White color in the interior of the kitchen, advantages and

White decoration is one of the most stylish and luxurious options for kitchen design. The interior turns out to be unusually bright and simultaneously neutral, allowing to experiment and implement the boldest ideas. Perhaps many readers will find the white color in the interior of the kitchen irrelevant, because it is impractical, cold and if used improperly, it can turn the room into something reminiscent of a hospital ward. However, this is not at all the case. Today we will try to tell you how to make white cuisine not only comfortable, but also as bright, unusual and even fun.

  • Why choose white?
  • We add bright accents

Beautiful modern kitchen in white tones

Why choose white?

For most of us, the kitchen is the most visited room in an apartment or house. Here we cook, eat, often take friends or just relax over a cup of coffee. Therefore, the design of the kitchen must be approached responsibly, so that later it would be nice to be in the room. Definitely the place where you want to relax after a hard everyday life, can become a white kitchen due to its refined, calm and classic color design. It should be noted that white color is far from the easiest for any interior, but with the right approach it can become a real find for your apartment or house, because it has the following advantages:

  • visually increases the space, which is simply ideal for small kitchen design. Many experts use this property of white color, which makes the room more open and spacious;
  • makes the room light. Many shades of white have the ability to reflect light, and when using glossy surfaces, this effect can be increased several times;
  • white color practical. The myth that the kitchens, decorated in this color, pollute much more quickly than in others, has long been destroyed. Dust, stains or fingerprints are several times more noticeable on furniture and other surfaces of darker shades. In addition, the kitchen - this is a room in which daily cleaning is simply necessary, so what difference then, what color will it be?
  • is combined with any other shades. White color is incredibly versatile, you can always combine with it additional elements of the interior and accessories, made in completely different colors. The most popular combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen: black and white, white with beige, brown or gray, the color of lush grass with white and others;

A great example of cuisine in white colors in the style of Provence

  • has many variations. The white color is not at all simple. Snow white colors should be used indoors very carefully, so as not to turn it into an icy realm. Hardly anyone will be comfortable in such a kitchen. To avoid such incidents, it is worth paying attention to all sorts of warm shades of this color. Being the main one in the color spectrum, he can acquire the color of sea shell, biscuit, melted milk, snow-white, cream and even light beige, which, undoubtedly, will help create a cozy and attractive kitchen.
  • has charm and charm. At first glance the white room looks very simple, however, starting your day in a light kitchen, you will be charged with vivacity, positive energy and a good mood for the whole day.

Kitchen in white with dark floors

We add bright accents

Completely white interior is justified only if all the other rooms in your house or apartment are made in bright saturated colors and you need to rest from this "riot of colors". However, usually monochrome interior colors are added in the following ways:

  • installation of bright or colorful kitchen apron. A colorful strip in the snow-white interior will immediately give the room an originality and fill it with freshness and coziness. Very nice and stylish looks apron, decorated with the help of patchwork technique;
  • paint the walls in bright colors. You can use both saturated shades and calm pastel, it all depends on the style of decoration and your personal preferences;
  • decorate one of the walls with wallpaper with colorful patterns, floral or geometric;
  • use of different invoices. Materials such as wood, stone, leather give the room very interesting and unusual effects. It is not necessary to spend money on natural materials, it is only fitting to imitate it. It is very important to use glossy smooth surfaces.

A huge kitchen in beige colors with wooden floors

  • bright furniture elements. It does not matter if you buy a large multi-colored sofa for a kitchen or just two, for example, yellow chairs, the kitchen will become brighter and more fun;
  • use of bright textiles: multi-colored curtains, curtains, tablecloths, towels, chair covers and the like will make the light kitchen play in a whole new way. In addition, it is very convenient, if you wish, you can always change the color of any of these accessories and due to this, almost completely change the design of the room;
  • Now it is very fashionable and popular to decorate walls with wallpaper with all kinds of images;
  • interior decoration with various accessories. Vases, decorative plates, fresh flowers in flowerpots, pots, a bright bouquet of flowers - will be the perfect complement to a monochrome interior.

With light colors, we not only can visually expand the space due to color, but also create an exquisite, fresh solution for kitchen design, which every day will raise the mood and add light, warmth and exquisite cleanliness to everyday life. Did you like this design or your kitchen is already in white? Share your ideas and achievements with us!

Photogallery Total | 7 photos White color in the interior of the kitchen, advantages and disadvantages White color in the interior of the kitchen, advantages and disadvantages White color in the interior of the kitchen, advantages and disadvantages White color in the interior of the kitchen, advantages and disadvantages White color in the interior of the kitchen, advantages and disadvantages White color in the interior of the kitchen, advantages and disadvantages White color in the interior of the kitchen, advantages and disadvantages