75 ideas for window design in the kitchen

Window design in the kitchen

Kitchen - an important room in any house. There is cooking and often its use. In this room the most concentrated household appliances and household trifles: from jars of spices to large-sized pots. Competently place all this culinary wealth especially in a small room is sometimes difficult. Each kitchen accessory must have its place, only in this case will order reign. In small apartments have to contrive to any harmony, so even the windows are not only decorated and decorated with curtains, but upgraded to a completely different functional area. Consider the popular and non-traditional options for converting window sills and the adjacent area.

Window wash

The idea of ​​placing a sink near a window is by no means new. The first to actually tried it was the English. The inhabitants of the foggy Albion adopted the idea of ​​the Americans, who spread it around the world. Magazines on the interior are full of photos, where the headsets "wrap" to the windows. The most relevant design solution for small kitchens in small apartments is often old, "Khrushchev" layout. In such rooms, almost every centimeter is worth its weight in gold. Advantages of this interior move are:

  • The working area for washing dishes will no longer need additional lighting, which will be replaced by a natural one. This will save on the bills for electricity.
  • Sink can be "completed" with special holders for towels, which are installed above the work area directly in the window frame.
  • Aesthetic plus is also important. Now the landlady will be able to perform routine, domestic work with a beautiful view of the street.
  • Wide worktop. Washing - the continuation of the kitchen set, to which extra centimeters are added at the expense of the window sill. Now this zone will be wide and comfortable.

Window wash на кухне

Among the shortcomings noted:

  • It is often necessary to wash the windows because of small droplets of water on the glass, which fall on it from the tap. There is nowhere to place an apron, so the surface will remain completely defenseless. The problem is partially solved by reducing the pressure during washing dishes, but even the most accurate mistresses will not be able to exclude it completely.
  • Too high a faucet may interfere with ventilation if the window opens inward. The problem is solved by purchasing a mixer of a special design. Its height is adjustable, and before the ventilation the unit simply presses against the sink.
  • Many people find it too unaccustomed to the lack of a dryer for dishes above the sink at eye level. The inconvenience will disappear with time, as the new layout of the grill becomes familiar, but at first the hands will involuntarily stretch upwards.
  • In standard apartments under the windows have heating batteries. They can be integrated into the headset or transferred. The first is fraught with the loss of a tangible share of heat, and the second option is expensive.

White furniture in the interior

In this case, wooden frames will have to be forgotten. Increased humidity will inevitably "eat up" the tree and catalyze the processes of decay. No special impregnation frame will not save, so only PVC.

Kitchen furniture with wooden countertops


The main rule with such a modernization of the kitchen: the air from the battery should rise, and from the window to go down without interference. You can not disrupt its circulation by installing a table top and thumbs under it, otherwise the microclimate of the kitchen will change for the worse, it will be cold and damp. On the other hand, additional niches behind the doors can hide an ugly radiator, and the working area from the window sill again allows you to do household chores in good daylight, not including electricity. There are three main types of countertops:

StraightThe most common option, which is ideal for kitchens in Khrushchev.
With hinged lidOne of the most modern design ideas, which allows not only to turn the window sill into a work platform, but also add extra centimeters to it, if necessary.
Two in oneThe worktop, which gradually turns into a bar counter, is suitable for large kitchens with windows overlooking the balcony or loggia. In this case, the glass is removed, and for such an improvised table, you can sit on both sides.

The average height of the working area of ​​the kitchen set is about 85 cm. To make it convenient to cook at the countertop, it should be 15 cm below the bent elbow of the mistress. Consider this fact when modernizing the kitchen, so that you do not have to cut vegetables afterwards, or substitute a low stool.

Sill-top на кухне

Dining area by the window

This is another of the modern options. If the window faces the street, then the dining area becomes "one-sided". For those who are accustomed to eating at the "round table" face to face with the companions, this option may seem strange. But even we began to practice placing the dining area in one line, like in a cafe. This method is convenient for fast snacks and appreciably saves space. If the window sill is much higher than the working areas in the kitchen set, it will not have to be seriously modified, it's enough just to buy high stools. In addition, eating with a beautiful view of the street raises the mood.

