Comfortable small thrifty house

A small thrifty house in winter

A small thrifty house in the woods

Is it convenient to live in a small economy house? All fans of tiny houses are invited to Alex Malamed's accommodation on Walnut Street. The interior is 27.8 m2, more like a large cozy rustic kitchen because of the area for cooking food along the whole wall.

Small economical house: kitchen area

Kitchen area

The bedroom is in the attic with a high ceiling, there is also a bath and a bathroom.

On the outside, the house is finished with rainproof siding shou shugi from burnt cedar and corrugated metal. Stylistics of the house is borrowed from local rural motives, in particular, black granaries in Louisville and Kenya. Triple glass, use of solar energy and climate control with heating function turn the house into comfortable accommodation in any season. Such standards of housing function are "passive". The monthly electricity bill is about $ 36, by local standards this is a paltry amount.

True, such a passive standard is very difficult to implement in tiny buildings due to restrictions on electricity consumption per 1 foot. Therefore, during construction, special attention is paid to the warming layer of walls, floor-ceiling and windows.

In the video, the owner notes that good insulation is very important, because in the winter nobody wants to be surrounded by cold walls and ice windows. People settle in tiny houses for economy, but, of course, want comfort.

Video about the economical tiny house

Now this house is temporary housing, Alex is building a bigger house. Then he plans to rent out the house or turn it into a home office.

Small economy house: future office

The view from the outside to the economical house of the future

The most convenient format for the content and management of small houses is a joint, mini-village style for several families or generations of the same family, although it would be hard for grandfathers and grandmothers to go up to the second attic.

Alex's house is in Yellow Springs, which is not very urbanized, the population of the town is friendly. Many residents use the bicycle, walk even more - children to school, people to work, the elderly to walk. On foot you can get to nature, parks, even to suburban areas.

An attractive project, do you think?