We use the loft bed in the studio apartment to enhance the

Bed attic in studio apartment: 4 different options

Bed-loft in the studio apartment: four options to choose from

By installing a loft bed in your beautiful studio apartment, you will be able to achieve substantial savings in living space and make the interior more interesting. This solution is especially suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

Below are photos of four projects in which the bed has turned into a sort of mezzanine. In each case, designers have found a special approach to creating a cozy atmosphere in the home.

Home atmosphere of the hotel Zoku

This project was implemented in Amsterdam. In an area of ​​24 square meters, everything necessary for the arrangement of a dwelling or a home office was accommodated, which was made possible by the use of a loft bed. At the same time the room looks spacious and very cozy, quite suitable for work and reception of guests.

The space forming the upper tier is separated from the rest of the room by a rack partition. This move made it possible to make the sleeping place more isolated and private, and therefore more comfortable.

Bedroom under the ceiling in the studio apartment

Bed-loft in the studio apartment as a way to enhance the functionality of the interior

Studio apartment in Amsterdam

Interior of a hotel room in the Netherlands

Wooden semi-transparent partition in the interior of the studio apartment

The original partition hides the sleeper from extraneous views

Easy staircase in the studio interior

Easy ladder, very convenient for everyday use, does not take up much space

Soft sofa in the living area

The presence of a comfortable gray sofa allows you to take in the guest room or relax

Dining table for four persons

In the room there is a small dining table

Home office in the niche of studio apartments

The workplace is located in a niche, which also contributes to the preservation of space free

Sculpture of a dog in the interior of an apartment-studio

The furnishings of the room seem almost homely, and the sculpture of the dog makes it even more cozy

Bicycle storage box in studio apartment

There is even a place for bicycle storage

Bedroom behind a wooden lattice

Behind the partition there is not only a sleeping bed, but also a comfortable design that replaces the bedside table

Kitchen combined with living room

Designers managed to equip a small living area by placing it next to the kitchenette

Small kitchen in black and white

Despite the small size, the kitchen contains everything you need

Wooden grill above the kitchen set

In its design, also used grating panels

Sleeper under the ceiling

This cozy dwelling is aimed at the guests staying in the city for a long trip

Small dressing table in black and white

A compact but quite comfortable shell also does not take up much space

Minimalism in the design of the studio

The home of an illustrator known in the city is characterized by a categorical minimalism that characterizes every element of the interior, and the author's graphic, which is present in the decor of various details of the situation, revives the image. The second level, reserved for the arrangement of the sleeping place, remains open, and the high arched windows soften the severity of the design lines and fill the space with light.

The works of modern art, inscribed in the composition, deepen the interior, make it multilayered and interesting. An important part of the image is a ladder, which looks like a carelessly folded giant strip of paper. Its visual ease and fragility, underlined by the backdrop of white walls, fascinates and intrigues.

Studio apartment in minimalist style

Bed-loft in the studio apartment can become a full mezzanine level

White color in the design of the studio apartment

Every detail is distinguished by refined features and thoughtful design, which allows them to actively participate in creating a magnificent interior

Living area under the original staircase

The basis of the situation is formed by unusual designer furniture

Fireplace in living room with large windows

Large arched windows, modern fireplace - this apartment is truly French

Painting painted on the wall in a recreation area

Graphic canvases used in design, have impressive dimensions

Original artwork on the wall

The art in this house is everywhere - on walls, shelves, in the outlines of furniture

A spacious entrance hall in white color

White color is the basis of the decor, but in several places he enters into a contrasting alliance with black

The charm of antiquity in modern processing

This apartment is located in St. Petersburg, and it was possible to build a high bed in it thanks to the presence of a vaulted ceiling. The premise is located in an ancient building, which was underlined by the authors of the project with the help of copper pipes and complex stucco molding. And although the decoration and design of furniture clearly traced features of modern style, the classic atmosphere of the city is very well felt.

Interestingly, many plants combine with each other and minimalist aesthetics. The abundance of heterogeneous elements creates a feeling of fullness of space with ideas and echoes of different times. There is an understanding that every detail was selected with love and respect for the cultural heritage of North Palmira.

Studio apartment with a bedroom under the ceiling

Bed-loft in studio apartment with vaulted ceiling

Bed above the kitchen

The rationality of this interior is amazing: every centimeter of it is used effectively

Dining table with glass top

The charm of design is generated by details

A lot of plants in the interior of the living area

Even in such a small apartment tenants found a place for many indoor plants

Cheerful minimalism in Sweden

At 29 square meters of this studio in Gothenburg, a project with a typically northern charm is realized. A large French window provides natural light throughout the day, and the snow-white walls and ceiling give a sense of spaciousness. Such a charming setting is found in the rooms of European hostels.

Under the bed of a small bed is a full-length desk with an armchair. The remaining area is rationally distributed between a tiny but functional kitchen, a cute dining room and a living room. This house makes a lot of decorative gizmos, simple and charming.

Studio apartment in black and white

Scandinavian design is always practical and positive

Studio apartment in Scandinavian style

Here, the most common loft bed is of a modest size

Spacious living room with access to the balcony

A large window makes the interior light and airy

Home office under the bed

Bed-loft helped to equip a small apartment full workplace

The layout of a studio apartment with a bedroom under the ceiling

The plan makes it clear that the bed is built into the niche

Four approaches to the use of a loft bed demonstrate the versatility of this idea. At the same time, the bed, arranged at a height, is absolutely safe, but it looks very unusual. Which of these examples did you like the most? Share your impressions in the comments.