Debunking 15 major myths about decorating

Interior of the cabinet in vintage style

In recent years, there have been common rules that everyone should have followed in order to create one of the "ideal" houses. But fashion and decor also change to keep pace with the times. In many cases, the new is a well-forgotten old, unless we are talking about decorating rules. There are two steps in the development of thoughts - the rules are created in order to break them, or, when it comes to decorating, there are no rules at all ...

Interior in vintage style

1. Small rooms should be white or neutral colors

It was once thought that white or neutral colors could make the room lighter and make it seem bigger than it really is. And although this is partly true, the size and scale of the premises have less in common with the color of the walls than with the size of the furniture and its placement. But in fact sometimes it would be desirable, that the small room actually seemed small, that gives to it warmth, appeal, convenience and even intimacy. There is nothing wrong with the fact that this room is hospitable and comfortable. If you add color to the walls, with the help of bedding or accessories it will make the room feel more cozy.

Interior of the living room in white tones

2. In small rooms you need to buy small furniture

This, perhaps, is the most stupid of all myths. Small furniture in your small space will make you feel like in a dollhouse. In a small bedroom it is not necessary to place a huge double bed, but if you can place there a double bed of the usual size - do it. Instead of filling the room with a lot of small furniture, it is better to place there several units of the normal size, which will help the room to seem bigger. About places where space is limited, designers usually think in terms of style and functionality. For example, the cabinet will be more representative than the chest of drawers and at the same time it will have more space for your clothes. The old chest at the foot of the bed adds both extra storage space and adds an elegant, classic look.

The design of the living room in green tones

3. You must comply with all the "rules"

The rules are designed to violate them! When decorating your home, you must first strive to express your own personality - and this really should be the number one rule! What do you really like? Your favorite colors? Styles? Hobby? What is your favorite art form? Do you like high-tech or do you prefer classics? Are you inspired by Asian motifs? Do you like to do everything yourself? In any case, your house should be a reflection of your own tastes and preferences, and not strangers!

Interior of the living room in dark blue shades

4. Dark rooms usually appear smaller

Making a room with dark shades will give her warmth, relief of volume. They can also add a sense of sophistication, charm and drama to your room. Dark walls are an excellent "canvas". The works of art hanging on a dark wall make a much stronger impression. Again, do not forget that the color of your walls has less influence on the space in your room than the placement of furniture and its size. Choose furniture in proportion to the room - if you want to buy a large wardrobe, then do not buy two cabinets, but one. Keep the door to the room open to create a sense of connection with the outside world. The room, as a rule, seems smaller when it is crowded and crowded.

Living room in white colors

5. Dark ceilings make your room shorter / smaller

As in the previous statement, this is not always true. Colorful ceilings add to the relief of volume and drama. They can also add a sense of sophistication or eccentricity. If you choose a dark ceiling for your small room, then do not forget to take care that then the walls in this room should have lighter shades. Then the ceiling will not make your room seem small. If you are afraid that the room will not be bright enough, then do not worry, because you can always add a decorative mirror or even a few to create additional light sources.

Living room design in bright colors

6. Do not mix patterns and prints!

But why not? There is no better way to add color, volume and express your own individuality than by using different styles together. Yes, striped cloth, checkered fabric, flowered fabric and blankets can all live together! However, in order to do this successfully, you must necessarily adhere to the chosen color palette. Whether you work in blue and gray tones, pink and green or black and white, you can mix any fabrics and patterns.

Kitchen interior in light colors with wood

7. Place one composition center

Why only one? We live in a three-dimensional world and our rooms too. Any room has 4 walls, why then only one has the right to be a composition center? Is the window in the room really more important than the fireplace or vice versa? And what about the old Grandma Piscasso, whom you just inherited? Windows, a fireplace and great works of art - all this is worthy of attention. By making each of the walls a composition center, you will not only add depth and volume to the room, but also make it an expression of your own sense of style and individuality.

Design of living room in Indian style

8. Stick to one style

It's like telling someone to do one sport or just one hobby ... or have only one passion. If we are all multi-faceted, then why should our houses not be the same? What if you are a great traveler? What would you do if you had a collection of souvenirs from Greece, China, Japan and France? To advise you to stick to one style would mean for you the choice of only a part of this collection that you like most, but why can not a Japanese sculpture coexist perfectly with an antique classical French table? Or maybe someone lives in a house decorated in high-tech style, but also has a large collection of antiques. Mixing, merging and incorporating different styles gives your home a sense of richness, especially since this is the best way to combine your sense of style and independence.

Interior of the living room in cream colors

9. The most important piece of furniture is a sofa

Most often this is not so! Perhaps the most important in your home is a dining table or a bookshelf, or an old souvenir ... or still your sofa. In fact, it depends on your home and your lifestyle. It is unlikely that a young and active family in the first place will pay so much attention to the sofa, rather than other pieces of furniture. In this case, the sofa will serve functionality rather than fashion. The most important piece of furniture will be the one you want to see as such. Some may object and say that a dining table or bed is the most important piece of furniture. Now, due to the fact that the sofa is the compositional center of the room, you want to get together and something that would bring you aesthetic pleasure, but if children often play in this room, the desire to buy a huge sofa is likely to disappear. Set it aside until the children grow up.

Vintage chest of drawers

10. Do not paint old furniture?

Why not? Reusing all of the old is becoming more and more popular. It is an environmentally friendly and best way to breathe new life into something old. Repainting vintage furniture is an ideal way to add a modern touch to old things.

Kitchen interior in green and white colors

11. Dining tables and chairs should be in the same style

If you follow this statement, it turns out that both fabrics and furniture, etc., should have the same style ... but this is nonsense! You can choose absolutely different styles and fabrics for your dining chairs. Just stick to the main color - try to choose either light or dark shades or, if you still want to mix a few styles, then pick the same pillows to them, for example, having a general color or a general texture of the fabric. The goal is to create an atmosphere without causing irritation! In other words, there is nothing wrong with using the different fabric options for the backs of the chairs.

The interior of the nursery in bright colors

12. A place for children's creativity is a refrigerator!

If there are children in your home, then I advise you to use their work. Create a studio or wall gallery to showcase the talent of your young master! There is no better way to add colors, surprises and fantasies to the walls of your home than to place part of your child's work there. Sometimes the simplest drawings can bring a lot of warmth into the interior of your room.

Interior design of the living room in white tones

13. White rooms are plain

White room, like any other, this is primarily what you will do it. White can appear gray, empty and devoid of personality, but it can be surprisingly calm. As we already noted above, color and personality are key to creating luxurious spaces. There are many shades of white, so when choosing them for a bright room, be sure to use a few shades to add depth and warmth to it. Walls of ivory, linen sofas, crowned with white pillows can cause a sense of calm and serenity. But white in no case should be sterile and cold.

Interior in cream colors

14. Limit the use of carpets

Do not do this! Carpets are an excellent way to add color and relief to your floors. Their multi-layering can add a sense of warmth to the room. They can be softened with wooden floors and with its help add volume and relief. The location of the carpet can be wonderfully tied up with the placement of various pieces of furniture. As with any other fabric, as long as you stay within the same color scheme, you can mix different shades to form a single and integral image.

Bedroom interior in gray tones

15. Each room needs its own additional color shade

You can add a little color to each room, but it is not necessary at all. When using different shades and tones of the same color, for example, take gray, a sufficient variety, the depth and contrast of its hues allows us to forget about the need to add colors. If you still want to follow only one tone, it's best to add a little color to create a sense of depth and terrain, otherwise you can feel the excessive plane and the one-dimensionality of your room.

Well, go ahead, break the rules!