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Dining area by the window на кухне Orchids on the windowsill  Windows under the ceiling  Poster on the wall  Walls for brick in the kitchen  Wallpapers with trees in the dining area

A place for rest, reading books and snacks

The window sill can be turned into a cozy soft corner with a pair of decorative pads, in which it is nice to sit, read a book or slowly drink a cup of coffee. Even in the kitchen, this decision will look though original, but appropriate. A significant drawback is the need to clean the textile more often than in other rooms. We must not forget that the kitchen has its own microclimate, and how well the extractor does not work, and the particles of fat and odors will still be absorbed into the fabric. This solution is perfect for private houses, in which there are bay windows. A small niche is available for privacy, and a small break will take place with a double comfort, if a window offers a wonderful view of the city or the countryside. The wide windows usually have low windowsills, which are simply enough to be strengthened from below and to make a mattress to size. In standard apartments it will be necessary to dismantle too high a "shelf" and replace it with a full-fledged mini-sofa, which guests can sit down or tired of preparation mistress. If the width of the window allows, then one side installs a few narrow shelves for storing books and decorative trinkets that will only add comfort.

A place to relax in the kitchen

Storage system under the window

In cases where the landlady is already desperate to find a free place to place pots and dishes, designers offer a simple, but original option. The empty space outside the window is occupied by shelves. They can be both open and closed. The second option is used if the zone is made a continuation of the kitchen set. The problem in this case can only become batteries, which are most often located just under the windows. They can be left and simply do not store food on the shelves, but only objects of kitchen utensils that are not afraid of heat. Either have to start more major repairs and redo the entire heating system in the kitchen, moving the battery to another location. The lid of this bedside table is used as an additional working area or as a window sill for flower pots and other decorative small items, as before.

Storage system under the window на кухне

Window decorating options

Traditionally, the window opening is decorated with curtains and tulle. The decor of the window plays an important role, because it depends on how much it "plays" in the interior. To appreciate this difference more clearly, pay attention to the "bare" frame during repair or cleaning and on neat curtains that add coziness. The perception of the premises in these cases is radically changing. Varieties of major scenery mass. Cornice also has its own "weight". Recently, the market offers original models with bizarre shapes. Cornices are single, multi-row, string, round, wall and ceiling. Among materials, metal, wood and plastic are leading. The methods of fixing curtains to the cornices are many, but the most popular ones are:

  • Rings (as in the bathroom) with clips or hooks;
  • Clothespins;
  • Strings;
  • Kuliska?
  • Loops.

Window decoration in the kitchen

"Clothespins" with toothy clamps, to which all are accustomed, have already become a thing of the past because of their impracticality. They easily damaged the delicate tissue and left traces of "bites" after long use.

Clock on the windowsill  Lamps on the wall by the window  Flowers under the ceiling  Chess floor in the kitchen  Pictures above the table

Curtains and tulle

With the role of curtains and tulle in the interior are determined in advance even before the purchase. They may be:

  • The highlight of the design, bright and catchy, which guests will pay attention in the first place.
  • Neutral background, on which the bright colors will play the situation itself.

Curtains on kitchen windows

Next, you need to determine the form:

  • Short curtains. Suitable for those kitchens in which the sill is not used for its intended purpose, and additional space can not be strongly covered with cloth.
  • Long curtains and tulle in the floor. Ageless classic, which is suitable for stylish and strict interiors (modern, industrial).
  • Curtains with garters (kutas) and lambrequins. Beautifully look in the kitchens, which are decorated in the style of Provence, vintage or Victorian motifs.
  • Mobile panels.
  • Collected along the length of the curtains.
  • Threaded curtains.
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For the culinary "center" of an apartment it is better to give preference to a thin, practical natural textile that is easy to wash, because the fabric will accumulate smells in itself. Synthetics after such exploitation will quickly become unusable.

Locker on the wall  Furniture with marble top  Radiator under the window  Transparent chairs and table in the kitchen  The combination of black, red and white colors in the interior

Roman curtains

Roman curtains одновременно изящны и просты, их иногда еще называют рулонными. Как понятно из названия, придумали такой способ занавешивания окон предки современных итальянцев еще во времена существования великой империи. Удивительно, но общая конструкция со времен изобретения штор почти не изменилась, появилось только больше вариантов основного материала. К карнизу прикрепляется полотно, которое по всей длине «нанизано» на специальные горизонтальные штыри. Они образуют красиво ниспадающие складки, а на низ шторы прикреплен утяжелитель, который фиксирует форму. Регулируется вся конструкция с помощью цепочки или шнура. Шторы можно поднимать и опускать на желаемую длину. Римский вариант практичен, он хорошо вписывается почти в любой дизайн кухни и нелепо может смотреться только в претенциозном, богатом интерьере.

