What is the role of wenge color in the interior? (55 pics)

To date, the color of wenge in the interior is becoming increasingly popular. This is due to new fashion trends in design. Wenge is a beautiful and rather rare tree from the legume family that grows in the distant tropics of West Africa and is valued for wood due to its beautiful color, strength and interesting texture. You can also find such names of wenge tree as African rosewood, Congolese rosewood, pink Congolese tree (or African), miobot or dikel. Wenge wood is an expensive treat, and not everyone can afford furniture of this material, however, as practice shows, more affordable and affordable Wenge furniture is a chipboard covered with veneer.

Color wenge has an excellent selection of shades, namely: dark brown, maroon, dark chocolate, the color of black coffee.

The main distinctive feature of the Wenge is the pronounced structure of its wood. The color of the wenge in the interior of the apartment is appreciated by its ability to give the design a touch of aristocratism and respectability. This deep and rich dark color perfectly adapts to any, even the most refined, style of the room. A versatility of its use makes it possible to use this color both for the manufacture of furniture items and for finishing various elements of the interior.

Contrast design wenge

Color wenge is attractive for its versatility. Pale beige tones and neutral white color accentuate the nobility of the wenge.

Wenge in the design of the kitchen becomes the dominant color. Exquisite kitchen wenge set with a minimal amount of furniture looks elegant and at ease.

In the design of the kitchen, color becomes the dominant color. Exquisite kitchen set with a minimal amount of furniture looks elegant and at ease.

Original decor

The most advantageous combination is the use in the interior of the living room wenge and orange, which softens the situation, makes it warmer and more cozy.

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  • 3 Apply this shade to the design of the kitchen
  • 4 Finishing in the style of Wenge by own hands. Video
  • 5 Color wenge in the interior of urban apartments and country cottages

Harmonious combination of shades

In any interior, the combination of colors and textures should be well thought out. To best manifest the spectacular features of the Wenge, you need to intelligently select his "company". An interesting combination of colors will bring to the interior of the apartment a unique style and mood. It is best to apply shades of wenge in contrasting combinations with other colors, such as white oak, ash, zebrano. Here are a few options for the most successful Wenge color addition:

  1. It is perfectly combined with shades of red and red-orange, which give the design brightness and dynamism, and diluting such an interior with white, you can make it more fresh and soften the contrast.
  2. To create an effect of naturalness and naturalness, a composition of wenge and green will suit the interior soothing and refreshing.
  3. With yellow color, you need to experiment very carefully, its combination with wenge gives a color effect that can be too sharp and difficult to perceive.
  4. But with the golden color, the wenge always looks good, this combination of shades creates an atmosphere of calm, solidity and luxury in the room. Spacious bedroom

    Laminate wenge today is actively used for decorating apartments and houses in different styles directions.

    Stylish interior

    The bedroom in the minimalist style is furnished with Wenge furniture.

  5. If you choose from blue shades, then it's better to stay on light colors, they are much more advantageous with wenge than dark and saturated ones. Blue color can be used as bright accents.
  6. The simplest, concise and at the same time stylish is the combination of white with wenge. This color solution is universal. Apartments in the design of which this color union is used, look fashionable and modern. And if you properly supplement them with accessories of bright colors: blue, green, red, pink, orange, - you can create a composition for every taste and not be afraid to show imagination.
  7. The current high-tech style involves the use of three colors: wenge, gray and white. Such apartments are often functional and very reserved, but at the same time respectable. Color wenge in the interior

    Creative design solution - bedroom furniture and decoration are made in the same color wenge.

    Light kitchen

    Color wenge makes any interior close to the classic. The nobility of color, its internal energy make the situation memorable, unusual.

The best solution for bedroom and living room

In the living room, first of all, it should be nice and comfortable to be. The atmosphere of the living room usually has a rest and communication. To achieve such an effect will help the combination of wenge color with different shades of gold, which creates a feeling of warmth and coziness in the room. This combination is simply irreplaceable for large rooms, where there is a lot of space. In the living room is often found furniture in wenge color. Even soft furniture is often done in this color. The main thing is not to overload the interior with dark colors. Using furniture, as well as wenge doors in the design of the room, do not choose dark wallpaper, a good background will be light shades on the walls. Do not forget about the lighting: the light should be enough to make the room light. To give the living room an individuality, you can experiment with all sorts of textures and accessories, add light or bright accents. In rooms with a small area it is recommended to use small pieces of furniture or individual decor elements, made in this saturated color.

To create a harmonious mood of tranquility in the bedroom, the Wenge color should be combined with all sorts of light shades, such as light green, blue, creamy, pink. The Wenge bed will be the main accent in any bedroom. You can also choose textiles of similar color. Pillows, bedspread, a rug of deep chocolate color will look harmoniously on a light background.

Spacious guest

The set for the living room is made of wood, painted in wenge color. The chic color of the South African tree makes the interior expensive and luxurious.

Luxury bedroom

The bedroom in a minimalist style is notable for properly selected furniture.

Noble interior

The interior of the bedroom is decorated in light colors. Wenge furniture and decorative decoration elements are bright accents.

Apply this shade to the design of the kitchen

It is very important to use the color of wenge in the interior of the kitchen. There are many kitchen sets of this noble brown shade. Kitchen wenge color provides elegance and exclusivity of the interior. Elements of such furniture will be appropriate in any kitchen, whatever it is in size. If the kitchen uses furniture, wenge doors or a floor covering of this color, then the walls need to be made light: cream, cream, white, vanilla, champagne. In the same kitchen set, this dark color is perfectly combined with bright, juicy tones.

The possibilities for a shade of wenge in the design are almost unlimited, in any fashionable interior one can find an application for it, it fits well in different styles and contributes to the creation of a unique atmosphere.

Spacious kitchen

A spacious Wenge kitchen in a country house near London.

Functional kitchen

Kitchen L-shaped in color wenge - the right solution for the interior of a small apartment studio.

Cozy kitchen

Color wenge for decorating the kitchen - the choice of modern housewives.

Finishing in the Wenge style with their own hands. Video

Color wenge in the interior of urban apartments and country cottages