural ones even at the nearest inspection, and touching them causes bewilderment and delight.

Roses and hydrangeas in the composition

All ingenious is simple

Making the composition does not need to try to fit in one bouquet all the plants you like, too mottled crafts will not create the proper effect. It will be more preferable to put several different mono-bouquets in different-height vases from one collection. Such an installation will be understandable and look more professional than a complex composition collected by the inept hands of an amateur florist.

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Monobuket in pots

To visibly transform the house, it is not necessary to create complex compositions, it is enough to find in the interior the most advantageous place for one vase with high-quality artificial flowers.

Decorating the candlestick with flowers It is necessary to plan the decor so that everything in the interior of the apartment looked appropriate. If the design of the decorated room is simple and uncommon, the flower arrangement should be appropriate and not create disharmony. And vice versa, it will be correct to use "royal" artificial flowers in the interior of the living room, furnished in pompous classical style with carved arches, cornices and grand piano in the middle. And for a minimalist style room, for example, a narrow elegant vase with one branch of an orchid is enough.

Composition in the style of minimalism

Determine the type of composition and place for it

Compositions can be placed in various places of the living quarters, for example, set on coffee tables, chests of drawers, pedestals, on different shelves, fastened on doors, windows, walls, or rather large bouquets in vases to put directly on the floor.

Composition of artificial flowers

Depending on where you plan to place the song, its type will depend. There are one-sided and composition of a circular review. The first, should look equally beautiful from all sides, tk. any part of them will always be visible, such bouquets are placed on lunch or coffee tables. The second, can have only one obverse side, the reverse side can be neglected and zadekorirovat her greenery, this side must necessarily be facing the wall and do not attract attention when considering this decoration.

Decor bouquet greens

Variety of compositions

Of greenery and inflorescences are beautiful panels, phyto-paintings, wreaths and other decorative units. In them, for variety, you can add natural materials: bark, transverse spinals of trees, dried fruits (cones, nuts, lotus boxes, acorns), ears of cereals, natural feathers, shells of mollusks. With the use of large spices (cinnamon, bédan), dried fruit slices, especially citrus fruits, you can create aroma compositions.

Bright combination of colors for a home interior Also, your phyto-collections can be diluted with components not of natural origin: artificial ice, colorful crystals, beads, brooches, voluminous inscriptions, plaques, decorative fruits. It will be very original, if you add handmade decorations from beads or associated lace elements.

Selection of flowers and plants

Important advice for amateurs

Florists create compositions of artificial colors for the interior, taking into account the color, proportions and other important design rules.

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Bouquet in golden color

For those who do not have experience in decorating art, you can give several universal tips:

  • Combine materials of the same color, but different shades and textures.
  • Do monobukety, or bouquets of 2-3 varieties of flowers.
  • Give preference to quality expensive materials, 3 realistic twigs will look more winning and attract more attention than 15 old-fashioned flowers, the artificiality of which can be seen from the other end of the room.
  • Do not overload the interior, everything should be in moderation. Too much ornamental flora will give inappropriate solemnity for daily routine.
  • Pay special attention to the vessels in which the bouquets stand, they should successfully combine with the surrounding environment and be one with the floral part. Thus, a bridge is created, combining the interior with the vegetative component.
  • Add greens. Such a composition made by own hands will look "alive".

Monobook of artificial tulips

Potted Cultures

Indoor flowers require a scrupulous attitude, but unfortunately, not all have the necessary knowledge and skills that help maintain their decorativeness. Plus, pot plants are very fastidious to many indicators, such as temperature, light, humidity, require regular transplantation, and in some cases special growth restriction. Sometimes you really want to decorate an empty corner with a green bush in a beautiful flowerpot, but it is likely that due to lack of light it will quickly lose its attractive appearance or even die.

Flowerpots with artificial palm trees There is a way out of this situation, there are artificial flowers replacing the popular indoor plants: anthurium, ficus, azalea, dracaena, diffenbachia and others. Such decor can be not afraid to leave for a long time unattended, the only care that they require is a periodic wiping of dust or washing under the shower.

Pictures with succulents

In conclusion

Decorating with artificial flowers can be carried out independently, the main thing is not to rush, but to think through each action, be guided by one's own taste, but carefully listen to the advice of professionals.

Rainbow composition In general, a unique design thought out in all the details will create a special atmosphere. Phytocompositions in the interior will give a finished look to the original artistic idea. With the help of bouquets you can create a unique design, or simply bring a "twist" to the overall appearance. Decor can be repaired without problems many times, creating new combinations of forms, thus updating the usual decoration of the dwelling.

A rich bouquet With the mind and taste, the selected flowers will attract views, and their realistic options will never give any doubt to your guests in their naturalness.