Roman curtains на кухне Furniture from a tree in an interior  Interior in white and turquoise color  Kitchen furniture with white facades  Decor in the form of large spoons and forks in the interior  Shelves on the wall in the work area

Austrian Curtains

Austrian curtains length reach the floor. With the help of a cord they are lifted upwards to the required length, and the material forms neat wavy folds, divided into sections along the entire length of the web. The higher the curtain is raised, the larger the fabric is collected. Exquisite version with the use of deep, noble shades of blue, burgundy, brown will look elegantly in the kitchen, decorated in accordance with the canons of the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo or antique style. Semitransparent fabric with a light floral pattern is suitable for Provence, Italian, Greek motifs or romanticism.

Austrian Curtains на кухне Wooden ceiling in the interior  The combination of blue walls and black furniture in the kitchen  Interior in a classic style  Beige furniture in purple kitchen  Tiles on the floor

French curtains

French curtains на первый взгляд очень похожи на австрийские. В их основе действительно лежит одна и та же идея: ткань прошита с изнаночной стороны по всей длине нитями, которые образуют «секции» и собирают материал в складочки. Но австрийские шторы в «расправленном» виде до пола имеют гладкую поверхность, а во французском варианте кокетливые сборочки остаются всегда. При активации подъемного механизма их просто становится больше. Если выбирать белый цвет или пастельные оттенки, то такой вариант выглядит невероятно воздушно и легко, словно окно закрывает светлое облако из тонкой, полупрозрачной ткани. Тяжелые материалы для пошива французских штор не используют принципиально, он разрушит атмосферу кокетливой и изысканной Франции. Сочетается такой вариант с традиционным стилем французской глубинки — провансом. По длине они могут быть в пол, средним или короткими. Также выделяют два типа:

  • Static;
  • Movable.

French curtains на кухне

The first option is only used for short curtains, which do not have to be lifted.

The interior in the style of Provence  Kitchen with a black fridge  Decorative plates on the wall  The combination of white curtains and orange walls  Apron and table top made of granite


Под кисеей подразумевают плотные, толстые (от 1 мм до 1 см в диаметре) нити. Она производится из натуральных материалов (хлопок, лен, шелк) и синтетических (полиэстер). В последнее время предпочтение отдают последним: они не выгорают, не мнутся и долго служат. Hissa имеет ряд преимуществ:

  • She lets a lot of light into the room;
  • Does not collect dust;
  • Has a negligible weight;
  • It is easy to handle by yourself. When cutting, the threads do not open.

Kisei is decorated not only by windows, but also by openings without doors. Accurate, weightless threads do not interfere at all when leaving the room and just cover the window unobtrusively. Comes with the muslin, there are usually special bands with ties, on magnets or clothespins. If necessary, these curtains can be fixed on the sides of the window. This option looks very impressive, especially if a saturated tint or color gradation with an ombre effect is selected.

Hissa на кухне

Roller blinds

Roller blinds классифицируются по типу конструкций.

  • Open system. It consists of a shaft, on which the fabric is wound, the lower bar and the control mechanism: electric drive, spring holder or cord.
  • Closed system. Equipped with a box that fixes the material, presses it tightly to the window and does not allow sagging.

Из материалов для полотна предпочтение отдают хлопку, нейлону и полиэстеру. Roller blinds могут быть однотонными, с принтом, матовыми или с глянцевым блеском. На кухне такой вариант практичен и удобен. Хорошо подходит конструкция для окон, выходящих на теневую сторону, где днем отпадает необходимость в тюле. Сочетаются рулонные шторы с жалюзи. Чтобы избежать ощущения казенного помещения выбирают материал с оригинальными узорами, которые вписываются в общее оформление.

Roller blinds на кухне Shelves on the wall by the window  Pots with flowers on the curtains in the kitchen  Contrast picture in white interior  Kitchen with yellow walls  Niches in the wall

Japanese Panels

The design of the window in the kitchen using Japanese panels is usually laconic and simple. This option is suitable for minimalism, avant-garde and the style of the same name. According to the type of construction Japanese panels are divided into two types:

  • Simple. In a special cornice there is only one furrow, with which the curtains move synchronously or diverge sideways.
  • Complicated. In the cornice several multi-layered furrows, which allows you to move each panel individually in the desired direction. The variant is convenient, if it is necessary to regulate the degree of illumination of the room.
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For kitchens, the first type is mainly used, since there is no special need to constantly move the panels in this room. They are simply closed for the night, so that you can not see from the street what is happening indoors, or during the day when the sun shines absolutely mercilessly. Japanese panels are characterized by a long service life, as they wear out a little. At the bottom of the blade there are special loads, which ensure its uniform tension.

