Bar counter for the kitchen - 110 photos of the ideas of

The favorite attribute of the bar attendants - the bar counter - has confidently passed its milestone for catering equipment and has firmly established positions in the interiors of home kitchens.


Today such an element is not only an avant-garde highlight, but also a multifunctional necessity for many fans of cooking and recreation within their own apartment.

Bar counter in the interior of the kitchen perform not only aesthetic function, but more often than not functional. Because it is due to its size and versatility, you can hide from prying eyes inconspicuous dishes, pans and other kitchen accessories.


And in some cases, its shape helps to create an interior design avant-garde, individual and original, which is unlike any other.


In fact, the bar counter for the kitchen is an improved table top. It can be made in the form of a corner piece, which adjoins the furniture.


There are types with legs, without them, console versions and many others. Therefore immediately begin to understand.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Varieties of bar counters
  • Rules for installing bar counters
  • Photo of bar counters for the kitchen

Varieties of bar counters

Separate bar counter! Such a design experiment, often in small areas, will not only benefit, but will create a special atmosphere in the apartment. It is made by a high partition between the kitchen and the living room.

living room

It is this boundary that conventionally divides the space, not allowing the sensations to feel in a small room. Such a bar counter, resembles an oblong table, which divides the common space.


Simultaneously, not stealing it, but expanding it. Thanks to this element, the apartment becomes an excellent place for various holidays. After all, this rack can be used for its intended purpose, as in a bar.

kitchen-with-mini bar-counter

The barroom! From such a counter can not give up a resourceful hostess who likes to cook, soar and prepare sunsets for the winter. It is the option of a bar counter, which has cells or shelves, that will be most comfortable for her.


This "pantry" is closed from the living room and is open from the kitchen. She, like a grave at my grandmother, keeps all those kitchen objects that should not be seen by others. The modular system is designed to simplify cooking and is used in this version.


Bar stand "Islet"! This option can be knocked out of the usual notions of the interior in the kitchen. It is the "Islet" independent design, which is located in the kitchen and as if it controls it.


This is indicated by the presence of a slab and a sink on its surface. Such a rack should coincide with the main color scale of the kitchen and be in one style. The bar counter "Islet", like an egoist, does not accept small rooms.


Space, illumination and functionality - that's her element. This option will be appreciated by confident cooks, because it is necessary to create their masterpieces in the eyes of relatives, friends and relatives (because of the location of the bar).


Corner bar for the kitchen! This kind of rack is very ergonomic, because it takes up a minimum of space, but visually increases the space.


This is ideal for a small kitchen. Angular construction, as a continuation of the headset is not only universal, but also functional: high bar stools will fit under the countertop, it is an additional platform for storing kitchen utensils.

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2016-02-26-56 Svih 49 S 1

If you make a corner rack in the same style and color with the main in the room, you can achieve the integrity of the design. This option is appropriate for modern studio apartments.


Two-level bar counter! In other words, family! The proposed option is convenient for people who gather with their relatives for Sunday meetings. The two-level counter is a classic table, which has a retractable surface an order of magnitude higher than the main one.


However, more often this additional countertop is already attached to the main one and above it by the centimeter 30. Such a design helps to comfortably accommodate older people, children and adults.


Bar counter "Tabletop" is appropriate in a house where there are no more than 3 people. It can be made on 4 legs or one metal. As an option, on a wooden panel on one side, and on the other of the material is a headset.


The surface can be absolutely anything, it's a matter of taste: metal, glass, wood, etc.

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This variant of bar counters will be appropriate in interiors of high-tech, minimalism, English or Mediterranean.


Whichever type of bar you choose for yourself, you can not stop here. After all, the precious place is empty from above. It can be occupied with decorative lamps or original holders for glasses.


Rules for installing bar counters

  • Over the counter there should be an ideal illumination,
  • it is necessary to provide free access to all parts of the rack,
  • The rack is not only an element of the interior, it should be as functional as possible.

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When all the secrets of the existence of possible bar counters are revealed, it's time to confirm that it is the same accessory as any other, just for the kitchen.


Photo of bar counters for the kitchen



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