What toys to choose for christmas trees?

Buying jewelry for the New Year tree is not only very pleasant, but also responsible and troublesome business. Picking up toys and garlands, you should not just think about their beauty and originality, it's important not to forget about safety. In our time, unfortunately, there are a lot of low-quality and sometimes even dangerous goods in shops and markets. However, we do not need to panic and refuse festive decorations, which toys to choose for a Christmas tree, we'll tell you in our article.

  • Christmas toys: instructions for use
  • Color scheme for decorating the New Year tree

Christmas toys: instructions for use

The variety of decorations for a Christmas tree sometimes just leads buyers into a stupor. I want everything at the same time and nothing. How many shapes, colors, textures and models can live on only one often very small tree? Easily! The main thing is to know a few basic nuances about each of the types of toys:

glass toys - it's a classic, originally all the Christmas tree decorations were made of glass, because they are very beautiful due to their glossy luster. Another feature of this species is the characteristic ringing, which can be heard when they collide with each other. As for the models of toys, the option for all occasions are glass balls. They can choose all the same colors, with patterns or monophonic, as well as different, but sustained in one style. No less impressive are the figures of animals, toy characters and, of course, cones. Original and unusual look balls of clear glass. They very beautifully reflect the colors of closely located ornaments. Choosing balls for your tree, pay attention to one simple rule: the larger the tree, the larger the size it should be balls and vice versa.

A huge Christmas tree decorated with glass toys

Before you buy a toy from the glass, evaluate its weight. To do this, hang the figure on the thread, then you can see if it will withstand its fastening. Give up heavy products and for the reason that under their weight, the branches of the tree will not look right and look unnatural. Also evaluate the quality of the coating of the toy. It's simple. Just rub the picture with a wet napkin, if the picture remains intact, then boldly take it.

Despite all the positive characteristics of glass toys, they have one big drawback - fragility. If you want to spend the holidays calmly and without incident, then it's worth taking care of the safety of your pets and, of course, children. We advise all the same to refuse, or to minimize the use of glass, otherwise there will be a huge risk of injuring ourselves about broken pieces of broken toys;

plastic toys. Если вы выбираете практичные елочные игрушки, то пластик, это именно то, что нужно. Они радуют разнообразными рисунками и формами, при этом, исключая возможность разбиться на мелкие и острые осколки. Многие из них с легкостью переносят даже небольшие деформации. Порадует и цена таких изделий, она намного ниже, чем на glass toys. Тут главное, хорошее качество. Основным вашим помощником должен стать нос. Если украшение изготовлено из дешевых, токсичных материалов, то оно будет издавать резкий неприятный запах. Обязательно проверьте, насколько хорошо приклеены элементы декора на игрушке, поверхность должна быть гладкая, без каких-либо неровностей и следов клея;

Plastic toys for the Christmas tree - safe and beautiful

toys of textile. The most common models are bows. They are represented in all possible variations and always look great, both individually and in a duet with balls in tone. Modern and stylish look toys made of felt that you can make even yourself. The use of various cute crafts is not only absolute safe for children, but also raises them;

knitted toys and made of wood give a festive atmosphere of comfort and homely warmth, but it is better not to combine them with glass products, otherwise it will turn out to be a complete mess;

sweet toys. Your children will be just happy when they see candies on the tree, small chocolates, kindery, nuts, mandarin ginger, gingerbread, and whatever your heart desires! They are easy to attach with a conventional paper clip or thin ribbon;

Unusual toys for an unusual Christmas tree!

smart top. If in the not so distant past the top of the Christmas tree was adorned exclusively with a red star, now everything has changed and the variations in design are many: various figures, domes, spiers, balls, cones, etc. Only one thing is important, the color of the top should be beautifully combined with the rest of the design;

the figure of Santa Claus - a very important attribute of the holiday. You can decorate a small figure with a tree or put a big Santa Claus or Santa, it depends on personal preferences, under a tree to protect gifts.

Beautiful Christmas tree in blue colors

Color scheme for decorating the New Year tree

A very important stage in the preparation for decorating festive spruce is the choice of colors. The classic colors of Christmas-tree toys in modern design slightly receded into the background, giving way to original and unbeaten combinations, for example:

  • a shade of gold and fresh juicy grass;
  • a shade of silver and deep blue;
  • A cool mixture of whiteness and purple hue;
  • black color and gold;
  • pale pink with cream and silver.

Also worth paying attention to a few simple rules:

  • for spruce green suitable toys are completely different colors. You can afford to experiment and even combine almost incongruous;
  • for spruce silver or gold color pick up toys of one, a maximum of two colors. Here it is better to vary the shape, gloss level and stylistics of jewelry.

Dark green Christmas tree in white tinsel

In the end, I want to remind you that the most important thing on New Year's Eve is your cheerful and positive attitude, which you should take care of beforehand. Experiment, decorate your holiday trees and be sure to share your ideas with us in the comments! Inspirations to you!