Original Japanese panels look in cases when each panel has its own color and print, and together they complement each other.

Japanese Panels на кухне


Jalousie на кухне имеют ряд преимуществ:

  • They do not pick up smells;
  • Simple installation;
  • They are easy to wash;
  • Illumination of the room is easily adjustable.

Jalousie на кухне

Horizontal blinds are used more often than vertical ones. They are closer to the glass and allow the windows to open freely, without a constant change of mode. This design happens:

  • Overhead type;
  • Built-in (interframe).

Table-island in the interior

Последний вариант подходит только для деревянных окон. Вертикальные жалюзи чаще всего изготавливают из ткани, а для кухни этот вариант не подойдет. К сожалению, они быстро впитают запахи, и соберут пыль. Для этого помещения подойдут только сегменты с виниловым покрытием, которое можно периодически мыть. Рулонную конструкцию на кухне используют очень редко, так как она считается устаревшей и мешает открывать окна. Jalousie изготавливают из алюминия, пластика, ткани, дерева и комбинированных материалов. Все типы кроме ткани, подходят для кухонного помещения. Вопреки заблуждениям, основанным на скучных офисных вариантах, жалюзи бывают самых разных оттенков, с цветовой градацией, узорами и принтами.

Narrow windows visually expand horizontal blinds, and excessively wide can be extended in length by means of vertical segmentation of the structure.

The combination of red blinds and white furniture

Kitchen with two windows

Kitchen with two windows — настоящий подарок для дизайнера. Встречается такая планировка только в современных, нетиповых квартирах или частных домах. Для любителей симметрии окна зачастую оформляются в едином стиле, словно два близнеца. В случаях, когда кухня совмещена со столовой или гостиной, разный дизайн позволяет зонировать пространство, чтобы сразу было понятно, что они относятся к двум «мирам» дома. Если подоконники модернизируют в столешницы или барные стойки, то пространство между ними можно заполнить узким, но удобным местом для сидения. К примеру, подойдет аккуратный диванчик или ретро-скамейка для деревенского стиля, прованса. Более того, если одно окно переделывают в продолжение кухонного гарнитура, то второе оставляют в первоначальном виде, чтобы использовать его по прямому назначению.

Kitchen with two windows Beams on the ceiling in the interior  Pistachio walls in the interior  Kitchen with U-shaped layout  Ceiling fan  Chandeliers of a golden-copper color in the interior

Windows in the bay window

Windows in the bay window смотрятся стильно и элегантно. Если они представляют собой целую композицию на несколько метров, то подоконники полностью убирают и устанавливают такой же изогнутый кухонный гарнитур. Вся рабочая зона будет постоянно освещаться с улицы, а хозяйка порадуется панорамному виду. Эркер также можно использовать для обустройства места отдыха. Низкий изогнутый диванчик станет отдельным мини-помещением в большой кухне, куда можно спрятаться желающим уединения. Прямо возле эркера обустраивают обеденную зону. Сами окна украшают только классическими длинными шторами в пол. У обедающих появится прекрасная возможность дышать свежим воздухом летом и любоваться местными красотами.

Windows in the bay window на кухне Linoleum on the floor  Kitchen with stylish design  Bright accents in the interior  Chest of drawers under the window  Dining area in the bay window

Kitchen with access to the balcony

Now the practice of dismantling the balcony door and the window frame is very popular. Premises come together, which becomes a salvation for a small kitchen. It finds its continuation or gradually flows into a separate dining room, a blossoming garden, an office, a rest room. This simple technique, according to the comments of designers, is associated not only with the desire to expand the living space, but also with the advent of fashion in the combined premises. After all, the balcony in the post-Soviet space was used exclusively as a "pantry for rubbish". Unforgivable luxury, when every square meter can be modernized and applied with advantage. Naturally, this redevelopment is possible only in those cases when the balcony is insulated properly, so that the temperature regime is the same in both rooms. The former window sill is converted into a bar counter, a dining area or a special niche with shelves for decorative elements. The opening under the balcony door is hung with light thread curtains or draped with a cloth around the perimeter.

Kitchen with access to the balcony Antique lantern on the wall  Armchair on the balcony  Tile apron under brick  Orange chandeliers in a light interior  Shelves on the wall above the sofa


The window is not only a source of natural light, but also an element of the decor of space. Its design can be bright or calm. Windows complement the overall interior picture. With proper decoration, the intensity of lighting can be adjusted, and the light directly depends on what colors the room will play. For this reason, you can not dismiss the design of windows, as from a minor detail, because it can become the center of the entire interior composition.