To live with ecstasy: two charming little parisian

Apartment in French style from Margaux Beja

There is a reason that many of us are looking for inspiration in the French style - from clothes to interiors and food. Just a French way of life, it seems, suggests a slightly more serious attitude to these things, to the benefits of life, moments of relaxation, an extra glass of wine or an exchange of smiles over an espresso.

Interior of an apartment in French style

The two apartments presented in this review from the designer Margaux Beja are a wonderful tribute to the French priorities in the modern version. Both projects harmoniously combine the charm of antiquity in those neighborhoods of Paris where the apartments are located, with absolutely modern luxury elements, which made it possible to create comfortable interiors out of time convincingly expressing the purely French ability to appreciate every moment of life.

Interior design of an apartment in the French style

Dining room in French style

The first apartment is located in the very center of Mare, its area is 50 square meters. Wooden beams stand out sharply against the white walls, dictating the eclectic style of the interior.

French style wall decor Wall decoration in French style French-style bathroom French style French style kitchen Shower in French style Cloakroom in French style Large wardrobe wardrobe Bedroom in French style

Natural materials are used in this room everywhere and continue the stunning theme of the beams. The solid walnut wall hides the economic zones, and the bedroom is separated by a glass partition, so that much sunlight penetrates this apartment on the top floor.

French style cuisine French style island cuisine Kitchen island with electrician Built-in oven Desktop on the windowsill Armchair for rest

Despite the solid age of the house itself, in each of its later elements pure lines prevail in the trends of today. From the flawlessly smooth kitchen worktop to the corner with a wooden table and a window to the street, the house gives the impression of a completely renewed one, but does not lose its classical charm.

Apartment in French style

In the second apartment, the feeling of the present is preserved, but here it is less than the mood that comes from the ancient details of the building. Called "Cube", this house has a lot of secluded corners and secret places for storage, which turns a tiny part of the metropolis into a completely living space, rid of disorder.

Living room in the French style Library in the living room Upholstered furniture in the living room Coffee tables in the living room Dining area in French style Workplace in the bedroom Bedroom in French style Bathroom in French style

Built-in shelves, capacity under the seat at the window and a small kitchen area - everything here fulfills its functions. Simple furniture - from white dining chairs in the style of Eames to the folding one in the other coffee tables - echo the fashion of the middle of the century, as well as an unusual lampshade in the living room.